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My GrooveMail Review

In this GrooveMail review, I will go over the features, pricing and more to give you a better feel for this dynamic autoresponder platform.

If you want to pay A LOT less for a top-notch autoresponder service….READ ON!

What is GrooveMail?

GrooveMail is an e-mail autoresponder and complete Customer Relationship Management App (CRM) within the GrooveFunnels marketing platform.

With GrooveMail you can easily create and grow your lists, build and manage your leads, track customer interactions and more.

All in a simple to use and intuitive dashboard.

With GrooveMail, you get everything you would expect from a top-of-the-line autoresponder included in your membership.

Use GrooveMail for:

  • Email campaigns
  • Follow-ups
  • Opt ins
  • Sales
  • Post-Sales
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Optimization
  • Split-testing

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Easily Create & Manage Your Lists In GrooveMail

Creating lists in GrooveMail is so easy. GrooveMail gives you the option to upload your existing subscriber lists via a CSV file or create new ones altogether.

After logging into your GrooveFunnels’ account and clicking into the GrooveMail App you’ll be able to create a new list in three easy steps.

  1. Click Leads
  2. Click Lists
  3. Click New List

You’ll be able to give your new list a name and description to better identify it when it comes to creating your campaigns.


Easily Add and Manage Your Leads in GrooveMail

GrooveMail allows you to add up to 25,000 contacts in your email list which you can easily import via a CSV file.

Creating a new lead is as simple as adding a new list in GrooveMail. Simply click on the leads tab within the Leads icon and you’ll be able to manage current subscribers or quickly add new ones.

You can tag your new leads for specific targeting.

GrooveMail Campaigns

groovemail review campaigns

Customize your GrooveMail campaigns by choosing lists, tags or segments.

GrooveMail gives you the option to broadcast your email campaigns based on lists, tags or segments, making it possible to quickly filter your leads for superior campaign targeting.

Create your campaign in just a few simple steps.

  1. Choose your recipients
  2. Create your message
  3. Send or schedule you email broadcast

GrooveMail will track your recipients’ engagement and follow up with responses based on the actions of your readers.

You can send unlimited emails, schedule sequence automation and broadcasting. Text and voice SMS broadcasting, robust analytics and more.

Watch GrooveMail in action

GrooveMail Pricing

Here is a quick breakdown of GrooveMail Pricing:

GrooveMail is just one of the Apps in the GrooveFunnels platform and is included in the Silver, Gold and Platinum GrooveFunnels paid plans. If you purchase GrooveMail, you’ll also have access to several other powerful Apps based on which plan you choose.

GrooveFunnels also includes a FREE membership, however, GrooveMail is not included in the free plan. Find out more about the free plan here or click the link below to sign up now.

GrooveMail allows for 25,000 leads

With the ability to manage 25,000 leads and create unlimited emails, you would expect to pay at least $200 a month for similar autoresponder services like ConstantContact, AWeber and others.

With the GrooveMail Silver plan, you’ll only pay $99 a month.

And if you are lucky enough to buy GrooveMail BEFORE the October 18th, 2020 Launch ends, you’ll only pay $1,397 ONCE for LIFETIME ACCESS to all the Apps on the GrooveFunnels’ Platform (Platinum LifeTime Deal)

groove funnels prelaunch pricing

GrooveMail along with the entire GrooveFunnels’ suite is going to make online marketing services easier and cheaper.

groovemail review pricing

Try GrooveFunnels Base for FREE: Click the Image below and give it a whirl.

Read my FULL review of GrooveFunnels here.

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