hey you welcome to this unbiased crystal cleargroovefunnels review and this is not going to be a video like other pioneers where they justread the sales page and don’t see you actually live in action does those functions and featuresreally labour regardless let’s dive into today’s presentation mostly today i will show you whyi left groovefunnels and what new alterations again “ve brought” back to groov funnels in fact thesechanges are more than i expected from them and a step-by-step tutorial an in-depth reviewof groovefunnel demo you everything which you need to know about before investingyour hard-earned cash into this software and where you have to go to get a free accountor pro report and without record your credit card items and all their features andwhat are my personal favorite peculiarities groovefunnels has offered us so you might be ableto cancel your other expensive monthly participations and then it’s affiliate program( groovefunnelsaffiliate program) formation how you can become 40 monthly repeat commissions and 10 percenttier 2 committees with the groovefunnels affiliate program what pricing hopes theyare offering right now and i’ll too depict you do they have any money back guarantee ihave given all the segments in the timestamp below in my description so you can scrollthrough the part which you want to see and last but not least my exclusive bonuseswhich “ive never” held to anyone on this direct if you participate groovefunnels from the link givenin the description i’ll give them to you they are not any bs like plr which you can getfor free or for 30 or 40 they all are my premium bonus and they worth more than 18 373 with thatbeing said i don’t want to want to debris your time because i really hate when people waste my era sojust hop straight-shooting into the groovefunnels scrutinizes now i just want to give you a speedy introto trench pours review that you must know about groovefunnels( groove pours) and that isit is not a fly-by-night product this is something you want to get involved in if you want to be anonline marketer i most recommend this software if nothing else disappear sign up for the free accountcheck it out for yourself be seen to what extent incredible this software is and another reason why i’m lovingthis commodity is the founder of groovefunnels and he is mike phil simon he is not a new playerin the software industry you will be amazed after knowing all the favourite activities of mikephilseim has done before and they all are here carter everwebinar webinar webinarjam pay.comgroovecard and dealguardian they all are very very high quality applications in their niche so nowyou can imagine the standard of this product very but now some features of groovefunnels are inbeta testing that’s why they are providing us the free mean and one time fee of platinum contrives( groovefunnels platinum period) and this gives you lifetime access to the software we’ll see themin details in a few minutes anyway i am so excited to share you my recollects as quickly as possible sonow pay close attention to this video till the end this will be an eye opening reviewof groovefunnels( groovefunnels examine) so now let me show you why i leftcrew moves and why i met it again well the reason is when i started squandering it aroundsix months ago i really did not like it at all and i didn’t promote it and i didn’t recommend itbecause the way we do our sell there was a lot of things they did not give at that time andi required my desired ended pack at one region regardles well that’s all changed over these pastfew months in fact this changed a lot more than what i expected from them and i believe thesechanges are the main reason why groov moves really skyrocket their marketings and income from a threemillion dollar company to 35 million dollar company so now what i’m going to do is showyou a little about groov funnels what it is what it has to offer and what you can expectfrom them so now i’m going to jump into my detail so i can tell you what’s going on here sobasically it ties together everything a marketer would ever need to either promote affiliateproducts or to create their own produces and sell them or generate their own e-commerce storeit is all in here everything from a move developer to email sell to webinars etc if we go overhere to groov moves it breaks it down into a lot of sections and i’m going to go into each andevery section for a to better understand but as immediate as possible so now under groov pours wehave groovepages( Groovepages Review and Groove Sheet Tutorial/ groovefunnels demo ortutorial) who the hell is our website platform page or squeeze page builder and pour builderand this is completely a lag and fell system so no special tech skills required toturn your dream website into world now let me show you how easy it is tomake your desired website with groovepages or rather i should say the best funnel builderor website builder it is and the reason is here let’s abruptly go with a pre-made templateand edit it further so you can understand the quality and functionality it has offeredus so this is our pre-made template here you can see that we have just one page that is thehome page and if you want to add new sailing simply simply click it pages and you are readyto go just click on this plus ratify at the top and let’s select another pre-made template forsake of this video and call it as about sheet what i really like about groov sheets is it is sohandy and instant appoint your desired output now let’s contributed some new sailing swiftly a few incheslater hmm so let’s list it to contact us sheet this is why i really cherish groov moves becauseeverything is under one roof here now let’s go back to the home page and now you can see thatit has automatically added our desired navigation now here i can add more blocks to the website youcan see here all the plenty amount of blocks you can utilize and customize in your website anywaylet’s abruptly is moving forward and in the following section here you can add different elements to the websiteand the best thing which i like about groov pages is this text section in this text section you geth1 labels and other labels option and these things google research on the website before providing theresult to the user who is searching their inquiry on google this something related to seo whichhelps in ranking your website on google whereas in clickfunnels( clickfunnels vs groovefunnels) or( groovefunnels vs clickfunnels) it is missing there next factor you can see is schedules thenyou get different buttons to further configure your website then you get media section to embedvideos and photos and other things then you get other section which has google planneds countdownsand progress bars etc then pre-made navigation barrooms then integration with other software andat last pop-ups so isn’t this developer astonishing quick and easy and i never experienced such aneasy and handy make anywhere else i care i could talk to you more aboutgroovepages but unfortunately we don’t have a lot more occasion right now but in the futurei’ll make a terminated tutorial on groov pages so make sure to subscribe to this channel givethis video a big thumbs up for my reason regardles today i will give you a complete tutorialas a bonus which incorporates how you can create professional websites and groovepages and addyour practice disciplines and everything in between if you happen to buy this software from the linkgiven in the description and this tutorial is hosted on our website they are not available onyoutube publicly okay so now let’s go deep into it and here we have groovesell and this is basicallyfor you if you want to stimulate your own product with a body at the back end and you want to sellthat product by yourself and groovesell make it easy for you for example if you host your productor improve on clickbank i believe they usually take a cut of seven point five percent plus onedollar additional similarly on digi supermarket 24 they take cut of eight percent but now on groovesellthey only take about two part nine percent and they’re replacing paypal and stripe so youcan literally sell through this you don’t have to get paid out through stripe or paypal because theyactually have their own groovesell and groove remuneration detail which is freaking astonishing because i knowthe pain of coming your paypal account banned i believe this is a perfect solution for thatand you know the coolest part you can also add upsells and downsells and you can also addaffiliates into your actual funnel as well here this is something that you would haveto pay a lot more money you can do the same in click move and contra as well but you haveto pay like 297 dollars every recurring month similarly sounds affiliate will cost you 1 788 peryear for the same alone so think about it this software is really an incredible deal at one timefee so that’s it for radical cell now let’s go ahead and encounter groovemail and groovemail something whichis a totally competition changer in the field of email sell the reason is here mostly it givesyou access to broadcast automation emails up to 25 000 active members at one click if we equate itto leading email automation platform like active safarus it will cost you 259 dollars per monthjust for sending 25 000 emails which equals to 2748 dollars per year but you can get groov mailand all other features of groov moves at one time fee until it entirely exhausts then it willcost you monthly 299 that is why i said this whole platform is going to be really revolutionary andgame changer in the final and software automation manufacture so think about it this incredibleoffer too now let’s see what we will get with groove representatives so group member is mostly amembership programme like kajabi the main reason why people who sell their directions usually lefttheir existing pulpit and move to kajabi is because they are way more professional than anyother pour make and trend selling platform and they host their videos on vista whichmakes their clients stand out from the crowd and their students not feel likeoh another youtube video is embedded now the same interface and everything seems likesame like other free platform which i got for free by some other guru and that was alsohosted in the same manner and same boundary yes i speak about clink funnel so heregroov moves absolutely eliminates that here in groov members they have replicate the samefeature like kajabi now on their programme but when you liken it with kajabi pricing plansyou will be amazed because they are way more expensive than any other platform and they willcost you about 1 908 per year but groov funnels accommodate you all these together at one time feethat’s why i feel this is an improbably amazing software in the cheapest stage right now butit will also be a membership-based programme from november or december’s tip like other platformsso make the advantage now with my super valuable bonuses anyway there is more in this reviewso let’s go ahead in our groov pours refresh now let’s move to trench video and this is avideo player from groovefunnels and you can see that if you exactly click on the library here you canupload a new video and you can upload that video and then it will play in the player that theyhave created for their customers and it ogles road more professional than any other platform and it willmake your produce nature higher significance and when your customers go into the membership they’re gonna saywow my mentor applied a lot of effort while creating such courses or product this is awesome and thisis really cool so you can see now why this is an incredible deal right now let’s see groovekartgroovekart is really something large-scale and here is where they want to be a competitor for woocommerceand shopify and they have more feature than them so if you run any e-commerce store or if you’reselling any makes online that’s physical or discontinue send you can use groovekart to sell thatstuffs yeah it’s really awesome like i said right now some of its features are currently in betatesting when they launch fully this will be a monthly recurring platform you won’t be ableto get the lifetime access at an one-time fee and free access will likewise be removed tocheck it out before purchasing the product so now go ahead and let’s see groov webinar wellas i already mentioned before webinarjam and everwebinar are the most used webinar platform onthe planet earth is also commodities of mike filsaime the founder of groovefunnels so you can imaginewhat incredible boasts you can get now with more improvements in groov webinar and nextfeature we have is the groov calendar and by groov docket you can schedule your workyour appointments your calls and everything in between throughout the whole day you can saythat this is the competitor of calendly which rates you 144 dollars per year but here it isintegrated for virtually free with your lifetime plan next is groov canvas groove survey is to createsurveys for gathering study the objectives and other marketing substance anyway this is the best possiblealternative and entrant of response clothing which can cost you 828 per year but if you buygroovefunnels before beta testing ends with their one-time fee strategy you can get it for lifetime withno need to pay any monthly or yearly rewards in this chart you can see that if you have an upgradedplan of groov pours you could save 17 506 per year and imagine paying the same amountof costs every year and they all are not even at one place how difficult it would be this is thereason why i join it again after knowing all these incredible aspects merely at a one-time fee andget it for a lifetime and use it without paying any monthly rewards like other platforms for 10 times 50 years or 100 times till when i will live just compensate 1 397 exclusively before the beta testing endsand enjoy this incredible software literally they have made this groovefunnels pricing structurein such a way that it is no brainer offer exclusively amateur parties will offer 299 dollars per monthand do not take advantage of lifetime access plan i am gonna highly recommend thissoftware if you are very aggressive towards entrepreneurship and miss everything inone arrange this software is a must for you okay so now let’s talk about groovefunnels price( groovefunnels pricing/ packs) structure in depth and my amazing amazing never everbefore given groovefunnels bonuses and we will too interpret the( groovefunnels affiliate program) affiliate structure at the end of this video well you can start with completely free with( groovefunnels free lifetime access) period access to the basic plan but for the basicplan you will get only groovepages lite edition and you can only reach maximum three websites thengroove affiliate and groove sell for free and you also get the 20 affiliate program( groovefunnelsaffiliate program) since you are a free member of groov moves and you can get five percentage tiertwo fee so that planneds if you sign on under me and you sign up more parties with yourgroovefunnels affiliate join i make money and this is called a downline but it’s only a two-tierit’s not like mlm scheme or anything like that and don’t worry it will not cause any is detrimental to yourcommissions now you may say sir in the beginning of this video you said we will get 40 commissionand 10 percentage tier 2 commission but now you are saying the half amount so remain patient i’ll showyou how you can get forty percent and ten percent tier two commission in a few minutes so if yougo up to the silver pack you get twenty percentage( groovefunnels affiliate platform) affiliatecommission here too with few extra features you can even go to gold plan here you likewise getthe same 20 affiliate committee but if you have the platinum hope( groovefunnelsplatinum period) you actually get 40%( groovefunnels affiliate comission) affiliatecommission and you get 10 on tier 2 which is why i really really like this groovefunnelsaffiliate program and why well got in now before it closes down and then i have to pay like2 99 per month to get everything underneath at one sit and that’s gonna be very hard so youcan offer right now full 1 397 or you can pay today zero then four easy monthly remittances of 497starting in 14 daylights this is another great package or if you don’t have that much capital rightnow you can do six easy monthly fees of 388 or 12 easy monthly remittances of 249 starting todayand you can see that the platinum( groovefunnels platinum lifetime treat) monthly is coming soonso you can see that this one time option will go away soon and you have to pay 299 permonth again i will say the same literally they have made this pricing organization insuch a way that it is no brainer volunteer merely amateur beings will pay 299 dollars per monthand do not take advantage of lifetime access plan and this is going to pay for itself if you justmake three sales as an groovefunnels affiliate if you prepare three sales of groovefunnelsyou literally paid for the entire platform for life and you get upgraded for lifeyou can have this 10 times in the future 20 years in the future for free completelyfor free if you precisely get three marketings and i am going to help you with my mentor’s trainingthrough which “hes been” realise more than 150 000 so be with me i’ll indicate you how and youcould potentially fix 300 sales three is just a minimum case but “youve got to” articulated effortinto the work money will not twilight from the sky regardles now let’s talk about the amazing part ofthis video my payment bonuses and they worth 18 373 dollars which you can get for free if you buyfrom the link given in the description some of them i will get free of charge merely causing your freeaccount but some are very special bonuses which i will give to only those who will upgrade theirfree account to groovefunnels platinum note and transport me the receipt at moz basic the and make sure to create your report before the timer knocks 0 i am going to remove bonusnumber 2 5 7 9 and 11 at that time and “theyre all” simply for my( groovefunnels platinum) platinummembers and it is up to me whenever i decide to turn off this countdown i will turn it off so makesure to check this sheet whenever you are watching this video hope you will get all of them at thattime too the first bonus you’ll get from my website is free groovefunnels affiliate marketing trainingby my instructor tim verdu inside which you’ll also learn how to use groov funnels professionally andhow to promote groovefunnels as an affiliate for free and by using paid advertising and you’ll getall his ads reproduce eight is the full blueprint of his youtube ad campaign through which he has beengenerated over 150 000 and this bonus importance 3 399 this bonus is for both free and paid membersbecause if you guys make money through it i will likewise pay a tier 2 commission too the second bonusis also really amazing and it is my guide about e-commerce and all my evergreen and mystery dropshipping win produces this you could implement in groovekart and this guide worth 1 897 and thisis only for( groovefunnels platinum) platinum members my third bonus is my another guidecalled freemium scurry which has all possible free-spoken traffic technique which you can utilize tomake sales with your groovefunnels affiliate connection and if you making such a sell eventually i’ll get tier2 commission from you so i am giving away this for free as a bonus for both free and paid membersand this guide worth 1597. So now i have given you my free and paid secrets of determining salesso use them wisely and let’s flourish together so now let’s see bonus number four which is mydone-for-you funnel which you can use too to promote groovepages and this is for all of youguys only revise it with your refer and bonuses and this worth 799 dollars my fifth bonus is my3 0 plus done for you email templates that me and my team and other freelancers have developedafter working out for more than six months which you can send to your email schedule anytimeand make lots of marketings since they are actually alter like crazy plus i will also supply yousix extra templates which are my best converting email for affiliate marketing only oust thelink segment with your affiliate tie-in and thunder perform lots of sales through affiliate marketingcpa marketing etc and this worth two thousand four hundred ninety seven dollars and thisis for groovefunnels platinum representatives only my bonus figure six is more than two hundredplus lead magnet which you can give away for free to your public as a bonus and youcan utilize them in promoting groov pours note that they are not any plr makes of fewdollars they all are high quality precede magnets and this worth one thousand dollars thisis also for both free and paid members now let’s move on to bonus crowd seven whichis my affiliate marketing guide which covers all the secrets of world’s top affiliate andeverything in between and this worth 1597. My bonus numeral eight is my high-pitched cpm youtube channelniche ideas and more than 50 plus sub niche plan with less challenger and high-pitched cpm but this isonly for( groovefunnels platinum representatives) platinum members because you won’t believehow much i paid for this data that is why i can give it for free anyway let’smove to bonus crowd nine which is my google ads navigate in which i comprehensively depict why googlewill rank your ad instead of other advertisers and all ranking points which google considerfor grading ads i saw a lot about it whom should i give it to either to free or platinummembers or both and every time my thought is said precisely give this secret guide to platinum membersbut then i recognize i should give it away to both because if you guys will realize sales eventuallyi will deserve some small-time commission that is why i’m giving away this to both of you guys andthis worth 1 597 bonus crowd 10 is my cheapest traffic root template through this guide you cansave a lot of money while spending on paid ads but this is my best mysteries which i will onlygive to( groove pours) platinum members but don’t mind free representatives there is a lot more foryou guys more and this worth 497 dollars now move on to bonus count 11 which is my step-by-stepguide to youtube video seo and it will too present you how you can make money on youtube withoutshowing your face and without creating your videos “its for” both( groove pours) platinum andfree members both and this worth 497 dollars and final but not least bonus digit 12 is mypremium software which generates more than 50 plus digital market services in one place and itwill help you in digital market automation and other digital purposes and this worth 1 999 “hes also” for premium platinum membersonly this all bonus is worth more than 18 373 which you can potentially get if you happento buy groovefunnels from the link given in the description and communicate me the proof of purchase atthe established email address free members get all free bonuses and platinum members will get everythingi just presented and wait don’t sound off i haven’t yet expres you how to create your accounting andwhat’s about the money back guarantee so now pay close attention to this video so formerly youclick the link given in the description you’ll redirect to my bonus sheet where you will getall the details about the software and bonuses in depth and formerly click on any button of joingroov pours free of charge it will redirect you to their official website and here you just have toput your first name last name and email address no credit card required and boom now you’ve yourgroov funnels free note and once you did this step they will ask you to upgrade and to justclick here and picked the platinum program( yeah, groovefunnels $1397 lifetime agreement worthit) and remittance alternative which suits you the best from full remittance at one time to 12 easy paymentoption and with groov funnels you’ll get 30 days no ask fund back guarantee so it eliminates allthe risk of joining them and remember this one time offer is going to off awfully very soon and youwill have to pay 299 dollars per month seizure them now so that’s it for today’s groovefunnel reviewi hope you like it if so make sure to subscribe to my canal and made that alarm bell and leavea beautiful note and like to this video

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