What’s up chaps? Aimee here again. Just aquick tutorial on how to add a bonus sheet inside a GrooveAffiliate. Now, if you joineda GrooveFunnels affiliate program and wanted to give people bonus endowments for signing upunder your attach. “Thats how you” make love. Alright chaps, first you will need to set upyour bonus sheets inside of GroovePages like the one I have here. And in this example, I’veset up a bonus page for people who signed up to the free group funnels account, they getbonuses. And if they upgrade, they also get GrooveFunnels lifetime bonuses from me as well.And once you generated these bonus pages. Remember the URL of your bonuses because you will needit later on. Let’s intelligence back into GrooveFunnels, departure out of GroovePages then click onGrooveAffiliate. You’ll acquisition bonuses under “Promos” then click on bonuses.We’ll closeout of this. Over in the top right-hand corner, click on “New bonus”. And we’ll give this a name.I’ve called it free GrooveFunnels bonuses. And then I’ll go back to my free GrooveFunnels bonusespage. Copy in that URL. Paste it in here. And then click “Create”. Let’s create another bonusfor those who want to upgrade to GrooveFunnel’s lifetime. We’ll click on that button again.I’ll name this lifetime GrooveFunnels bonuses. Then I’m going to go back to my lifetime bonusespage.Grab the URL. Come back here and then paste it in. And sounds “create”. Once youcreated your bonuses, heading back to promos. Over now click on this present icon and it willsay “affiliate bonuses”. Then you can designate which bonuses you would like to give peopledepending on what they signed up for. For instance, if someone signed up to the free GrooveSellaccount. I can click on this drop-down.And say they can get the free GrooveFunnels bonusespage and for people who updated to GrooveFunnels lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 3,12, or 6 easy fees. I want to give them the GrooveFunnels lifetime bonuses page.So we’ll click down there. And click this, do the same for this one as well. And then youclick on “save”. So you can go ahead and click on each one of these invoices. Click on the drop-downarrow. And then select which bonuses page you want to give people access to.And then click onsave. And one thing to note guys, is that when you’re designing your bonus pages really give theminstructions on how they can claim their bonuses. That’s it, chaps. Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyedthis tutorial, if you did made that like button for me. Leave me specific comments if this worked for you. Anduntil next time! Have an stunning week. And see ya !.

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