GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program – How to Sign Up as a GrooveFunnels Affiliate

Groove Funnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels’ Affiliate Program

Hi, my name is Mike Filsaime I’m, the cofounder of GrooveDigital and GrooveFunnels and today we’re going to talk about The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program that offers payout on two tiers at 40 % Commission on tier one and 10 % commission on tier two.

So, let’s jump into it, as you can see, it’s easy to become an affiliate. In fact, we’ve already signed you up your links and promotional tools are all ready to go. That’s right! When you join group, sell and ripened moves.

We automatically signed you up for our strong affiliate platform. Now, here’s the thing: here’s what induces our affiliate platform better than anything else out there in the world, we link every single person that you refer to us in what we call a parent-child relationship that is hardcoded with an affiliate label to you.

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GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program-Your Link is Locked to Your Referral.

Basically, what that implies is you refer somebody to us once and you own them for life. They are locked in and called to you for life. So let me give you an example: when you refer somebody to us, our system will label them to you, hardcoded in the system, so you don’t have to worry about cookies or them using another computer when they decide to upgrade. You appreciate numerous parties like to sign up on an iPhone but later amend on a laptop, or sometimes they like to sign up a day a week or sometimes even two to three weeks or a month or months later so check this out with a hard coded Locked in parent-child relationship with you and the person or persons you cited, it doesn’t matter if they sign up on an iPhone and then take a vacation to Costa Rica, walk into an internet coffeehouse and decide to upgrade once they upgrade.

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That person is likely to be locked to you. You are guaranteed to get an affiliate Commission just for referring somebody to us for free when they upgrade so now. Let’s talk about why this matters first of all , no one can ever make your lead away from me. It doesn’t matter if your referral watches a video refresh or a blog remember after you’ve already cited them. You see if you cite them and they sign up for free, they are locked in to you. Your cookie can never be overridden because we’re not even using cookies at that point, hard coding and labelling those people to you. So again, it doesn’t matter when they upgrade and it doesn’t matter where they refurbish. You will own this extend for life. We call this first tag wins and what that entails is essentially getting somebody to sign up for free is very, very easy, so all you have to do is build them aware.

It’s almost like playing label, you simply simply call them and then they become a customer with us for life. Now this might chime cliche, but right now with grew funnels and radical sell. It really is like a gold rush. That’s right since, when you direct somebody to us and they sign up for free their call to you for life, it’s literally like a ground floor opportunity. How easy is it to convert beings well, one in five people that click your association becomes a GrooveFunnels user and here’s the most exciting fraction, though they sign up for free many of those users upgrade to pro for many different rationales and recollect: no one can ever get credit for this upgrade other than you and, as we said before, your cookies cannot be wiped out.

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program: Your Referral Can Not Be Taken From You.

No blog remembers or video re-examine could steal your referrals , no webinars , nobody on theatre no bonuses , no one can take credit for your referrals plus, as you can see, we compensate on two ranks. So it’s very important for you to get started so that you can start building a downline so that you get paid on other people’s efforts and referrals. Now, if you’re not getting this, if someone that you pertain also refer somebody else on your second tier, we tagged that person to you in a parent child grandchild affinity, that’s also locked in for life.

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Okay. Now, if this hasn’t become clear to you just yet, if you denote a massive influencer, simply one person like let’s say a Thai Lopez or a Tony Robbins, you get the point when such person or persons starts telling their people about this, who were able to hundreds, thousands or tens Of thousands of parties over duration, you will too get paid on their efforts and their referrals and those will be locked into you, hardcoded in your second to your downline. I don’t have to tell you if you find precisely one influencer or just anybody with a little of influence, that one person’s tries can offer your mortgage pay every single month. This is why it’s so important for you to start getting that name out right now.

So let’s look at the math, so we have two affiliate programs, one for pro members that have paid and modernized and one free of charge members that have not upgraded pro representatives get doubled V affiliate Commission they get paid 40 % on tier one for all of their Efforts and 10 % on their tier 2 downlines for the efforts of the people that they were for now, free representatives that don’t refurbish well. They still get paid at the rate of 20 % on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2. It might be a good thing for you to upgrade as well. You see when you invest in us, we invest in you now. I want to be clear. Upgrading for the affiliate platform, while is a good idea. You likewise get the entire GrooveFunnels suite, which is an incredible platform for you to be running your business on, as you can see here, each free referral on average that you refer to us is going to result in a$ 9.60 cent commission to you.

All right, let’s broken off these lists now. These are based on free signups, on average , not auctions. So what that entails is, if you directed on average about 10 parties to us, we’re gonna pay you to your account about $9.60 by referring a hundred people. That means we’re gonna liquidate you $900 to your chronicle and now over the coming week and months to come.

If you refer over a thousand people to us that will result on average to about$ 9,000 for you now, vary your affect. This could take months or several months, but when you reach about 5000 referrals, you could expect that we would have paid you about$ 48,000 and that’s why you want to set a aim for sometime, whether it’s in six months a year or two years or three years for you to refer 10,000 parties to us, because that’s gonna result on average in about $96,000 to you now these counts are for pro members and you can expect half if you’re a free representative.

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But again, that’s a good reason for you to upgrade now having in mind these metrics that we’re sharing with you is what happens when somebody signs up on day one, but countless beings do like to upgrade eras weeks, sometimes even months later, and we continue to market To those people with retargeting and onboarding process, an email, followup strings, so you can rest assured, GrooveFunnels will do their very best to convert these to an upgraded client, and we do be suggested that eventually they will upgrade if they have any type of serious business online.

Now it’s very important that I informed the committee that nine dollars and sixty pennies on average. Those amounts do not even include the second tier, so these figures is likely to be exponentially different as the person or persons that you denote start to refer people, and you could expect we’re gonna train them just as well. So wishes to make sure you’re getting out there right now, coming everybody you know and everybody you can reach, including the little guys and the influencers, because the second largest tier can really explode.

Now, you know how this math works “when you’ve got” 100 referrals that in turn get 100 people, that’s 10,000 people you can potentially earn from in merely your two tier down word.

So now, let’s see what obliges it viral and so easy for you to impel marketings and so easy for your second tier to originate marketings because we learnt them to is that we have premade copy/ paste promotion tools for you to do, and we suggested that you do Them all, and, of course, GrooveSell gives you all of the stats is to say your clinks, your referrals and your auctions, but, as you can see, we have premade high-pitched converting email, swipes blog remembers banners.

Thank You page ads who is able to turn in your. Thank You pages when people opt into your newsletter or when people buy your products, if you have any type of membership platform where people log out, you can articulated this logout sheet at now. These ads say something like unadvertised bonus, so when they download your commodity step, two is to get group sell for free. If you’re, someone that likes Facebook, we have Facebook ads but make sure to do this. One social media, berth. We have premade Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for you and more to come. We have premade articles for you that you can post on essay locates.

We have premade press releases that you can use a residences like PR web. We have video reviews where you really mimic and paste what we give you and post it on Facebook and it’ll load, the video with your affiliate association right underneath and finally, last but not least, we have email signatures. We most recommend you go into Gmail or Outlook and deepen your email signature to what we provide you with every single time you refer email, it’s like having a PS with our content that tells parties to get group sell for free. Again. You never know who you might be answering with, but I help desk or an interaction in business when individuals or an influencer might sign up for group sell so make sure to do all these steps. So remember: first, tag earns!

That’s why it’s very important for you to get started right now, take all of the promotion tools that are below or on this sheet and make sure to do every single step, because that’s going to give you the greatest opportunity, number 1 to determine referrals and manufacture Sales, but those people will also see the same video and that will become your sub army of affiliates underneath you that will be paying you income as well. So please hurry before somebody else does it first. Remember this is your opportunity. First mover’s advantage to go out and label or get anybody to alter because it’s easy and it’s free and then they’re locked down to you for life and the people they direct are also locked in under a mother child grandchild affinity. But if you wait even a era or give someone else hit you to it, they’re gonna get that person altered because it’s easy and it’s free and you’ll lose any opportunity to make a referral on them or the people in their downline.

And that could be thousands of parties so make sure to get started right away. So that’s it. We want to say thank you and we relish you as a GrooveFunnels Affiliate.

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