How to create an affiliatetracking link in Groove affiliate? What’s up chaps? It’s Aimee now. A fewdays ago, I receives an tutorial seek on how to be established by an affiliate tracking link topromote GrooveFunnels. Here’s a immediate video on how to create a dedicated affiliate relate so thatyou can track your marketing acts. Okay guys, once you logged in to GrooveFunnels, you need toclick on GrooveAffiliate then click on promos. And then click on “Tracking Links”. Over on the top righthand corner, clink “+ tracking link”. Now with tracking associations, you want to create one trackinglink per traffic generator or per material piece.For illustration, I have my website and I want to create aGrooveFunnels review post and I want to send them to the free detail or the amend sheet. In thisexample, then you would mention your tracking connect: “blog – GrooveFunnels Review Post – Free Account”.So basically this means that I’m creating a blog post on my own domain it’s called GrooveFunnelsreview and I’m sending them to the free Groove Funnels account. So you are able to identify your trackinglinks in a manner that attains appreciation to you so that when you looked at at how many parties click on aspecific tie-up you will know that your commerce endeavours is working. So let’s go ahead and copythat into the “Name”.Give it the same description and then click on save and next. Under “Type”, becauseit’s an affiliate tracking join you’ll click on affiliate link. And then under funnels, click onGrooveFunnels. Under “Affiliate link”, the first join that you see here is to the free GrooveFunnelsaccount landing page. The second tie is directing your congestion to the GrooveFunnels upgrade page.Inmost cases, I’d want it at the free GrooveFunnels account simply because you want people to signup to the free GrooveFunnels account. And if they decide to upgrade later on it’s hard coded toyour affiliate relate. If you communicate beings to the upgrade page and they decide to sign up to theirfree account on someone else’s affiliate link. If they go back to click on your ameliorate sheet relate, you won’t get any recognition. So by default I recommend clicking on transporting parties to the free GrooveFunnels account link.Then click on save and next. For “Goals”, you click on affiliate conversion andgive it a epithet. So I can exactly call this blog affix. Under “funnels”, I’ll click on any move insteadof GrooveFunnels or GrooveFunnels lifetime upgrade account, because I want to catch anyconversion going through the pour. And then I’ll click on add. Click on “Save and Next”. Underadvanced settleds, you can put in your Google Tag Manager or your Google Analytics oryour Facebook Pixel tracking codes here. For “Cost per click”, if you’re running Google ads, let’s say that the cost per sound is eight dollars. You can open it now. And then “Tracking IDs”, youcan add parameters to it.I’m going to skip that because you won’t really need to add tracking IDsunless you’re testing a lot of variables. So for this example, I’m just going to cross this out andI’ll left open space but I do recommend that you install your Google Analytics here so that you cansee the traffic in your Google Analytics reporting. Let’s click on “save and next”. And then yourlink is done. So you’re going to click on copy and then click save and next. Here’s the linkhere. And what I want to do is just I’ll exactly click on it a few durations then we’ll brain back tothe tracking connect and refresh this page.So you can see here the number of clinks is two. It’schanged now so previously we had zero sounds. Every time someone clicks on your tie-up it, will be reported here and if they sign up to their free chronicle or they refurbish it to GrooveFunnels lifetime it will appear under “Goals”. Now, what you would do is copy that tie-in by goingto this button. Open up your GroovePages. Now let’s say that you want to embed that tracking linkon a bridge sheet when someone clicks on a button. So we’ve got a button here in GroovePages.We’ll click on “Configure” then underneath now, grant it a URL. Obviously you can change the textcall to action now. Paste in your tracking associate that you simply caused. Carry over URL parameters.Open a brand-new invoice. Click update.Click save. And now you have your own landing page with youraffiliate relation. When someone clicks on that button and people I recommend creating a brand-new trackinglink for each property page or each button that you create and you want a tracking connect. So you cansee here, I blurred out everything but I create a lot of moving connects only to see which content, which video is working. And if “whos working” I are generating more to it or propagandize more traffic to it.Alright chaps, I hope that helps. If you observed this video handy affected that like button for me. Now staytuned for next week’s video because we’re going to cover the elements of copywriting that drivessales. Until next time.Have a good week and see ya !.

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