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groovemember review

GrooveMember Review

If you currently run a membership site or have always dreamed of creating one, hopefully my GrooveMember review will make you consider switching to this impressive membership site builder.

What is GrooveMember?

GrooveMember is one of the newly released Apps in the GrooveFunnels’ expansive marketing software suite.

The GrooveMember App comes with all the tools you’ll ever need to build unlimited membership sites to sell or promote services, products, courses and more.

With GrooveMember you’ll be able to create and manage a professional membership site easily and quickly inside the intuitive site builder.

You can drip content to your members, offer free or paid multiple levels of access, and more.

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So what makes GrooveMember so great?

Well for one thing, building a membership site in GrooveMember is just so darn easy.

GrooveMembers’ drag and drop interface is designed for a perfect newbie to build the framework for a membership site in as little as a few hours.

I have never built a membership site in my life and the thought of doing so was quite intimidating. The creators of GrooveFunnels have taken people like me into consideration when they developed the GrooveMember App.

Besides being designed as an all-in-one platform for most (if not all) of your online marketing software needs, a primary focus for the creators of GrooveFunnels was to make GrooveMember super simple to use.

Groovemember App Guides You Step-By-Step

The step-by-step process of setting up and building your site and access levels cannot be any clearer.

GrooveMember’s 7 Simple Steps

groovemember review
Each step is laid out clearly
  1. Basic Info – Enter Basic info
  2. Design – Create Design
  3. Builder – Create Layout and Populate
  4. Comments – Allow or disallow commenting
  5. Access Levels – Create your member’s access levels
  6. Welcome – Create your welcome email
  7. Finish

I’ll go over all seven steps in more detail below.

So whether you are an old hat at building membership sites or like me a complete beginner, the GrooveMember software leaves very little margin for error.

GrooveMembers’ Simple Dashboard

When you log into your GrooveMember dashboard, you’ll create your new membership site by giving it a name and subdomain name.

GrooveMember Review

Step # 1 – Enter Basic Information

Here is where you describe your membership site and set up the sales page. If you haven’t created your sales page yet, no worries, just enter a website here for the time being.

You can create a beautiful sales page with one of the gorgeous templates in GroovePages and add the link later.

groovemember review

Step # 2 – Design Your Membership

Choose whether or not you want to list instructors or not. If so, you can customize each instructor with their photo and bio.

groovemember review

Step # 3 – Start Building Your GrooveMember Site

You start by building the framework (or outline) of your membership site within the Categories tab. GrooveMember calls them “Categories” but “Modules” might be a better term.

groovemember review

Populate Your Categories with Elements

After you’ve created the outline for your site, you need to populate each module (category) with content within the Elements tab. All you have to do is drag an element onto the page and edit the content.

groovemember review
Choose from several elements to build your site.
  • Headings
  • Text
  • Buttons
  • Videos (Vimeo-YouTube)
  • Dividers
  • Text Links
  • Images

In the example below I dragged the YouTube element onto the home page and configured it by added the YouTube Video ID.

groovemember review

Step # 4 – Enable/Control Commenting

After you’ve created the outline for your membership site and filled it with your content you move to the next step and allow or disallow commenting on your site.

You can enable comments and choose whether you would like to review all comments before they are posted or just allow comments to auto-post.

groovemember review comments

Step # 5 – Create The Access Levels to Your Membership Site

If you have different membership tiers you can set up these up next.

You can control access to each module in your site by simply toggling on or off the higher tiers tabs.

You can also control when and how each module is accessed.

Select From:

  • Instant Access
  • Drip Feed Access
  • Access From a Specified Date
groovemember access levels

Step # 6 – Create Your Welcome Email

With GrooveMember you have the option to automatically send your new member a welcome message with their sign-up credentials.

Each tier will have a unique URL which you send to your new members based on access level, making your membership sign-ups pretty much set and forget.

You can also opt not to send a welcome email or create custom emails with the content of your choice.

groovemember welcome

Step # 7 -GrooveMember Final Steps

When you’ve finished building your site, GrooveMember creates your URLs based on access level.

These are the links you would send your new member to direct them to the registration page.

Your New Member’s Dashboard

Registration Set-Up

Your new member will have a sign-on screen that looks like this.

groovemember review

Once your new member has created their account, they will gain immediate access to the dashboard and content based on membership level.

A Clean and Professional Dashboard

One in the dashboard your new member will see a crisp and clean site that is easy to navigate.

There are “Mark as Complete” tabs on each modules along with a progress bar.

GrooveMember Pricing

How Much is GrooveMember?

Here is a quick breakdown of GrooveMember Pricing:

  • GrooveMember Silver – $99 a month
  • GrooveMember Gold – $199 a month
  • GrooveMember Platinum

GrooveMember is just one of the Apps in the GrooveFunnels platform and is included in the Silver, Gold and Platinum GrooveFunnels paid plans. If you purchase GrooveMember, you’ll also have access to several other powerful Apps based on which plan you choose.

GrooveFunnels also includes a FREE membership, however, GrooveMember is not included in the free plan. Find out more about the free plan here.

groovemember pricing

GrooveMember Review : Conclusion

If you currently run a membership site or have always dreamed of creating one, you need to check out GrooveMember. Either as a replacement for your current membership site building software or as an option for a brand new one, GrooveMember is a great choice.

To get started with GrooveMembers or to find out more click the link below.

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