What the heck is GrooveFunnels? Is it better than Click funnels? What’s up people? So I obtained the Groove Funnels LifeTime offer and I’ve been getting emails from beings asking me, is GrooveFunnels worth it? So I’m going to walk you through all the apps that you get within Groove Funnels, give you a peek inside the dashboard talk about pricing and whether I think it’s worth your investment or not.And people, this is going to be a long video use the timestamps in the description area to jump to the proportions that you’re interested in. So without further ado, let’s dive title in. All privilege people. First, I want to talk about GroovePages because it’s part of Groove Funnels. Now, if you haven’t already done so, you can get your free GroovePages account at freelander. 252600:00: 46 –> 00:00: 48,480 And with your free Groove Pages account, you get to create up to three auctions pours or websites completely free.If you’d like to create more than three sales funnels, you’ll need to upgrade to GroovePages Pro. Currently, Groove digital is offering Lifetime access to either GroovePages Pro or GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer. Now before you upgrade to GroovePages Pro, you might want to check out GrooveFunnels Lifetime firstly because GroovePages Pro is in relation to GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer. I’ve already organized its consideration of the item on a GroovePages and a tutorial for it so I’m not going to go in detail about GroovePages. You can check out that video in the link below this video or on the top right hand corner. And check out Groove Pages if you’re only interested in Groove Pages. Now with GrooveFunnels, these are all the apps within GrooveFunnels: so you’ve got Groove Pages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate which already comes free with your free GroovePages account, you’ve got Groove Video, GrooveMember, GrooveMail.Under e-commerce with the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer you get to create one GrooveKart store and that’s vie against Shopify. You too get GrooveFunnels future apps and these apps are GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinar, Desk, Calendar, and canvas. Okay. So there’s a assortment of apps within GrooveFunnels. So what I want to do is log into my lifetime account and appearance you what these apps can do. When you’re in your lifetime note you won’t see the refurbish button anymore. But you visualize the Groove Affiliate program, I’ll tell you a bit more about that later on. The first app we want to talk about is GrooveSell because I haven’t really plastered that in detail more. Now, when you’re logged into your GrooveSeller account, you’re automatically logged in as a dealer because you create all your arrival sheets, your marketings sheets, upsells, downsell sheets within Groove Pages. Then you go to GrooveSell which is their marketings programme for digital products and services. And you create produce funnels. So everything within GrooveSell starts with a concoction funnel.So you’ll click on pours and then you’ll click on a new product pour but we’re not going to create a brand-new product pour because I’ve already procreated a scoff funnel for us to go through. What we’ll do is click on manage products and then click on this pencil icon. What you’ve got here is like a sales warlock which goes you through all the steps you’re required to create a product funnel or sales funnel. Step number one is giving your product a honour and then saying is this a front end product or is it a downsell or upsell commodity. Step number two is pricing. So you’ve got different types of pricing here. You’ve got one time, reoccurring, installment payments or recurring installment payments which is coming soon. And you can also enable a test with world prices here. Step number three is integrating your fee gateways. So you’ve got Paypal, stripe and then you can add in Groovesell payments that’s coming soon. And it’s Groove Funnels own payment organisation. You’ve got Paypal Risk Mitigation, it’s also coming soon.But what that is- let’s say, for example, you’re doing a commodity opening and you have a lot of funds “re coming”, you can specify that you want only 50% of those auctions to be found in your Paypal account and then the other 50% to be in strike. For example, you can also apply for a broker accounting and you can set up new fee gateways over here. Let’s move on to step four which is contents. Now contents is where you lend your auctions page URL, your thank you page URL as well as the rebate point right here. Step number five is check out and this is where you can configure the trains for your checkout page. Right now, you can only host your checkout on a GrooveSell but it’s very customizabl so for looking and feel you can customize your checkout use by uploading your own logo and saying whether you require a pink checkout assemble, off-color and gray check out pattern that’s relatively simple. I’m sure there’s more customization later on for use domains. You can specify which word fields you require the customer to complete or you can add your own custom fields you can initiate express checkout.And then under cart defection, that’s really cool. You can integrate your own email marketing provider, call a client when they complete their identify and email but they didn’t complete the acquire, follow up with them through email market and say here’s a reject fill in your credit cards items and complete the acquisition. Or you can use GrooveMail which is part of GrooveFunnels and since it’s all integrated as a method you get really gone analytics and financial reporting from that for custom-made CSS tracking. This is where you can add your publicize moving systems or your Facebook event pixel now. For laws, this is where you can put your terms and conditions. Language currently only have english but I’m sure more communications are coming soon. Then under conformity, for certain countries you might have to require with statute terms of business and you’ll reveal it now. For exit pop-up that is coming soon as well as testimonials.Step number six is fiat humps. And right now there’s no order lumps but I’ m sure when they officially launch this will be available. Step number seven is your pour. And this is where you can configure your thank you page, upsell or down sell pages of your pour. So it’s just simple extending here and sounding it. And saying this is my thank you page, enter in your URL now. Moving on to step 8 which is fulfillment. This is where you can configure your establisheds on how the concoction will be fulfilled. Now GrooveSell is predominantly for digital products and services: for physical produces, you would use Groove Kart and you get one good Kart store within your Groove Funnel’s lifetime. So for our digital concoctions, you’re most likely going to integrate GrooveMember if you sign up to Groove Funnels lifetime offer and that’s where you can put your online course or any membership subscription and fully integrated through now. Step number nine is affiliate. So this is where you can specify if you miss your digital commodities to have an affiliate curriculum or not.Step number ten is proof so you know how sometimes you visit our website and you can see a little pop-up that appears. So from Australia, only obtained this particular product. Well, that’s a proof widget and you can create that widget now. Step number 11 is you’re done. So basically you mimic this tracking system and you glue it in the body section of your make sales page so that we are able to have the checkout constitute appear on the sales page and your checkout page. And then you click on save and that’s it. So I’m going to outlet out of it. Then over here, when you click on reporting, you will see all your events and that includes any record events, any refunds rebuild. You can filter your events by travelling here but mostly you can see your customer’s honour, product, expenditure. Their price point that they purchase at the year and duration, email as well as their contact details. Now when you click on affiliates here.If you activated an affiliate program for your product, you will see who your affiliates are here. For the customer tab, this is basically all the customers that purchase your makes. So it’s really good if you want to download a CSV file, upload it to Facebook ads or Google ads and create an audience list as well as a same look-alike audience in your promote programmes. So now we’re going to go back to this tab and click on Groove affiliate. So GrooveAffiliate examinations precisely like GrooveSell because it’s part of GrooveSell and this is the same affiliate system that grew funnels exerting for their own affiliate program. As a free representative, when you promote Groove Funnels you will earn up to 20% board. As a paid member when you upgrade to GroovePages Pro or Groove funnels Lifetime offer, you will earn a 40% board and you can find your affiliate links by going to see promos. Click on this chain icon now and these are your affiliate links. So I’ll go through the different types of connects that you can promote. So this tie now, GrooveFunnels is to the free GrooveFunnels account.The confidential backdoor G-pages is, if someone wants to upgrade to GroovePages Pro, the direct to start check out bounce VSL that’s when you skip the video sales note. And you go straight to the checkout page for GroovePages. The webinar replay is for GroovePages. So if people watch the webinar and decide to purchase after the webinar that’s the link that you’ll promote. For GrooveSell Focus, this tie-up is only promoting GrooveSell for people who want more of a supermarket go-cart. You can promote Groove sell free chronicle and if they upgrade to GroovePages Pro, GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer you will also pay an affiliate board for this. For direct to upgrade, this is the primary modernize sheet where people can updated to GroovePages Pro, GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer.And you’ve got a video of Mike Filsaime walking through what you get in the free account the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer as well as the future of GrooveFunnels and then you’ve got the Groove Affiliate landing page. This is where you get all your affiliate ties. And then, one really cool thing is that when you click on this present icon, you can create bonuses to all persons who indicates up to your tie-in. For example, if you’re promoting the free GrooveFunnels account, you can give someone a bonus.And if someone obtained the lifetime offer, you can give them another bonus. So this area is where you include the sheet where they can claim their bonuses. Then, you got reporting here. Reporting is where you can download a CSV file of everyone who signalings up under your affiliate relation. But then under settleds, this is where you can enter in your Paypal address that you like to receive affiliate committees. Now under pays and then marketplace is coming soon. So basically what GrooveFunnel aims to do is create a marketplace like Clickbank and JVzoo where everyone who makes their produces in GrooveSell can refer their concoctions and have affiliates come and promote it. So it commits more showing to your concoctions. Okay. So let’s move on and go back to this dashboard icon and click on GrooveVideo.So for GrooveVideo, it’s like your own in-built Wistia and Vimeo. You can host videos for your online courses, video auctions symbol and any membership subscriptions you may have. Now GrooveFunnels period members can upload up to 100 gigs of video content. So let’s go to videos and click here and this is the button where you add your videos. Let’s just go in and revise one under existing videos I have.Give it a name and a description here. And under upload video, you can only upload mp4 videos right now. So make sure you convert your MOV file to mp4. Click the upload button. Under expose, you can induce your video accept or supplement a determined sizing now. Under installs, this is where you can add a custom thumbnail or a insignium watermark. Then under controls, you can switch over to show self-controls or not show sovereignties. You can have the video mute when it starts. Down under select skin color, if you sounds it you notice that the actor shade mutates. So it’s very simple right now. Auto play on laded, so the video can play on load. You can show a deed over your video here if you wanted to by putting a verse now. Under call to action, you can add a call to action over your video.So if we click on that, you can see numerous call to actions for opt-in kinds. You get to add an opt-in to open the video. Great for mooring sheets and pinch sheets where in order to watch the video parties would need to enter in their name and email. You can place a banner over your video, verse overlay over your video as well as a textbook overlay with a call to action. So if you click on one of these and then click next, you can specify that you want this call to action to happen at five seconds extremity at 10 seconds. And then have a headline now as well as the URL of where you want people to be redirected next. And then click on create. Let’s close out of that. The last part is in action so you can have the video loop-the-loop again or really absolutely in the video and then save and depart. Now under amalgamations if you simply bought GroovePages Pro then you will need to connect storage to Amazon S3 for example, but if you’re on GrooveFunnel’s lifetime then you get up to 100 gigs. Moving on to analytics. This is where you can see your thoughts, unique impressions, how many people have completed watching the video, total watch era and the appointment that you organized the video.Let’s go back to the videos tab and then you see this hamburger icon, only click on that and then click on embed code and then copy and paste this system on any sheet. Let’s go back to the dashboard and then click on GrooveMember. GrooveMember is coming soon. Guys, it’s not available yet. Now, in case I forget anything chaps, I’ll leave a link in the description to my blog pole which incorporates all the apps in detail.And for GrooveMembers it’s pitch count five. I roll out all the benefits of GrooveMember and what you get inside of it. Let’s go back to GrooveFunnels. and I’ll precisely immediately represent this for you to watch. And you can see here, it’s like Groove Sell where they walk you through every step of creating a membership so that you don’t miss out on any important specifies. I’ll close out of that because inside your free chronicle you can watch this video right here. You can see here that you can drip content, gate material, render free or paid material, have multiple levels of access.So you can have a silver plan, golden intention and platinum design. And guys, in my blog pole, I have a GrooveFunnels rollout planned and you can see here the timeline of when the apps are being liberated. I’ll try and keep this timeline updated for you. Let’s go back to the dashboard and then click on a GrooveMail. Groovemail isn’t available yet. It’s coming out on August 31 st and you likewise receive it as part of GrooveFunnel’s lifetime.So for Groovemail it’s very similar to Activecampaign where you can have automations based on a user’s behavior and call them, send automated emails broadcasts as well as behavior automations and even have SMS communications. And with the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer guys, you get to import up to 25,000 contacts which means you can send up to 750,000 emails. Now, if I was to compare it to Activecampaign and one at 25,000 contacts that would cost me $799 that alone is worth the price of GrooveFunnels. Personally, for me, so one of the questions I had in subconsciou when I was looking at GrooveFunnels was in terms of my email commerce. If I can get 25,000 contacts and offer simply a one-time price of $1,397 compared to paying $ 799 that to me was a no-brainer. So “youre seeing” why I pretty much swapped over to GrooveFunnels. All claim, back to the dashboard people. Under future of GrooveFunnels, you’ve got GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinar, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, and GrooveSurvey.These apps aren’t available more but that’s the reason why you’re give a big deduction for the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer. Because these apps are in development and if you purchase the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer, you will get all of that once it liberates. Now you can log into your free history and click on each one of these invoices to read up on what they offer. But on my blog berth I’m going to go through what each one of these apps volunteer so for GrooveBlog it’s very similar to WordPress’s CMS and blogging pulpits. It uses some of these components from GroovePages for scheme and it won’t have a huge collection of plugins yet but they will open up their API and documentation for anyone who’s interested in developing apps and software within the Groove System.So if your business has a big focus on content marketing or blogging, I recommend exercising WordPress or whichever CMS pulpit that you’re pleasant with sticking to that. And use GroovePages to build out shoring sheets and sales funnels and then putting a tab on your menu navigation to open up a ground sheet. For GrooveWebinar, it’s mostly a two-in-one software. You is generated by live webinars as well as evergreen webinars.And if you ever use webinarjam it’s quite similar to that. You basically demonstrated in your screen, picture the camera, have various presenters, have video and audio Q& A, pre-design webinar platform templates. And the cool portion is that it integrates with GrooveMail as well as the part Groove System. For the automated webinars, this is similar to stealth webinar or ever webinar.You can schedule automated webinars on a repeat basis on specific dates, turn your live webinar into an evergreen webinar, come stats on schmoozes, watch season and drop-offs as well as integrates within GrooveMail for follow-up email reminders. For GrooveDesk, that’s your patronage and ticketing arrangement which is very similar to Zendesk. You can have your tickets organized by technical support, tickets statute help, as well as auctions foundation and because GrooveDesk is part of the GrooveSystem.It also integrates with GrooveSell so you can access a customer’s full sketch, the busines record the purchase and even edition pays in GrooveDesk. Plus, it has seamless integration with GrooveMail for GrooveCalendar. It’s very similar to Calendly which allows you to schedule convenes and sell consultations. And for GrooveSurvey it includes a Groove quizzes so you can create multiple choice, questions, sketch people for your next product, do content ideas and make fun of interactive quizzes for induce generation as well as building your email roster. And under e-commerce, you’ve got GrooveKart, GroovePages for Shopify. So GrooveKart is their e-commerce platform that vies directly with Shopify. It’s a standalone produce but you do get one store as part of your GrooveFunnels lifetime plan. And since GrooveKart was created by purveyors, it gratifies for supermarkets like slip ship and integrates with Aliexpress as well as magazine on demand.GroovKart too comes with 20 inbuilt apps unlike shopify where you have to purchase third-party apps. These apps are already integrated within GrooveKart and computed for free. For GroovePages for Shopify, this is an app that will sell on the Shopify marketplace. And it basically allows shopify users to design their bring sheets, the sales sheets squandering GroovePages and you can access the gallery of templates. That in a nutshell is GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer. So guys you get all of these apps GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, video, Kart, automated webinars, live webinars you get all these apps now for one time price of $1,397. Now, if you were to compare that with other same software, For example, for GroovePages you would be paying Click pours $3,564. For Groove Sell that’s similar to SamCart, you’re give two thousand three hundred and eighty eight dollars per year. Groove affiliate very similar to TapAffiliate that’s $ 1,788 per year. Groove Mail, very similar to Activecampaign $ 2,748 per year. GrooveMember like Kajabi, $1,908 per year. GroveVideo, that’s in comparison to Vimeo $ 240 per year. GrooveKart you would pay shopify approximately 948 dollars per year.Groove Webinars that’s roughly fifteen hundred dollars per year here. Then you’ve got GrooveWebinar streaming that’s 468 dollars per year. GrooveDesk, you’re compensate Zendesk around six hundred dollars per year. GrooveCalendar, Calendly you’re give around $144 per year. GrooveSurvey like Response Suite that’s 828 dollars per year. And then you’ve got GrooveProof which is like Provely that’s $ 197 per year. So all up if you were to pay for all of these software individually per year, that’s roughly $17,506 per year and you never have to pay a dime again.Just with a one-time payment roughly $16,000 in savings per year. Now there’s other additions as well people, you’ve got the marketplace the app collect. You’ve got their services like GroovePay, Groove ad there’s events like Groove Con and marketers crews that you can go on. You’ve got education inside of the Groove digital academy. There’s tutorials for you to learn how to use all the apps as well as their help desk. Now guys depending on when you watch this the price will increase by $ 500 on the first of September, 2020 when they officially open it will kick over to a $99 per month program, that’s the silver-tongued plan.And then on the gold plan that’s $199 and if you’re on the free note and you like to upgrade you only click on this upgrade button now. So on the modernize page, “youve had” might feel same move you through the locate intention up to the platinum as well as the future of GrooveFunnels. Then if you move all the way down herev you will see the price conversions happening so on the 1st of September. They’re increasing their premium instead of paying $1,397 you’re give $1,897 or you can pay by installments of four payments, six payments but the contacts in terms of GrooveMail it will be reduced from 25,000 contacts to 10, 000 contacts. So if you purchase before the 1st of September you lock up a lower expenditure as well as getting more contacts inside of GrooveMail. So if you want to upgrade, time scroll down right down now. And then click on this upgrade button and then all the pricing schemes will be available on your left hand side. You’ve got three EZ fees, 12 remittances, six remittances, or offer in full. If you watch this after the first of September then the cost would have increased by now.And guys if you like my bonuses for GrooveFunnels lifetime offer then check out this upright, scroll all the way down to my bonuses here. And when you click on the amend button, if you notice my referral email then definitely reach out to me for the bonuses. Huh, that video is getting really long. Okay guys, I’ll probably create another video on frequently asked questions or should ask questions that you should be asking from a business owner perspective when looking to invest in an all-in-one marketing platform like GrooveFunnels. Now I know I had the same questions on my brain when I was looking at GrooveFunnels lifetime offer. So the toll is increasing on the 1st of September by $500. So in the meantime, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments area below this video and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe, punched that buzzer notification down there. And until next time! See ya !.

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