Creating your first Affiliate promotion using GrooveFunnels – GrooveAthon Recording

awesome stuff so now i think we are ready to goand start with a build so what i wanted to show you today is how to create an affiliate system forselling GrooveFunnels okay today i want to focus on getting your systems up and running so thatyou can join this contest i just closed it for for by mistake so Groove this is the placewhere you can see all kinds of different uh things related to the actual launch contest okayyou can see the promotion tools you can see the sign up prizes leaderboard and testimonials andthings like that what you also um also have access to is different swipes articles banners socialmedia and things like this but i will be focusing more on the links part okay so what we will becreating today is a system where we create a page with a video where i’m talking about why somebodyshould join in and if they click that link they um they need to fill out their email address andtheir name and then they are redirected to my uh to my link so this is what we’ll be doing todayum good so at this moment there are people still asking questions i will be heading over to dothe live build so in case you can keep your questions for a bit later on we will be answeringthose soon but let’s just do this live build so what i said i will do is i will sign up fora new account with Groove and i want to do that for a reason because i want to show everybody thatis starting from scratch how to work with Groove so let’s just close this one let’s just open a newpage let’s just go over to okay so you probably joined in the Groove filesthrough a link like this so if you did you went down below here and you created your accountso let me just create an account myself and i have and i have my email over here which is David Lemon Groove LemonAid okay i believe that’scorrect Groove LemonAid at yes so i’ll just type in um Groove LemonAid thepassword i will just create my password myself okay so take current password needs to be thesame okay i did i made a mistake scope it in perfect there we go there we go awesome so now we are in this is the page thatyou see and this is the one-time offer page this is what your customers will be seeing as wellso um they have they have an option to purchase to upgrade as uh immediately so let’s just have alook how the video looks like so i will remove my screen over here and i will share it one more timeso you can see you can hear the actual sound in it okay i am not sure why it doesn’t allow meapplication window let’s just try this it’s not allowing me to share the audio on herefor some reason um so i’ll just need to continue working with this over here so in case you wantyou can you can watch this video yourself i can share out this video in the in the comments hereon youtube and also inside the facebook community and let’s just have a look so hi i’m to welcome you to ceo and congratulateyou on creating whether you’re just starting out or if you already have an establishedbusiness we want you to know that your new free GrooveFunnels account provides you morethan just the best landing page and marketing funnel builder on the planet it has several moreapps you may not know about that empowers you with every tool you need to run and grow youronline business and better than any other tool or combination of tools available without havingto learn 15 different platforms or hire someone to take them together for you and until nowthere’s never been a platform that can do it all until now and that will improve so as you can seeour our video is super not uh not salesy it is presenting and helping people it is a 31 minutevideo um so it is created as a tutorial itself which is uh explaining all the platforms thatare going to be there for example here is GrooveCalendar it is explaining what people willget then here is GrooveSurvey to create quizzes so it goes really in-depth explaining what isavailable peop this is what the people will uh this is the page people will see once theyonce they join the actual uh GrooveFunnels so you can see here special one-time offer todayonly and then it explains more about the bonuses so they’ll be getting the using asa bonus they’ll be getting chatmatic they’ll be getting review trust in case youalready uh signed up and you already are in case you already are a customerof GrooveFunnels you will also get get these bonuses with as well but everybody elsethat you are bringing in will see this sorry i just drank some water you’ll be also seeing uhso the customers you bring in will be also seeing all these bonuses and will have these bonuses sowe have the monthly options that are coming soon but at this moment we are promoting the one-timepayment payment plan and people can get into that uh this is about GroovePages pro and GroovePageslite so this is what the people that are um that are on a free account will get and thisis what the people on the paid account will get why such a crazy deal we are still on betaand that’s why we are offering this limited offer so there is an explanation um forthe people that are saying like oh my god this doesn’t work it explains that it’sstill in beta so there we go plus double your affiliates payout during upgrading so wewe also explained that they can share this link onwards and this way uh they will be able to andthey will be able to make commissions as well this is what they get these are the some software thatwe compare um GrooveFunnels to as you can see here response suite is a great software and i haveit but Groove server will do do better and for a less money so there are some testimonialsmoney back guarantee and it is a really nice really nice landing page that wecould be using um ideas from but i’m not i don’t want to do this now so i will justclick on no thanks i don’t want lifetime access where is the affiliate link to this you haveyour affiliate link inside your dashboard so in case you um in case you go to hereinside the promo tools area you’ll have your link to be able to share this so the GrooveFunnelsthis is the first page that is that people are brought to then the upgrade pages is over here andthen the GrooveAthon live page is the third link that you see so now that we signed up to this wehave the option to join the facebook group which you should do in case you haven’t done it yetmark training calendar so get on the training calendar to see the trainings from ourselvesum access our training academy so we have the the GrooveDigital academy you can log intoGrooveFunnels get support and then we have the the bonuses to how to claim your bonuses we’ll besending out emails with from these email addresses very shortly and these will be the subjects andthese will be the emails that will be bringing in those bonuses to your email inbox so make sureyou open all the emails that you get from uh from Groove after you sign up for the for the freeaccount and you can also explain this to your customers when you’re creating your affiliatesystems so now that we have all this information what a new customer will see when theyactually sign up let’s just go and log in so here we had a button to log intoGrooveFunnels let’s just click on there and we are going in here and then typing in uh Grooveand then aid at and here i paste in my password and this was a wrong password okay let’s try one more time good so that didn’t work um let’s just seeif i got an emails not here but in here perfect so this is my email inbox asyou can see here we have welcome to GrooveFunnels we have set the passwordlet’s just set the password quickly perfect my new password is thisone confirm your password this one perfect your password has been reset successfullygreat so now i can log in with Groove LemonAid at and now my passwordis going to be allowing me in awesome so there you go this is how you get in toyour GrooveFunnels account if you are a new member you probably know this because you already uhjoined in but i wanted to show you the whole process of what happens in the background weneed to know this for the promotion in case we bring on somebody else to to come in uh toour through our funnel we need to know in a in order to support them so in case somebody asksus something we need to know all these things so you got an email from GrooveFunnels the next oneis the using login details so you have the login email over here and you also have the loginemail and the password that you can use for using i will not use using because i have adifferent account for that one this is the GrooveDigital academy account which alsohas the the email and the password in there we also have a travis stevenson so this is anemail from chat matic would where they give you the the join link to join the the training forpillars training okay this is for chatmatic and you can also join the train through thisunique link perfect and we get an invoice for our purchase so this was GrooveFunnels as aproduct we signed up for this email and this is just an automatic message aboutthe about joining in to the whole there’s a little bit of marketing for us um yes tothe whole system so review trust here is welcome to review trust this is an email that is beingsent out to to everybody that is joining in new we are in beta we purchased this old asset fromsomeone who kind of i’ll repeat if you do not want to be part of review review trust in our growthplease remove yourself by clicking here okay this is uh allen cuts and mike feels same so this isstill being worked on um but this is the email you get for review trust Groove confirmation for the22 apps account okay so congrats from Groove um i’m just reading through acouple of comments here uh okay so i have here somebody saying facebookuser hey David let me tell donald mike i want to do spanish tech support and training forGrooveFunnels tell them thor black they both know me they have have them message me if theyneed it uh good thank you very much for this one i cannot see who you are tell them tour blackthey both know me um i cannot see your name but please reach out to to um please reach out tosupport or donna at in case you want to talk to her um at this moment this isjust an email over here from 22 apps and this is the details that these are the details that youget as you can see you can join the the facebook group you can learn more about it and that isit we also send out an email welcome email about welcoming youtube GrooveFunnels we also startthe onboarding sequence so we have an onboarding sequence that starts teaching people uh in emailabout everything that there is to know about GrooveFunnels so in the first email that came outit welcomes people for joining it goes through uh a simple process of showcasing the GrooveDigitalacademy this is a platform where we have all our training videos in and it’s just a greatplace to start learning and you also have the the link inside there so knowing this whathappens after somebody somebody actually uh joins that is very important so that wecan explain it in the in the further videos as you remember when we created our account thisis where we came in in case you didn’t yet and you decide to upgrade you can just simply click theupgrade button over here it will be forwarding uh forwarding you to the upgrade page and you havethe option to upgrade over here you’ll see the the upgrade page with the bonuses with all thesedetails so that is something that you have in your arsenal for uh for using when you’re promotingum as prakar says guys don’t wait go and upgrade don’t miss this chance only good things uh onlygood thing i got in uh 2020 is GrooveFunnels and Groove facebook group so only good thing i gotin 2020 is GrooveFunnels group facebook group so a lot of people are struggling in 2020 thisyear was absolutely not the best uh ever however with a community that we have and and the softwarethat we have is just it’s just absolutely amazing and you can start out for free as you seeni never typed in any credit card details i got bonuses i got training i got a greatsoftware and now i can start building out my affiliate funnel to even get moneyto pay off uh if i want to upgrade okay so if we go into GrooveAffiliate program overhere we will see the upgrade page sorry not the upgrade page but the jv page loading inhere and we also have our promotion tools so now i have my own promotion tools and thesewill be the links i will be using for my system great so let’s just go intoGroovePages and see what we have here in GroovePages we have option to create threesites and this will be for everybody that joins in you bring in people they will see the optionto create three sites they don’t actually need to use all the three sites one site is enoughfor for starting out let’s just say you create one site for promoting Groove and the other twosites you can use for your for your own things and we will do that we’ll start promotingGrooveFunnels in one of these sites but before i do that i actually want to set upGrooveMail GrooveMail will be the system we’ll be using for collecting email addresses andif i go into GrooveMail over here i can click in campaigns sorry not campaigns i can clickinto forms and i can just um create a new form that will be used for for collectingthe name and the email address from the people that are interested okayso this will be the GrooveFunnels promo GrooveFunnels promo list okay so this will be thelist where i will be sending them GrooveFunnels promotion save and now we set up the form so iwant to ask for email first name and i will also add on here last name so what i did is i justcreated a form i added a for name form name and now i add on a new field so i usually we get adefault for email and a first name but i will ask them for their last name as well so i just clickhere my existing fields choose a field identifier which is last name okay i just click save now wehave email first name last name okay what i will do the email is necessary and i will also do thatthe first name is mandatory okay i will save it the last name i will not do mandatory because thisis not something i absolutely need i need their first name great save and next you can decideif you want a single opt-in or a double opt-in i usually suggest to do a double opt-in this way wehave the people um confirm that we will be sending we’ll be sending the emails to them so witha double opt-in the people actually confirm that they allow us to to send them emailswith a single opt-in this is not needed in the european countries and when you’re promotingto european customers a single opt-in is is good for i believe the rest of the world but in ineurope we have very strong um uh policies about sending emails to people that didn’t that didn’tallow it first so that is where the double opt-in comes in so we can send the send the emailthe confirmation content i will just type in uh hey hey first name okay oh so hey i can cut thisout type in hey first name uh David Lemon here i would i need you to confirm your subscription by clicking thelink below yeah that’s fine best cards okay so something like thisthis is just an opt-in email and that is that the system will be sending out foreverybody that signs up uh through our website so this is the first step to create an actualform so that we can collect the emails we can collect the people that are signing up okayso let’s just give it a subject uh hold on hey you are one step away let’s just use thisand then yeah this is the confirmation content um confirmation page he willhere we will be putting in our confirmation page when we created it fornow yeah let’s just use google okay so um https column forward slash forward slashgoogle dot com so when it says url whenever GrooveFunnels or GroovePages GrooveMail orGrooveMemberany any platform asks for a url you need to put in http or https column four slashfour slash okay without that it is not a url okay without this http this is not a url this is ajust a domain for a url it needs to have this http so in case we would go this route google and andtrying to continue motorola it will not go through it does actually in a lot of other um platforms itlike GroovePages GrooveSell and GrooveMember that wouldn’t happen https column forward slash forwardslash you edit on everywhere and then you’ll have security that you did it correctly um great sothis is the confirmation page that the people will be seeing after they they opted in so theyclicked that link from your email you send out an email like i would need you to confirmthe subscription by clicking the link below in case somebody clicks this link they willgo to this confirmation page at this moment i will be sending them to google because iwill still set up that confirmation page okay but what happens after somebody filled outthe form so after the form was filled out we want to send them somewhere and this somewhere isgoing to be our affiliate link so let’s just open our email let’s just let’s justactually type in Groove and now here i am as i’m loggedin with my new account um i have my link over here so i will be sending people overto GrooveFunnels in this in this tutorial so i want to get them to sign up for the new uh for notnot new but for the GrooveFunnels suite of tools this is what i will be copying so theGrooveFunnels link and this is what i will put in here as a success page url this is where i want tosend people that filled out the form on my website okay and then let’s just click save and next youcan also send them a welcome email so let’s just compose welcome email so we will say um woohoo you just got the heel of uh lifetime we can type in hey first name um my name is David Lemon must have clicked on my link some earlier as you are now you don’t have to followwhat i’m typing in here in your emails you are the creator and you just send whatever you wantto your people um you’re now signed up through e for your GrooveFunnels account this means a couple of things this is what i would do i wouldimmediately tell them what they would get and why it’s good that they signed up for me sometimespeople are saying oh no i want to sign up through joel bauer or or team virgi or angie norrisbut i signed up to David Lemon somehow so uh i i would explain immediately inside the email whythat’s a good thing this means a couple of things um i have i don’t what i would i would writethis way to encourage them what they are getting i have an agency where i am creatingwebsites for clients and i will be giving you 10 templates for free as bonus forsigning up through my link just as i think something like that then i would say um iwould here is a link where you can see a video where i create this and then create that in orderto be able to promote more and more because you need to encourage people that signed up throughyou to get out and promote this well you will also earn a second tier affiliate commissions soit’s it’s just crazy like you get people to sign up through you but if you teach themhow to actually promote it better you will get even more money out of that you helped outthat person but you will get even more money so i would talk about that iwill not make this video uh any longer because of i’m because of me writingan email so i will just continue uh here comes some something something about how topromote GrooveFunnels better okay kind regards David Lemon there’s a welcome emailyou can send it out uh automatically you can decide not to send it out but it’sa great option to connect with your uh with your audience also um i’ve seen a couple ofpeople do that that when you sign up through them you have you get you get this in there um um here’s what to do next in the next couple ofdays or you decide when the date is you say i will be hold holding a contest for everybodythat replies to this exact email so you reply to this email this will enter you into the contestand i’ll be choosing an email or or or a person randomly where where i will be giving out i don’tknow 10 templates or a full course on how to get started with da da or or i’ll be creating i’llbe uh getting on a consultation call where i’ll be teaching you how to use GrooveFunnels orsomething like that so you create a contest from the people that signed up through you thisway they will learn who you are they will uh feel that you’re giving them extra value ontop of everything that you’re holding them hand by hand and you’re guiding them through um andanswering their questions and things like this so this is a very very good thing to doyou ask them to reply back to the email you can just reply back to this email and get a chance to win onour consultation with me value i know i i would probably charge myselfbecause my time is very value i i don’t have a lot of time in my in myday uh when i’m when i’m working with you guys and everything and so i would justsay my value is two thousand dollars um yeah so this is basically the prize one-hourconsultation with me that one lucky winner will get if they if they just reply backit’s really really simple reply back with what you are planning to trying to useGrooveFunnels for or something like that this way you get them in kind of a game immediately so they start communicatingwith you this is also very good because their emails will be sent to inbox when theyuse your address and then reply back to you your emails will be coming to their inbox uhin the future so this is a very good way to to to get interaction immediately if i canenlarge screen number two okay so here we go perfect so um so smart live pauline is saying is thisGrooveMail demo sorry i’m watching this live in between work yes so this is a kind of aGrooveMail demo i’m i’m setting up GrooveMail to to have a form where people will be signingup um good so let’s just continue so i just said like you can create welcome email to welcome theusers to say what they’re getting why they’re getting and if you get them in a contest like areply back contest reply back and then you can get this and then you can get that and then maybe youcan give them consultation and so on and so on uh sarah is saying oh no i can see i cannot see younow well i don’t know i don’t know what i should do somebody asked me to actually hide myselfsomebody’s asking to to reveal my face let’s just continue working with this one and thenwhen i have something better to explain then i can reveal my face reply back with da-da-da andthen you can win a one-hour consultation with me in order to guide you through the the next stepsto go and uh and learn how to use GrooveFunnels or something like that so let’s just click saveand next this way we choose where we want to get people on uh on our list or on our tags or whereso at this moment we don’t have any lists we don’t have any tags we don’t have any sequences yetwe dove in very quickly and created a created form which we can come back to lateron so let’s just leave it out for now if we can we cannot so let’s just yeah we thisis maybe a good idea to have something here like add a new list um but yes let’s just go on tothe finish and this is where we can save and exit so now we have our GrooveFunnels promolist but we need to create a list okay this will be prove funnels okay uh this is a list foreverybody that one that joins in through my true funnels promo site okay when i sayGrooveFunnels promo this is some affiliate site which i’m using to to get people in tomy funnel GrooveFunnels promo this is my list now i can go back to the forms and i will umedit the form with the details that i have now so from form okay we can click save let’s justadd them on our list which is GrooveFunnels promo we click the add button and then we can clicksave and next and there we go this is our this is our form which we can use on our page sonow we copied over the form this way we can use use this form to promote our affiliate linkwith so as you’ve seen what i did first let me just reveal my beautiful face over here whati did first is i set up i set up the email system i set up the forum where they fill out and itautomatically sends them to my affiliate link later on so this was the first step i didn’t needto set up my affiliate link anywhere inside the page builder because the GrooveMail the formthe the email system will be will be handling the forwarding after they filled out thatform so this is the first step at the moment the next step is to go into GroovePages and i didit pretty quickly so first step was GrooveMail the next step is GroovePages so let’s just go intoGroovePages and create a new site in here you can see the templates that are available you havepremium templates you have free templates but i actually don’t want anything over here i’ll justgo and start from scratch okay my site name is Groove lemon okay start building again it’s asking why you don’t put yoursmall screen in front of the big one maybe at the bottom left i don’t have that optionso we have options in stream yard to do this to do this or to do this so these arethe three options for our screens in yeah hey Davids face uh hello David uh helloDanny we don’t have that option again you in stream yard anyway what you’re seeing herenow is GroovePages we have created a site which we are going to be creating our affiliatesystem with so on the left hand side you can see we have blocks elements pages funnels this issomething new that just came out yesterday and we also have pop-ups what we will be creating isa page which is a very simple page that will have that will have a video so i want to have a video iwant to have a button and just a footer saying um just a footer saying copyright GrooveLemonAidnator something like that so let’s just see all the blocks from what i canchoose here from okay i’m looking for something with a video on top that i could use so let’sscroll through and see what i could use okay this one has a video we could use something likethis um let’s just go on and see what else we have great okay this one has a video on top these are some countdown timers looking nicethese have four videos this have an explanation is more of a sales type of system we have thissuccess stories that we could actually use this could be maybe a goodgood thing what we could use for okay let’s just scroll through and see allour blocks and what else what else what else good i believe that is approximately itso we have the theme blocks over here we have some other feature blocks here and this one has a video but it’s it’s more of a explanation thing this one has a nicevideo on here maybe we could use that one so this is the first thing that i do i actuallygo in and then scroll through to see what we have i believe this is looking nice so i can just clickon it and now it is imported to my page great this is what our page looks like at the moment itis also really nicely mobile responsive so i don’t need to do anything else what i need todo is change the text so over here i will see um not see i will say let me just zoom out a littlebit because it is looking too big for myself um maybe this way one bigger this willbe better for you guys so in here i want to give it a very very powerfulheadline so let’s just see what tricks we can do for a headline so let’s just typein headline generator okay headline generator main keywords let’s just seewhat we could we could have um um all in one marketing software at headlines never suffer from all-in-one marketing softwareagain all-in-one marketing software to samurai way so you don’t have to come up with your own uhsoftware got stuck try these tips to stream your streamline your all-in-one marketing software howto take the headache out of all-in-one marketing software how to find the right all-in-onemarketing server for your specific product service get the most out of your online marketingsoftware learn exactly how how we made um i missed learning exactly how we made all themarketing stuff last month the number of reasons you should do only one marketing software fiveeasy ways you can turn all the marketing software inside in success let’s just use this look at allthese all these ads from mike uh that’s actually great to see i haven’t seen this before look atthis oh my god we absolutely uh are wrapping or cranking up our promotions so um i took one ofthe headlines which i will be using so you see you don’t have to come up with your headlines yourselfsoftware can write it for you so five easy ways you can turn all in one marketing softwareinto success let’s just use this turn your five easy way you can turn free software such as okay or something like that likeit’s not maybe the best title but i didn’t generate it it was generatedautomatically uh let’s just see five brilliant ways to teach your audienceabout about all-in-one work let’s just use this one instead this looks better fivebrilliant ways to teach your audience about is all in one oh mine software like this is where your title wouldgo i’ll just leave it like that and over here i will just type in here is a video where i show you step by stephow to teach your audience to make money for you using a free um simple online five brilliant ways to teach your audience aboutthis all-in-one marketing software data this is it so here now you would put in your video whati will be doing later on is recording this video but for now i will just make sure that i havea button on here so i want to actually put in a block which has a button so let’s just seeif i have something like that let’s just reveal all the blocks here and i want to justassemble a simple system with a with a button so now i’m looking a block which has justone big button in the middle maybe this one or this one maybe this one yep so then i don’t need this text i don’t need this i just want the button okay andi will use the same background this is the color so i’ll just copy over this color from thisbackground so what i did is i clicked on the block of this section and in the background i cansee the blue color and then over here in this where it where it is the black color i willjust change this color over to the same blue so now it looks like one big happy familylike it is actually together so on this block we can see that there is a spacingon top and bottom what i will do is i will come i will scroll down in the sidebarand remove the top and bottom spacing this way maybe just add on a little bit on the bottomlike that and then over here in this block where the video is you can see that thereis also a little bit of spacing on here so i’ll just remove this button spacing so wehave our our button closer to the video this way and now it looks more streamlined and now itlooks more professional and then i will put my button to this bright red color make thetext size bigger join the free training and there we go the last thing i need is justa footer which will be saying just one line which is this there you go free all-in-one softwareto catapult your success online awesome you use this one in yours so you justdo what i’m doing i took one block second blog third block from the block library even on thefree account as you can see here i’m on a free account um you can do this yourself so please justgo out there and create this yourself um you can probably do a better job than me at this moment umi’ll just put the background of this section into gray and then i’ll use some darker gray for mytext maybe like that i’ll just type in copyright 2020 prove lemon aid there we go i’ll make surethat my text is smaller because i don’t want to promote that one but that is it now what ican also do is add on in case you want to run paid advertising to this i suggest you toclick on the elements container and just pull a container here below this 20 20 GrooveLemonAid where i typed this out okay here you you can put in a text link which looks like this and we just privacy policy let’s duplicate it actually let’s just first set up the container soi want one uh so when i duplicate it that it shows up uh in the same line so what we need to do isturn on the expert mode go into layout and make sure that it is set up horizontally in the middleand then also here in the middle so now when i’m when i duplicate this it is duplicating next to itas you see previously it was duplicating it below and now it’s duplicating it on the side so i willtake this privacy policy and rename it to terms of service oh terms of service and let’s just duplicateit one more time and then we click affiliate feed exposure okay perfect there we go sonow we click on this terms of service and i go into design and put some spacingnext to it so i go into this padding left and right and let’s add some paddingpart to arium perfect what we also need to do is just make them a little bit smallerwe don’t want it to show so so big so strong so we can do a little bit of different colorlike this one and make it a bit smaller like 0.75 that’s one shade brighter herewe go 0.75 and also i can do this 0.75 there we go 0.75 so now we have now we have ourlegal links as well which is not the correct color there we go uh we have our legal links so thatwe don’t get in any trouble with the paid ads let’s just bring this down a little bit therewe go so now this is our page this is what we created i think my video is a little bittoo big so i’ll just click on the video and go into sizing and just resize it a little bitsmaller like that i believe now it is much better there we go this is my this is mypage let’s just save it for now and let’s see how it looks like perfect it’sjust a blue background white text on it red bright big uh button join the free training andthere we go so the next step what i want to do is i want to create the pages for this privacypolicy terms of service affiliate disclosure and this is also done very simply by just goingto google our friend so what i would type in is privacy policy generator we go and on hereyou can just go into privacy policy generator you type in your company name which is Groove lemon aid in my case your websitename will be Groove and the webs this will be the the url h t t ps forward slash four slash Groove the website name will be Groove LemonAid do you use cookies on your website yes do you showadvertising through google adsense on your website no do you show advertising from third partiesexcept google no next country my country is croatia there we go my email address is GrooveLemonAid at generate my privacy policy here we go so we have the privacypolicy text i’ll just copy it from here copy and let’s just go into ourGrooveFunnels over here and create a new page so we go into our builder and we createthe new page which will be a blank page and in in this blank page i will justpull in an empty canvas the container with some paragraph text here we go i will iwill select the whole text and i will just paste in this one what i have so now we can go andmodify it i want this one to be a bit bigger like 1.5 i want it to be boldthere we go i want to click on this part okay maybe we can move it a bit lower and yes so as you can see it is notcopied in absolutely as we wanted it it is not giving us all the structure as overhere so for example provide operate maintain here as you can see the lock files it doesn’tshow up nicely so let’s just um try to like we would probably needto to make it look nicer um and expand your website so let’s just let’s justgo back let’s just undo this a couple of times there you go let’s just double click and try tocontrol shift paste okay it even looks worse so let’s just go back and do this so i guess weneed to make this pretty let’s pull this a lot a little bit down and then how we use it here weneed to have a little bit of space privacy policy generated consent this needs to be separatewhat i do what i do in this case is i just put this on one side open this on the other sideand then edit it this way then i can see on here um how it looks like on here so how we useit this is where i need to make a break how we use it there is a break overhere then the privacy policy generator okay then consent the consent needs tobe big so let’s just make it a bit bigger can you download it and then copy itinto the container so this is what we did there was a button to copy the textinstead of copying that might keep you formatting if you’re thinking aboutthis one let’s just give it a go oops so we need to have an element we will try this and then we willtry another thing i just remembered so let’s just copy this in so this was this textover here as you can see it is not the prettiest but let’s just try something else let’s justbring in an embed code element let’s just test it out i’m not quite sure how this will look likei believe this will be bad yeah there we go it is it is not going to be changeable we willnot be able to change it but we can do some customization on it we can do some spacing on leftand right just to add on a little bit of padding and we can do top and bottom just addon a little bit of padding there as well 2.5 let’s just save it let’spreview it how it looks like i just want to do the fastest easiest way to doit so this is using the embed code as you can see it looks great and i’ll just i’ll just leaveit like that so this is our privacy policy page let’s just click the pages edit settingsand then type in privacy obviously okay right so privacy policy we probablyjust need to modify that button over there privacy policy i have this pagenow so let’s just duplicate it um clone and instead of privacy policy iwill have terms of service terms of service of service of the privacy policy over herei’ll just find on google terms of service generator let’s just go on to the terms of servicegenerator and do the same thing your company name Groove LemonAid your websitename and your website url sorry guys please enter the requiredinformation enter the email address so this is Groove LemonAid over here countryis croatia and there we go generate my terms of service so what i did is just copied this textover here and then i went into my builder if you in case you go this route in case you don’t copythe the text but you cop you go this route um you will not be able to edit the text it will be asimpler easier way to do it but you will not be able to edit the text only in case you gothere and then you change the text over here but i’m happy with that i just want to do thesorry saying bless you thank you very much the simplest easiest way to do itand this is what i’m just doing now so i’m finished with this one now i have two pagesprivacy policy terms of service i need one more and this is the affiliate disclosure so let’s justlet’s just see if we have an affiliate disclosure generator somewhere the disclosure generator um read the policydisclaimer disclosures for affiliate link okay that’s not something that i need freedisclaimer generator okay create a disclaimer in minutes generate this claim as you cansee all the tools are available online and it’s like it’s very easy to use full legal nameof the company so i’ll just use Groove LemonAid um Groove LemonAid um does your companycurrently have a cyber liability insurance no did you know 60 how i don’t want that do you want to include the screens externallinks contained on your website yes do you want to include scream a professionalinformation contained on your website yes i don’t actually want this affiliate programsyes are you part of amazon program no what are your affiliate links edit yourown GrooveFunnels add GrooveFunnels select do you want to include the disclaimerregarding testimonials contained on your site yes do you have the testimonial to appearwherever except for edits for grammar and yes our users pay for the testimonials are affiliatedwith you no do you want to include a medicinal disclaimer regarding testimonials no there yougo mobile application will the disclaimer also be used for a mobile application no versionokay publish hopefully it will not let bring us for a sign up page you’re almost doneokay yeah absolutely it will create an account using this one and there we go so this is ourdisclaimer let’s just copy this over actually let’s just copy this over so puppet this was the html format andwe can just do a clone of these pages and in here we put in our affiliate disclosure this is important for anyone doing affiliatelinks on the website to have this disclaimer get great value David thank you very much this is sohelpful thank you very much you’re a superstar uh is this something that can begotten from ftc guardian i believe yes um i wonder will there be replays available for aGroove-a-thon i can’t attend most of the time but really appreciate the chance to watch it laterand so yes there will be we’ll give our best to actually do the replays um i will try to getchunks of it out for everybody there but i cannot tell you when exactly that will be so i’ll justpaste that in here and then i have a disclaimer on here for affiliates there we go and let me justedit the settings affiliate is closure affiliate this this closure perfect there we go savingand that is it so now we have the three pages for our legal pages and let’s just go in hereand click on privacy policy i’ll just zoom in so you can see it privacy policy configure andlink to our page that is called privacy policy let’s just open it in a new tab okay there we goclick on terms of service link that we added on we link to a page which is called termsof service open in a new tab update let’s just click on the affiliate disclosure opena new page oh sorry help a link to a page open a new tab an affiliate disclosure there we go sonow that we have all these three links in there we have uh we have to play with the button so wewant when somebody clicks on the button so that we give them the option to fill out the form thatwe created previously i want to do that using a pop-up so i want to create a pop-up where i willuse this template over here it will be um sign up or open pop-up it will be a standardpop-up and on here i want to say get at your training or something like that um then um fill out this form and you will getthe training link in your email for example you will be sent you’ll getyour training sent to your sent to your email so when you say that you will sendsomething as valuable as a as a as training um and you say that get your get your best emailto to to receive that training in there they will be probably putting in not their junk emailbut they will be putting in their email where you which they actually open day by day um so thisis important that you mention that you will be sending out an email uh and they need to lookfor it somewhere where they actually look um look for so let’s just go on i have now theheadline over here i want to make sure that it is um it is the same as on my my sales pagethere we go i’ll change it on on to to pop-ins there we go and over here i don’t need a button i’ll just delete the button and it’s inbetween these two text elements i will pull in embed code embed element here we go insidethis code embed element i will be pasting my i will paste my form code but beforei do that i’ll say um you will not get any spam for from us that’s uh inky something like that like you put your personalityin there like um some people they put like uh we hate spam and we will never spam you or somethinglike that you just put in your personality in there i i believe this is something that shows mypersonality so uh let’s save and exit and let’s get our let’s get our form link so if we clickover here i can just open GrooveMail in a new tab i didn’t know i i want to show you this guysin case you have a mouse like this and you actually click down on the scroll wheel it opensthings in a new tab so this is what i just did i just went over here and clicked the scrollwheel for GrooveMail let me just target it remember i cannot do it i want to bringmy mouse over here here we go now i’m a GrooveMember and i click you see i clicked theactual scroll wheel and it opened GrooveVideo or GrooveMember in there overhere GrooveMember so just a tip now we have the form that we created we can justget the code and this is our our code we need to place in our pop-up here we go in thisembed code element we just paste this in and click save here as you can see it is loadingin now we have now our form and that is all we need so the size we just need to put into autoand this one to auto as well save and exit save and let’s just preview how our page lookslike um after of course we connected our button to the actual link so let’s just i clicked on thebutton configure and over here i can set up a popup and our pop-up name is signup there wego it will change the button name to button so yes i want yes okay oh i actually don’t want anybuttons any icons but let’s just do for an example arrow on the right yes i want to learn this okay so let’s just click save andhave a look how it looks like this is something that we just created now soit is a website which has full affiliate or full legal disclosures we’ll add on a littlebit of spacing in here um it’s a video that we’ll create together but it opens a pop-up which openswhich has a form on it which looks like this so when somebody fills out these details they willbe getting in our email sequence we’ll test it out once we are finished with our video and everythingjust to make sure everything looks um nice but we just created this page very quickly usingpre-built tools and pre-built blocks we just put in our headline our sub-headline our legal pageswhich we used tools online to create those and that’s basically it so let’s just add on a littlebit of spacing to the bottom of this block so i will just select this block the whole thing whereit where it is gray coming to spacing and then add a bit of margins on the on the bottomlet’s just do two pixel margins like that let’s just um yeah let’s just save thisfor now and preview it how it looks like there you go as you can see now the the wholething is visible because we have this black bar for for showing that this is from GrooveFunnelsand i believe we are ready to go to the next step the next step is to actually create the videoso five brilliant ways to teach your market uh teach your audience about this all-in-onemarketing uh all in one online marketing software here’s a video where i show you stepby step how to teach your audience to make money for uh using a free and simpleonline marketing tool um yes so let’s just test also these privacy policies if they oh yeahthese are links so these are not opening up inside um we just need to publish it firstwe’ll do that next i want to do the video and then i want to actually publish mysite these were the next two next two steps so if i’m recording video and i will do somethinglike like this so that you can show you can see it i use something like canva so let me just goon to a nicer background for example this one and then i will do a loom videoi’ll do it live with you guys i will choose this screen iwill go and flip the camera this way good and then i will yeah i’ll just start talkingso the thing i promised them is that i will uh i’m sending them atraining where they can learn how to get uh how to have people work forthem or something like that like you need to just create a video simple video onwhat you’re actually talking about or what you’re actually promising on your headlines and thingslike this i said i will teach them how to create systems or something like that let me justactually go back and double check what i promised on the on here five brilliant ways toteach your audience about uh i’ll just bring it over here so that i can see it while i’mtalking good so let’s just record this video hey guys David Lemon here and today i wantedto show you the five brilliant ways to teach your audience about this all-in-one uh onlinemarketing software what i wanted to show you is how to actually create a system for you toconstantly bring in uh people so that they work for you they bring in people so youcan earn commissions on that one it’s a really simple process i will show youstep by step how to set up your website how to set up your email service how to set upbasically all your legal pages and everything this can be done within the next 13 minutes about13 30 minutes and once you have that it is up and running online and it’s just generating moneyfor you helping others and i didn’t even tell you this is a free software so there’s a fivedifferent things that you would need to do i will talk about this in the video just click on theon the button below and get into this training you really don’t want to miss this thank you andsee you in the training so you’ve seen i recorded this video pretty quickly it’s a 58 second videowhich i will download now from loom i will upload it to youtube and i will use that as a as a videoon my sales page what i’m doing is getting people to click on the link getting people to um to putin their name and naming email for content that i just promised them so let’s just do this i’msaving this video i’m heading over to youtube and let’s just see if i am in my own no ijust need to switch the account i will put it on the David Lemon channel soi will go to the youtube studio let me make it a bit bigger perfect soi will upload this video which i created Groove LemonAid raining doesn’t have to be super professional likeyou probably have better things to promote and better things to say i just did this videobecause something online is better than nothing online okay so done is better than perfect just dothis at least and then go and make your make your promotion more perfect um i’m actually finishedwith this one i will not do any description no it’s not made for kids uh okay add anend screen i will just not do that i will to unlisted i don’t want to promote it butthere we go so my video is now online it is finished processing once you did your video youjust copy over this link from here you head over to your page and you click on the youtube videoand you just add that what you copied over in here click update and you have that video in there nowso it doesn’t look super professional with with all these uh written things you can also do um youcan also do a GrooveVideo so let me just show you how to do that we have here GrooveMember openedi will just go and do GrooveVideo uh when you are on a free account you need to connect your own uhyour own hosting and your own encoding i will not be going into this now but in case you’re in aprofessional account you click upload new video and you just basically pull in your videos andyou’re ready to go so that’s how simple it is you click on the upload video and thenyou’ll get instructions on how to do how to connect your encoding and things likethis but i will not go into that in this video i’ll show you uh show that on a later videobut for now i have a video up and running and then there is my video so now that ihave this the next step i want to show you is how to publish this so if you haven’t yet icreated a video which goes in step by step how to promote something like this a page likethis on a on a purchase a branded domain and i purchase my domains throughnamecheap it’s the easiest fastest uh and the most professional service that i’vefound so i’ll show you the domain that i purchased recently which is the i’llbe using forwarding it to cloudflare and using that to publish my website onso it’s very simple you have your domain that you purchased in my case it’s andthen i will head over to cloudflare okay hopefully you either sign up or log in cloudfolder is anapp which handles giving you ssl certificates so that your website is secure it has this securelock on it so that it says connection is secure also it is making your sites load faster itis a cdn which means that it secures your site it makes uh your site load faster because thecdn is a is a as a connection of different um servers around the world which are connected andlet’s just say that you live in australia but you you want to you want to create a website thatloads fast even in africa even in argentina even in wherever the users are so you put youregister for cloudflare which is free by the way and you connect your domain to cloudflare sothat if somebody is loading in the your page from argentina for example they will have the serverclosest to argentina which will be sending over the details of your site like sending over thefiles so people from argentina will be having your site loaded from argentina and this is whatthe cdn does it is a faster way of loading sites and it increases the speed so once you log thenyou’ll probably not have as many um domains as i do but i just want to add a site which is calledGrooveLemonAid dot com okay perfect so i just add that oni choose the free plan confirm and then here scanning the dns record so it isscanning um the records that are now connected with my email with sorry with my domain i’llnot do anything here i’ll just click continue and this is what i need so thesethese name servers i need to use on inside my domain register so i have kanye but youwill have probably something else so name server one you come over here to namecheap in case youhave godaddy or any other domain registrar it is a very similar process you just need to findsomewhere which says name servers you go to do custom name servers or custom dns and thenyou paste in the details that cloudflare gives you okay so i’ll just click the copy and i’lljust paste the name server number two over here click the check mark button it is loading in thesename servers it is changing the way my site will be loading and once done we’ll get a little baron the top of the page which says the name servers were changed usually it goes live and here we godns server update may take up to 48 hours to take to take effect we don’t have that much time wewill wait for it and it usually is done within within a couple of minutes it they just giveyou this notification because they are unsure when it will be done but we can just go intocloudflare back into cloudflare and click that big blue button okay don’t check name service okaythese next steps are very important we want to have a full encryption on our websites okayso you click this full button and then you need to turn on always use https this is veryimportant always use https means that your website pages will all be secured so it will be puttingin this um this little lock on all your pages not only your home page not only your certain pagesbut on all pages so this is very important so you can turn this on once you did that you canclick done so now we will be waiting for our domain to actually load in so we can clickthe recheck now button and this will actually reload uh in the it will ask when the sorry i just get confused a little bit um so wenow recheck we click the recheck now and it the the cloudflare system will let us know when thename servers are all ready to go so at this moment at this moment what we did is we set up cloudflarewith our domain name register let’s just see if it is live or not so i just click the refreshbutton and it says great news cloudflare is now protecting your site that means thatthe is now connected so this means we can go on changethe dns records dns servers and then have our page published so the only thing i neti need to do is delete these two a records okay um i did previous training on these where ishowed how to delete all this but i figured that you don’t actually need to delete allthese just the two a-name records and then you need to actually get the details and connectyour page which is here um you need to copy over this okay andthis we will need to create a cname connected to so that wecan publish our page our site that we created onto that domain um so that is something we need to doright now the way we do it is super simple like we click add record choose a c name use at for theroot okay so you will need to create two c names one is at for the root domain and we paste in hostdot over here okay this is now saved the next one is another cname for wwwand the target will be done and dusted so once we did this that’sactually all we need to do okay so we did everything we set up the dns records we set upcloudflare we set up the ssl we set up basically everything that is needed for us to be able topublish the page that we just created together and let’s just do it now so Groove LemonAiddot com we click this check mark publish on your own domain click this and now we’re waitingfor the system to actually publish the website okay changes usually go live within a fewminutes so let’s just uh let’s just not wait a couple of minutes let’s just try to openit immediately go to Groove we have the site loaded in guys so as you can seeit is really simple to do um i’m on a big screen so it shows up differently than for you mostprobably it will be like this um but yeah we created a website we created the video we createdthe legal pages let’s just check out our legal pages they load in very nicely terms of servicenice affiliate disclosure there we go so our terms of service is loading in our privacy policy andaffiliate disclosure we have a great video on here hey guys David Lemon here and today i wantedto show you the five brilliant ways to teach your audience about this all-in-one uh onlinemarketing software what i wanted to show you is how to actually create a system for you toconstantly bring in people um so that lovely so the next couple of steps we could do we can wedon’t have to do but i just want to do it so let’s just go in and test the pop-up form soas you remember first thing what we did is set up our form in GrooveMail and thisis that form so let’s just test it out i will connect i will use my testemail my first name is going to be um i don’t know i’ll just take somebodyelse’s name for example kerry leaf very lee okay and using my email soi can showcase what happens here um perfect there we go so this is now my affiliatelink somebody s somebody filled out the form and they are redirected over to the affiliate linkas you can see here and we sent them over two two emails the one email is hey David DavidLemon here i would need you to confirm your subscription by clicking the link belowokay there we go we need to click on this one there we go now the second email we got waswhoo hey David my name is David Lemon you must have clicked on link somewhere earlier as younow you’re now sign up to the to me for your GrooveFunnels account here’s what to do next kindregards dave lemon nice so this has been now done and we have an up and running system asyou’ve seen we were transferred over to the um to the link which we toldthem that we will get them on but this is now a complete websitea complete system which you can use to create your own so let me go over one more timeof what we did and i will just do this on here i like to do slides for everythingum so the first training it was the first Groove a-thon affiliate system training okay how to set up your complete affiliate funnel using GrooveMail and GroovePages perfect so this is it firstthing what we learned is a step one GrooveMailcreate a list step two create a form step 3 set up your affiliate link as the coninformation page step four um connect your form to your page perfectthis was a step one inside GrooveMail step two next slide step two if you remember what wedid we went into GroovePages uh GroovePages we created our site using the pre-made blocks it blocks the second thing what wedid is we um created the footer links create the footer link the third thing we didwas to actually we set up our headline first create your catchy headline step 3 is to createthe footer links step 4 is to set up the pop up and after this one we created createyour pages and set up a pop-up step 3 was if you remember correctly step 3 wasthat we created our video record your sales promo here i use loom dot com um what else i was talkingabout very simply uh of how to actually what what you get when you when you click on that linkand why i’m asking you to click on that link you’ll probably want to write things down and thenread read out loud what you have to say i just did it very very quickly not unorganized so that wecan get through this but i’m super happy and i wouldn’t feel ashamed of actually sending trafficto to that page and to that for for letting people see that video there um okay then um download your video and upload it to GrooveVideo or hosting platforms like the youtube um okay uh like other hosting platform platforms likevimeo or youtube okay there where you where you downloaded your video uploaded to to GrooveVideoum you next step is to take the link and and paste it into GroovePages um to show your new video great that was the step three and now thestep four step four is to test and not test sorry publishing your site here the step oneis to get uh branded domain from jeep or other platforms step two is tocreate an account on cloudflare if you remember how we did it youwill be able to re-watch this video and set up your new domain step3 is to change the name servers on your domain registrar f4 is to set up the security to full and that always use https on yes um some of you that are watching thisright now live wait may not appreciate the time typing all this out but this isactually step-by-step process you can use as a mini course to actually give tothe people when you are promoting so if you want you can create a mini coursewhich is exactly showing what i just did also in a written way and you can get peopleto sign up um through your link when you give them this course okay so this is a mini coursei just created with you together in order to get you invite more people using this course so ifyou understand what i just did there i created a course for you to learn how to do a course so thatyou can learn how to bring on more people it’s just like a blue but it is good and it is usefulso that’s a step four um turn on um https and then uh once active publish your site in GroovePagesnice so the last step step five step five once published make sure you test it thoroughly i don’t know how to write thoroughly butgoogle knows thoroughly um your links pop-ups forms legal pages and your video also test that your site ispublished nicely on your new branded domain there we go these are the five steps of how tocreate uh an affiliate system using GrooveMail and GroovePages very quickly within an hourif i wouldn’t be recording this and writing all these things out and explaining everythingyou could do this very very very quickly so now i will share this with you i will share this umpresentation with you uh affiliate system training okay i’ll just save it as it is i will notthis but anyone with the link is a viewer okay so done i actually didn’t copy a tour anyonewith the link is a viewer and now you have this link to be able to to to use as somethingyou create as your bonus so you can create a bonus of this training which i which i justshowed you and you can give this as a as a as a bonus for people when they signingup so now what you learn how to use GroovePages and GrooveMail even on a free account to actuallycreate your affiliate system i can see that people are loading it in very quickly but now you cantape take all these steps if you want you can re re-record a video where you’re showing howto do this and you can actually get this as a bonus for people to sign up through you i writtenall these steps for you you can simply just go in and re-record it you can do what you would likebut there will be a recording also of this video shared very shortly on inside the facebookuh facebook group and also on youtube so i’m looking forward to seeing that one but fornow um i can see that in the back end of our of our Groove-a-thon we have a couple of people onthere so simon in case you want to jump in just to say hi to the people i would appreciate it i wouldjust like to focus on something else a little bit in case we can also in during the meantime incase you have any questions please let us know i would appreciate that incase you ask your questions hello i love how your brain thinks brilliantthank you very much thank you thanks so much thank you marge you’re awesome thank youlegendary you’re awesome thank you thank you no worries guys um and this is just a start likethis what you are seeing now is just the pre pre-launch of the launch of the Groove-a-thonso the Groove-a-thon as the live streaming started and now we are almost three hours inwe have a couple of hours to spend together but this is how it’s going to be for the next coupleof days in case you thought that it’s going to be boring and it’s going to be um hard to watcheverything through i i would just say that it’s not how it’s going to be working what youjust saw now is i did a training which you could use for yourself but you can also give it as abonus for others and you can also if you decide create the course from this one yourself andsell it if you want that’s just up to you we don’t sell training because we want to everybodyto be able to use our software um for free but in case this is what you want there will be peoplethat will purchase it from you because uh not everybody learns the same way not everybody likeshow i present things so in case you create your own content within your own voice for your ownniche for your own industry for your own audience they will appreciate it more than just givingthem when you give them just my link of my video so that’s something i wanted to share with you andin a moment we’ll have a guest joining in but for now let me know in case this was understandableand if this is something that you can do so just please press five in case this is somethingthat you could do with the help of this video and i want to learn also in case this is somethingthat you will do or not we have this affiliate contest going on and if you do this what i justshowed you this is a very very easy way to get started um i didn’t go in yet on how to actuallypromote your links this will be the next step but at this moment we just created our systemwhich could get us started inside this affiliate world so press five in case this was easy tounderstand in case not ask your questions please i want to get uh get as much help as i canfor you okay so uh awesome David very helpful uh again you’re saying great training David feelfree to show your face during the live training as you i was doing before to make the screenbigger uh was only a suggestion i didn’t know it that it’s gonna hide your face i don’tworry about this again you i want people to be able to reuse this video later ata later point so i’m always happy to to try different things so i can see a lot ofdifferent fives over here um rosemary iv guru eric deanland awesome joanne chris fox fivestars joe okay so there’s a lot of different fives coming in thank you very much very helpfulin case you do have any questions about this please feel free to ask but i do have a guestnow i will bring in here in just a moment

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