$10K in 48 Days Promoting Builderall Review [SEE EXACT FUNNEL]

$10K in 48 Days Promoting Builderall Review 

What’s going on guys chat brother here today, I want to update you guys on my journey for a specific affiliate marketing campaign that I’ve been running and I just hit a big milestone hitting around 10,000 yesterday. So I think it’s almost at like 11,000 now so we’re gonna go and dive into this kind of show you guys what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and, along with some other stuff, so anyways, let’s just go and get into this computer, so anyways guys. If you don’t know, I’m ready I’m promoting a software called Builderall. Okay, it’s a funnel system. It makes funnels, does email marketing?

So it’s a pretty cool system. I use a lot of the apps in there, but so far I’ve just hit around $10,000 with their affiliate program.

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Okay, so the affiliate program is really cool because it’s a two tier system and you get upfront 100 % Commission. So let me just add up the numbers for you guys so paid. I got around $7,700 so far. So the reason I’m doing this video guys is because I want to kind of just document my journey on kind of my campaigns and what I’m?

What I’ve been able to get so far back, okay and yes, a lot of this is from my personal brand people joining under me and a lot of us from Facebook outs too. So I’m a little bit of both but yeah so so forever. I’ve got $14,2014.17 on hold and $7,700 paid. We are at 95 active leads so at a hundred they actually lease you a f$500 per month car. So I’m almost on that too, as you can see, conversion rates 41 %, because I’ve really good email follow-up that actually doubled my conversions when I started running it.

But you can see basically what you do. You basically join the Builderall affiliate program and you can see when someone signs up for a seven day trial. So when someone signs up it shows their own testimony. So what I do is grab their email and I go ahead and put them in a seven day: email sequence that you know every day I give my valuable email and eventually I you know kind of push push the software at them at the end and try To actually sell them.

So that’s another cool part about the software. Is you know every every month you get 30 % residual income, so I have around 95 leads and four two tier leads, which is should go up a lot because one guy just got like 65 leads in a day, so that’s expecting to go up once there. His trial ends for all his leads, but anyways 94, so we got 90 line leads toll. So if we go 99 times $8.55 we’re at about $846 per month of residual income every month as long as they stay on the software. So that’s really cool.

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You know that can almost pay rent just to get. You know the residual income in coming in every month. So it’s really it’s really nice. So I’m you know this is all the earnings just got a bunch of pages of that.

I just kind of want to show you guys an update on that so far, I’ve around 10,000 people who join under me and we actually have a private Facebook group. So um, you know that’s pretty cool too. We got members in here and I actually go live every week or we actually do a Google Hangouts webinar every Friday at 5 p.m.

So if you do join, if you want to join, you can just sign up for Builderall with my link or you know just feel free to message me and but I’m not trying to push on you guys.

But you also get beginning like a course and everything on how to promote the actual software, but you know, let me show you guys kind of my Facebook Ads strategy with this. Ok, so let me go in and go to my account and I want to show you guys kind of how you can promote a product similar to it or the same product. Ok, so kind of what I’m doing is I’m promoting this product as a back end product? Okay, this is one of the best things you can do. This is what Alex Becker does for market hero this. What a lot of people do, because you don’t want to promote it on your front, end!

Okay and by front end, I mean on your ad okay, you want to promote it in the back end through your once. They get through your whole, funnel okay. So, basically, let me show you guys kind of when you sign up for build roll. A lot of people like you know who just sign up randomly they give you.

Builderall gives you this little business in a boxing and honestly, the training is that good, they give you some Facebook, training and stuff like that, but they tell you to promote it so stupidly. Okay, they tell you to promote it by just posting pictures of you know the Builderall funnel and tell them telling Facebook basically telling users to sign up for the 7-day free trial.

Now, the reason that’s not that doesn’t work is because you can’t possibly get that traffic profile, but if you can bring attention to an ad first and then give them something free and then promote something on the back end, you’re able to make a lot more money And you’re able to get leads into your business and you can keep promoting them other stuff or keep providing with the other things of value so kind of what I’m doing. This is one of the main ads. I’M running I’m spinning around 50 bucks a day on ad so far, making about I’m doing about break even on it. So, basically, every day I’ll get two leads from my Facebook ads and the reason I know it’s from my Facebook guys is because I have a completely different funneled.

I don’t share with my personal brand at all that way. I know it comes from my Facebook ads and I could see from link tracking. So basically, what I do is this is my Instagram story ad. So the reason I did Instagram story cuz. You know you could just get it easy. Cheap 15 cent clicks, and so basically, this ad is taking them through a funnel okay, and basically, this funnel takes me to a landing page where they’re gonna get free, affiliate, marketing training. Three videos in a row on you know: email, one they’re gonna get a video email. Two they’re gonna get a video email. Three they’re gonna get a video okay. So let me show you the landing page for this.

It’s basically a you know: free training for affiliate marketing and they’re gonna they’re gonna go right here and then I’m gonna tell them to watch a video okay and then this is where I’m kind of promoting builder. All I’m telling them to sign up giving them some bonuses, so this is kind of what you got ta do nowadays guys people are so sick of getting you know, sent to a landing page sent to a thank you page and then send to an offer. What you got ta do is create a video sequence funnel okay, so when you’re sending them a video sequence, funnel basically you’re sitting um, you know on day one a video on day, two a video at day. Three another video, okay – and you can t, keep doing this so really what the does is. It just provides ultimate value.

Okay, getting them them getting sent three videos every single day is, can be way more value than any kind of ebook or PDF or anything. Okay. So it’s gonna, be, you know, really valuable for the users and they’re gonna start to trust you and then that’s where you can kind of sell them, that back end product, you’re, promoting and in my case scenario its builder, all okay. But you can do this with Clickfunnels too, if you were in Philly for Clickfunnels and you want to sell it teach them how to build. You know a whole funnel system and then you know send them daily videos on how to do it just through email and then take them to a landing page from that email. And then you know, show the video and then maybe after 15 minutes of that video have the have the rest of the sales page pop-up and then that’s where you can promote them.

So so, basically, when they see video number one in their email, they’re gonna be taken to this page with the upsell okay. But this is gonna, say, training, training day, one how to how to find profitable products for affiliate marketing, okay and then day. Two. It’s gonna be the same thing, but it’s gonna use the same landing page. Basically, they’re gonna keep on seeing this landing page and seeing kind of what you’re promoting on the back end and eventually they’re gonna buy. Some are, some are okay, it’s gonna convert at a certain percentage, but I guarantee you this whole convert way better, if you’re just sending them to an offer or, if you’re, sending them from a landing page to a thank-you page to upsell and then just doing Email marketing, but if he keeps sending them videos in your emails, you’re building more rapport and relationship with them, plus your game to keep on seeing this landing page where you’re promoting the actual offer. So that’s why this is working so well because one a lot, not a lot of people do, are doing this and two you’re building a better relationship with your actual leads getting to know you and stuff. If you’re not comfortable on video, I would just say you know suck it up.

Okay, you could and it’s not a big deal and then you can also do like voice-over videos and stuff like that, if you’re not comfortable actually having the camera on you, but if you have something valuable, you can teach them or you know usual even have to Be an expert: if you have this much more value than the person that is a lead, then they’re, gonna trust, you, okay, if they, they learn. One thing that they didn’t know before. They’re gonna see you as the valuable person okay. If they do no more than you they’re, just gonna click off no big deal right and a few actually guys, I’m sure you guys know who Tanner J, Fox’s and Dan the Silva. They actually look how they promote their Amazon course. They’re doing the same exact thing: okay, there’s they’re, taking them through a video sequence, funnel okay, they’re Game; three and three free Amazon training, videos.

Okay on day one you get a video on day. Two you get a video and day three get another video and, as you can see, if you go to each video, this is gonna pop up with their upsell for the course it’s gonna show a bunch of testimonials and basically that’s where I kind of Got this idea and I’ve seen multiple different funnels like this and watch some videos, and you know I just modeled the same thing and put it to a complete different product. And what do you know it’s working out, so you kind of got to spin the wheel. Okay, not everyone can do the same exact thing. You got to kind of be unique, sometimes because not one thing is gonna last forever with internet marketing. It’s all about depth.

Okay, so that’s what you got ta kind of test new things, but honestly this video sequence method funnel actually works really well, and not only that, but my email, open rate is absolutely insane. Okay, this is cool traffic. I don’t even have a look like audience on Facebook. Well now I do but before when I started first starting my ads, I literally just target people who liked affiliate marketing a Clickbank and like Onix and goal okay. So it’s completely cold traffic. I’m sure – and you know some of you guys saw my ad and knew who I was but a lot of people didn’t. I had a guy hop on the Google Hangouts call and he’s like he’s like hey man, I demon I didn’t follow you before. I didn’t realize he had a YouTube channel. I just saw your Instagram story and I joined their team or you know the Builderall thing and then he hopped on the Google Hangouts call of us like every week. Would we do in the Facebook group? So I thought that was pretty cool, so you know I’m targeting cold traffic, and this is something you guys can do similar, whether it’s for Builderall or for a different for a different affiliate program like Clickfunnels or you know any type of software you want.

This will literally work for anything, and this method will work especially good, for course. Okay, you gave him a video series sequence funnel, and then you upsell them on a course. You took to learn everything you know, okay, so that’s kind of how this funnel works. It works a lot better for high ticket items. In mice case scenario. One person is worth $ 200 to me, so that’s kind of like the Lifetime value of my customer okay. So a lead is actually worth like $ 10 to me and a free trial. Signup is worth about $ 80 to me, so I’m able to spend you know a lot of money in ads because my funnel is convert so well, and I have a good affiliate program that pays 100 percent commissions upfront and 30 % lifetime. Okay, I’m only getting $ 120 on the front end for Builderall, but I know that if they, you know, I know how long they’re gonna stay around on the software.

So you know each month is another eight dollars and fifty cents per customer plus all the leads they bring in is another $ 1.50 for customers. So I know each customer is worth around $ 200 to me and since I convert at like a 42 percent conversion rate, I know each 7-day free trial, signup, it’s worth about $ 80 to me and I’m getting you know multiple leads per day for the free Trial sign up, so that’s how this whole funnel works. It’S really effective, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t just work with builder. All it works in courses, click funnels any type of software program, and you know just high tech items. This funnel works. You know completely insane. Okay, so if you guys do want to get started to build it all you can just sign up through my link or just message me.

If you have more questions, I’m not trying to push that or sell you on you guys. That’s not my intention, but I just want to show you guys how effective this funnel can be and kind of what you can do with that. So anyways guys. I hope you guys like this video, if you did please give it a thumbs up if you’re new here be sure to subscribe. We talked a lot about filling marketing entrepreneurship and I believe this is day 16 of the 90 day upload video upload challenge. So I’m uploading every day for 90 days straight on YouTube, so you don’t want to miss out on that, be sure to subscribe and turn that notification bell on and leave me any questions in the comments, and I will see you guys tomorrow. Thank you for watching

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