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groovekart review

Finally, with GrooveKart, there is never been a more effective way to start and run a profitable business online for e-commerce.

GrooveKart is faster setup, easier to use more affordable and will flat-out get you more leads, more sales and more revenue and profits than any other platform on the market today. Period.

GrooveKart has everything you have, come to expect in an e-commerce shopping, cart like free hosting for your products. We’ll check out pages and temples categories and variants, recurring billing, etc.

Look we all come to expect that in any solution today right. So if we’re, going to compare Mercedes Benz to a Chevrolet, then I don’t need to tell you that it has an engine seats and a steering wheel right and since we are like the performance luxury car of the e-commerce Software market, let’s, just focus on what makes us different, more effective and well just flat-out better.

The first one is huge: you see. We include for free, a world class page and funnel builder, with free hosting built in. Sometimes you need to have more than just a product listing page to sell a product.

You may also need a rich text and media website like companies such as Apple or DJI, spark that sells drones. That’s right GrooveKart. Has it built right in no other solution? Has that built in with the other guys you end up needing to pay an additional $ 299 a month for other third party funnel builder solutions.

Now we can easily up charge this for $ 99 a month, but we included it free. We’re, not about the nickels and dimes. What else makes us so cool? Well, we also include yes for free, a world-class premium design tool which allows you to make any design you want and have it in your store and on a t-shirt, iPhone case or coffee mug and minutes.

No, really in your store. It’s literally seconds after a meme goes viral, because the president fell asleep, mid, tweet, cough fa, sorry, Donald, oh and unlike Shopify, where you have to pay for popular third-party apps like one-click upsells, for example.

We built them all in sidebar, your honor. You see after you buy from Shopify just read any course, and you’ll, find that you need about 20 paid apps that cost about $ 19 to $ 49 a month, each that adds up to about three hundred dollars additional per month.

Just to make Shopify work the way that it should, I mean heck. Why are you paying them a monthly fee anyway? Okay, to be clear, these apps do make your store more effective, but we just thought it would be cool to build them in you know for free, so that’s.

What we did boom, no added costs. Speaking of added cost. Do you know that Shopify not only takes a monthly fee to use their service? We get that check and we just explained how they also make you pay for apps that you need check, check but get this and pay close attention here in their fine print.

They also get this take two percent of your store’s revenue. If you want to use PayPal, Stripe or your own merchant account yep, they basically force you to make them your partner, like the Mafia. They want their Vig on the top-line, make a sell for $ 100 and have $ 25 in advertisements and another $ 25 to ship and fulfill the product.

Well, that’s, a $ 50 profit right, not too fast. You see they don’t just take 2 % off of your $ 50 profit nope. They take it off the top line, the hundred dollar sales price, so you pay them two dollars.

Okay, look. I’m, not sure if you watch. Mr. wonderful on Shark Tank, but that is called in perpetuity and it’s. The worst deals ever made on shark tank. It’s, just attack on feet, plain and simple. You don’t think it’s.

A lot look sell a thousand units a month, and suddenly your bill has another. Two thousand dollars taken right out of your bank account read the fine print Dooley. What is Shopify charge this fee? Well, they want you to use their high rate Shopify payments in order to process your sales either way they’re.

Getting that fee, you see with GrooveKart. We don’t, have it just because or as Shopify calls it additional fee. You can use any process, you want stripe, PayPal or bring your own merchant account or you can just do what our customers do and that’s.

Use group a it’s more affordable than Shopify payments, stripe or PayPal. Soon, in just a minute in the short demo, I’m, going to show you how easy it is to set up your site and your store with high converting product listing pages, checkout pages and upsell pages.

In fact, our page is test and convert higher and better than any platform around. How do we know? Well, our members tell us when they’re saying thank you to us right after they left Shopify, but right now we want to talk about the most important thing about GrooveKartd and that’s.

Our vision and focus to be the leading solution for e-commerce marketers that want to do print on demand and drop shipping. You see, GrooveKart, comes out-of-the-box ready to help you get profitable instantly with more built in features than anything on the market.

Today, at any price, and while you can sell anything, you want from your own digital or physical products at GrooveKart. We also focus on making it easy to do print on demand and drop shipping. Why? Well, most professional ecommerce marketers like the zero risk of drop shipping, because you never pay for inventory warehousing of any products or deal with the shipping that’s right print on the man and drop shipping allows you to fully automate your business as a One-Person operation with no employees, you always collect the money first and then our software sends the order to the drop shipper.

Then they bill you, the wholesale price and fulfill your order and send all the tracking information to the customer and that’s. Why ecommerce and drop shipping is now the fastest growing way to start a home-based business online poof cart has eight built-in solutions for you to use like drop a fide sling Li t, scape and Aliexpress, and our own group drop and layer up and I’m gonna demo that for you in just a moment, but I know you may be asking: how do you learn to do this? Well, that’s, the easy part you see my partners and I we’re experts at this, and we do this ourselves for a living.

So we build group card for us first, the other platforms were just too expensive and frankly, didn’t have the features that we needed so to answer that question. Yes, we also provide all the training.

You need to learn this business and we include a free, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Ok, so what kind of items can you sell? Well, I’m glad you asked you can sell all types of personalized apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or even coffee mugs, or how about full layered designs on sneakers and backpacks or more oh, and don’t forget even custom jewelry.

You can also sell from over half a billion products like as seen on tv products or toys, drones, leather, jackets, home goods and more in this next one here’s, one of the best parts of gouf car want to sell quality supplements made in The USA, well, we made a deal with ship offers to do just that.

All automated you see ship offers has over forty three quality SKUs of health and wellness products. That’s, the good news, unfortunately, the not so good news is they don’t do print on demand? Well, not without you making a minimum commitment to do a thousand units per month, paying up front for inventory and making your own graphic templates.

443 SKUs. Look that’s, a $ 50,000 investment, and you have to commit to moving that inventory. We know because we paid it because we did it for you that’s right, we created a brand that we licensed to you with full rights to sell them to any end consumer or physical store.

You want sell one off or in bulk, and this is included 100 % free at no additional cost. With our group drop app built right into GrooveKart, you one click, add them to your store. Zero upfront costs, no inventory it’s.

All automated! You sell it retail and then pay wholesale to fulfill. The profits are yours to keep. There is no other platform in the world that can do this. Print-On-Demand supplements with our pure and well brand is also great for influencers that want to add continuity programs as a passive income stream.

Okay enough talk, so let me show you how it works. Alright, this is the dashboard. Now, when you first get started, you won’t have any products. I already have many in my store, because this is a demo store so to find products to add to your store click here where it says, find products.

Here you’ll, find layer app that gives you designs like this, and I’m gonna be showing you a demo of this in about a minute. But let me show you the rest of these. First. If you’re, a drop defied customer, we & # 39, ve got you covered drop, a fight is the most popular third-party e-commerce service on the market and it connects you with over a half a billion products and then there’s.

Our app group drop and that’s, where you will find our pure and well brand of health and wellness supplements and coming soon, we will also offer print on the man, apparel and mugs. Next over here is sling Lee, which is really cool for print on demand apparel again, this is a third-party app that people love and if you’re, a customer of sling Lee, you’ll find it here.

Then there’s, the groove cart marketplace. Where people sell quality designs that you could add onto your products to sell and keep the profits. This is one of the popular ones. This is tea scape, where we do all of our print on demand apparel, and I’m gonna be doing a demo of that in just a minute as well.

And finally, here is a Lee connect. It’s like a free version or drop off’ID and it’s a great way to get started. But the pros do like drop affine. But i’m gonna be using this for the demo because it’s, so easy.

So right now i’m gonna show you how to create three products, one at a time. The first one’s, gonna be a cool, hot selling drop shipping product. The second will be a print on demand product and the third will be a hot selling high, converting full wrapped sneaker design with our layer app okay.

So for product number, one, let’s, go find a drone. The first thing you need to do just one time is create a free Aliexpress account. Aliexpress is like the Amazon of drop shipping. They’ve, automated the shipping of millions of products from the USA in China.

China is cheaper, but shipping times are about three weeks. The USA items are about five to seven days. Once you create your account, you put a credit card on file to fulfill orders after you make a sale for the higher price.

Again, this is a one-time setup. Okay, there are some other things you have to do again, one time like install our Chrome extension. It allows you to do this, so let’s, search for a drone and now let’s, make sure it says ships to USA right here, but, more importantly, let’s.

Click ships from the USA right here, cool and now here’s, our results. Now this one looks good. So let’s, click on it and you can see this has some good images and descriptions. Oh, I also see the sense of videos, so I’m, going to click download right here.

Okay, behind the scenes I’ll upload just to YouTube to save us some time. Are you gonna love this? Alright? That’s done now. So now you see this here that’s, because I have the GrooveKart, Chrome extension, so I just click this and it opens this window.

I make sure everything is. Okay. Looks good now watch the magic. I simply click Submit and just like that it’s now in my GrooveKart store. So let’s. Go back to my GrooveKart dashboard here at Alli connect and I click on go to the app and now let’s.

Go to my products here it is at the bottom of the page. Now the red X means it’s, not live in my store. Just yet let’s, click that and add it to my store, and this will turn into a green check box. Now let’s, go to my products, and here it is live in my store.

Now before we preview, it check out our easy to use product setup interface. Anyone that’s ever used. Shopify is probably drooling right. Now all of your information and descriptions are here. Your image gallery is managed here just like that.

All those images were important. You said all your pricing here and then you set up your product listing page and one-click upsell page here and that’s. It remember: one-click upsells increase your average order value by as high as 15 to 30 percent.

Shopify doesn’t even have it built in you have to pay more for a third-party app. We built it in because it’s. A must for any modern-day ecomp. Okay, I didn’t, spend much time to make it look pretty, and you can see that right here, but what, if I wanted a website to sell this? Well, in that case, I just click on this icon here.

For GrooveKart studio and watch this, if you’re familiar with products like leadpages or clickfunnels, we have this built in. I click create site. Now I’m, not going to do a full site, but let’s, see let’s.

Grab a header and now let’s grab a footer. Let’s change the color. Let’s change some text, pretty cool drone, maybe change the color see I can drag and drop too. I can delete things I don’t like and I don’t need now.

Let’s. Change the background image like this click here I search for drone. Okay, let’s, use that I select and apply just like that. Now we have over 450 of these pre-made blocks. Let’s. Do one with a video.

Remember that YouTube video check this out. I just drag this now. Let’s paste that URL from the video we load it to YouTube, just a few minutes before and boom. How easy is that? Oh, let’s, add a testimonial and one of these pricing thingies.

Now let’s link this, to our Add, to Cart button to go to the checkout page in the actual store and let’s. Save okay. I literally just made this site in about a minute, no joke. So forgive me if it needs some TLC, but you can see it’s live and yes, you can make as many of these sites as you want, unlimited and free hosting, and you can use custom domains that you buy from us, GoDaddy Namecheap or Wherever alright, so now, what happens? If somebody actually buys a strong okay? Now, when I get an order, I get an email, and I also see a notification here or anytime.

I can go to my orders for ala connect by clicking on Ally connect going to the app and clicking on orders. Now, with the click of a button, we can have an automated macro that goes to the product clicks.

The Add to Cart, enters your customers. Shipping address and then charges your card on file and then just like that it’s shipped for the customer. Now I have to stop this from going through, because this is a demo after all, but come on how simple and easy was that? Alright? That’s, just product number one.

We have two more now for number two. Let me show you print on demand with T scape. Okay. First, let’s. Open the print design. Studio here. Choose an item. Look at all this stuff. We can design mugs iPhone cases, let’s.

Do a t-shirt, change the color to black. Now I can do the front or the back, but let’s. Go back to the front here and I can save designs here or pull up all designs that I’ve saved right here, but I’m just gonna pull this one.

Now I’m gonna go to the template gallery and I’m just gonna pull this one. Now it looks like that should be plant based. So let’s. Just fix that like this. Now you can do so much with this look over here on the Left.

We have images, clipart text, fonts layers, colors, you get the picture. So when I’m done, I can hit save to get the mock-up for my Facebook ads like this and then to save just the design to use at seascape okay.

So now we have the design saved to my desktop. Let’s. Now go back to the dashboard go to the tea scape app. Now I click on here to sign-in. I click upload, your design, click change, color and style. Now.

Look by clicking here I can change to a hoodie, a sweatshirt baby’s, clothing and more, but let’s stay with a t-shirt. Let’s now choose all the colors. We want to add to our store. These are called variants for now to make this fast for demo purposes.

I’m just going to click black. Ok, now click! Ok! Now I & # 39. Ll click use this style and color. Now I click upload. I find the image on my hard drive. I click continue and that’s. It it’s. Now, in my store, and now I can fine-tune the settings, add some descriptions, something like a t-shirt.

Doesn’t need a full website. You can go straight from a Facebook ad right to this page and those pages look something like this: alright, that’s, the second product and now for the third product. I promised you I’d, show you alright, let’s, go back to the dashboard and click find products again now see this.

This is called layer app it’s. Our other company having this in GrooveKart, makes us the only platform in the world that can do this technology out of the box at no extra charge. Ok, so what is layer app? It allows you to have products that look like this full wrapped layer designs.

This is incredible new technology and these are the hottest selling items in apparel online right now they fly out of your stores. They ship from China and many of them now shipped from the United States, more details inside ok.

So let’s, see how it works. Let’s. Click go to app, let’s, create a product. Now look at all of these. You have high tops low, tops, sneakers bags boots, backpacks, leggings, flip-flops socks, shoes, pillows, even seat covers, and we’re, adding more all the time, but only items that we know sell.

Now, when a customer buys the sneaker, you can upsell them the whole line of the same design on other products like socks. Flip-Flops even seat covers that’s where the money is alright. So let’s. Do this? Let’s start with sneakers select women’s, sneakers in white, ok, click upload side one and I’m gonna grab this one for breast cancer.

I have on my harddrive, then I do the same. For the other side, hey, what do you know? Look how cool that is! This stuff sells like crazy now, with a few more presses of a button. I put this virtual image in my store and it looks something like this when live on my store.

Now it’s. Important to remember this product, doesn’t exist in the world. This is a mock-up. You can have hundreds of these in the store. People will think you have a warehouse full of these products and different sizes.

That’s, not the case. It’s, just a virtual item in your store. When someone buys it, the printer gets notified and it gets printed onto the sneaker just for that customer and it gets shipped out automatically for you now.

You’ve, already collected the money, and only now do you pay the lower wholesale price. It’s. All automated the profits are yours to keep. No upfront costs. No inventory. You certainly see the big picture here.

This is why our customers are having somewhat success and posting in our Facebook group every single day. Now you’re, probably asking: where do you get these designs? Well, we give you hundreds and hundreds in the members area.

Proof cart. Academy under bonus. Downloads need more use the product design tool or do a Google search for packs. They’re, so cheap sling Li has a design Club or have a designer on fibre make them for you.

That really is the easy part, but, like I said, we have hundreds of designs for you and our training teaches you what’s hot, ok, and just like that. I added three products in five minutes that I can start selling right now and that’s.

Groove card, pretty awesome right there’s. No wonder why groove card is now the fastest-growing and the hottest ecommerce platform money can buy. You don’t have to be a guru. You don’t have to learn how to speak on video or write a video sales letter.

Trust me, the one you’re watching right now was hard to make and it took over a month to produce, and it took me years to learn how to do this. This skill is not needed for e-commerce. You don’t have to learn how to do webinars you, don’t, have to learn, create an information product and learn how to do a membership site software and record your screen.

You just do what I showed you and that’s. It all you need to do now is get traffic, and that leads me to GrooveKartd academy. Every customer of GrooveKartd also gets access to GrooveKartd academy, where you can find ecommerce courses that we make worth thousands of dollars.

Literally people charge nine hundred ninety seven dollars for what we give you for free and we teach you the often hidden secrets of Facebook. My partner Matt’s, our Alta. He makes the software and my partner john cornett a –.

He teaches the secrets: why john well, let’s just say his stores do three hundred thousand dollars a month, so i think he knows a thing or two. You need only learn from him and you’re set for life plus also in group card academy.

You will find our e-commerce a-to-z crash course parts one and two in those two, ninety minute trainings, we walk you through everything. You need to know about. The e-commerce business with our no fail formula.

What else can you find a group card academy? Well, you get recordings to our live. In-Person events like groov con, plus every Thursday at 6 p.m. we do a live training for all of our customers and you’re invited.

This is priceless and if you miss it, we record and archive them all for on-demand viewing pretty cool right. As a customer, you also get access to our private group card official Facebook group to share with other new and successful e-commerce marketers.

Just like you and as a bonus, you’ll, also get to attend our groove con live event every year. It’s, usually in May, and that’s. A nine hundred. Ninety seven dollar value and attendance is free for all customers.

Details in the members area. You get all this from measly ninety nine bucks a month or for less than forty. Two dollars a month when paid annually, eighty percent of our customers pay annually. Why not saves you about seven hundred bucks all right, so let’s.

Compare at Shopify! You need the two hundred $ 99 a month plan to compete with our features. Then you have to pay for the apps that’s about three hundred dollars a month, and then you pay a percentage of your profits.

Oh and remember they don’t include a drag-and-drop page in funnel builder or a design tool. So you have to pay extra for that and they don’t have built-in drop shipping. Okay, look! Let’s! Put it this way.

We personally don’t know anyone that is having any success with Shopify. That is not paying at least five hundred to a thousand dollars a month or more to run. This store move cart less than forty two bucks and that’s.

Why everyone’s, making the switch to GrooveKart? We have no hidden fees, there’s, nothing else to buy to make it work. We have simple pricing, go with our monthly or save more with the annual we come with a 30 day.

Money back guarantee, so you can buy today with no risk. Need a 30 day trial link, we have them, but not for the annual and that’s. The best plan need that trial link type trial into our help icon in the bottom right corner of this page, and a link will appear now.

The half off coupon for the annual pricing is ending that will make the annual plan nine hundred ninety nine dollars very soon, instead of four hundred ninety seven dollars so make sure to act before the timer on the pricing page ends once that price goes up there’s, nothing! We can do well that’s.

It now there’s, a lot more to GrooveKart. You can find on this page and also make sure to read the FAQ at the bottom for anything else. So click that get started button and we’ll, see you on the inside

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