How To Build Your Website in Groove Funnels Even if you Have Never Built a Website Before

Hey there is robert murray now Video and I will show you how Build your website in a flourishing path, or Groove page, it doesnt affair If you have never visited a website before I’ll give you some more in a while My website template planned you can importation Go directly to your free note, induce Introduction[ music] Okay, so I am in the groov detail and Im going to sound into the page group to You know below Description Click on the link to grab your Free life-time history , no credit card required Once needed, you can come in This is my paid history, but you Three websites can be set there, then What I want to do is click on the brand-new website Click on a blank template and you are able to Be able to click into the block and you will Ability to goal all these block templates Some of them here are mine I have saved but they are all saved Like different structured blocks Functional constituents etc. in order to be allowed to lag Any of them, but I will be friendly Instant display How to quickly body-build Nice place, so i will Drag one of these navigation forbids so that you Can see that it makes immediately Block give me a button gives people I can articulate the logo and it somewhere This sheet is automatically included because This is called the homepage, let’s Exactly for Building a small structure our website is a bit like I also favor wireframe These, so let’s say we want the top Can choose to join, so we can choose Right there, then go down, maybe Some facets we support They look at it somehow Otherwise we can articulated it here, so maybe Maybe there is a video, so I want to drag Until it spotlights blue and Then we let go Recommended there Let me impound the time I should step back And simply want to testify Scroll to determine the malevolent truck lag That part and then we will The footer looks like a footer, so we will Just save it and now you can see Soon I apparently placed it to Color it, you know that my badge had not been able to implemented in So you precisely click on each element So you now see it highlighted in green Here to tell you this is a picture Here you want to click Expert state, then let’s lent The logo there, i think i don’t have Correct one, you know what we will supplemented That one and sounds update And boom, so now in this image, I can Vary all settings so that all efforts conversions Located on this, I am considering Actually that’s too big, I’m going Take a look at the size, I want to click On PX, then I can drag it The portrait is the size I dont want Want too much we are Space above and not much below I’m going to see this navigation bar What is the spacing here Above and There is some space between them, but I feel a little much Probably correct The button, suppose you want to edit You can configure it now Suppose i want to give up some Free channel, then I can apparently Relation it to the blocker URL page or The pop-up window time update it and then make us For illustration, I really gave a endowment Good now, then apparently there Change all of these, let us vary The background dye of the block allow you Now you can see that I spotlit the block I will sounds it again to see how it toils Green and highlighted on the outside We can click here and it will open sart is because it can be saved, so tell us Say we want to change the background Color, suppose we want a beautiful rich blue-blooded So this signifies I want to change Text emblazon is white So you will soon see it’s quite Responsive everything undertakings now (8 -7- 8-8) is still simply a beta form, so There are some glitches, but came A free lifetime account to group ages Crew Sales Member Unbelievable, so let’s say The same background coloring will pop up our The affair there to add another button Pop-up opening, perhaps we reformed All the blocks in this section cause us Use other background colourings Let’s change the crimson complexion together, let’s change it Text Then we have established Small articles can go out Element, you can lag anything Go through now, “youre seeing” The smaller editorial we have headers or The different text parts you have Some listing icons some epitome icon buttons Text Image YouTube Video Vimeo Video These are cool, you are eligible to drag in Desktop or laptop and lend draws It says there is no chaos Graphic designer or similar You too embedded the system and countdown clock You will have more sailing tables over there You have just completed all other amalgamations So you can do many things You can add other sheets, such as me Want to pass Add about page such as website and what I can do If I build a website more than Return to my homepage one sheet For instance, this and I are both vegetables I really like the search, I can sounds Click the container there, and So its a bit slow, I said Click on the block and I can save the block now And then positioned it in our navigation Bar save and save, when i Back now to turn to It looks a lot like we like to change By nearly, we can change For your URL, delight go now Change the metadata of the sheet claim Meta description keywords that have been customized CSS code, including tracking your Your Open Graph social media situates You can add photos and Atari win Here, let’s save it, let’s continue Go to page 2, so now I can go to Block, I can find my navigation disallow I merely saved it there, we are therefore draw Soon I got the same result I can do the same footer for the navigation prohibit All my pages, you can see here Apparently adding Other sheets that seem to have not been updated Nuts, let’s change it to about wow Now you can see here in the piloting table It lopes automatically like dwelling, about when you Don’t want to drag the page there And disguise it, see how to hide From the piloting barroom or keep it coming in it It was possible Can articulated a little, it will Return you a drop-down list, I want to keep Everything is normal, we return Homepage, so I think you can see You can do almost anything you need here You too have pop-up windows, so you can enter And create a pop-up window, you can choose Pop-up style, I require this It can be a standard pop-up window or An admission or exit pop-up window so you can And in Edit all these contents button on you can click to open and make us Say I want to click here, I demand A pop-up window will open Click now to pop up I didnt rename it, so its called a popup One does well, so yes, you can be very unusually Create very beautiful fashion speedily Find a website anytime Will be our footer, which contains edit edit and Then like I said, I might save it I can be in all of my Copy the page in, so you browse below, I will pop up On the screen , now you can grasp My two thousand dollars bonus I am here to give you some of my website We have created the template, I will Instantly supplying them with some A general overview of the ones you can choose There are more bones Go to register for a free Account, you can see all these forms The website we built here, you can Have any of these templates we have Has been completed, so you go to register For your free detail, selected in below Credit cards used to need to be built Your firstly website exerts quarry Template, if you need and exactly dally Together with the building, you will likewise Free account groov unit and groov Member, but I dont plan to participate In this video And some on the left The video will pop up, so make sure You got to go to see the next one Go to go below and sound “Subscribe” And make sure you click the buzzer You will receive all my upcoming notifications groov page tutorial, I am very excited Help you start build an internet site See you in the group page

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