Imperfect Action Challenge – Module #1 – Introduction & Structure

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the firstimperfect action challenge module today is the module one and today we’ll be talking aboutintroduction and structure so this imperfect action challenge was just uh just happened to comeon live today i believe two hours ago this is just just happened as i mentioned imperfect actioni decided it’s time to actually put things in use there are already resources that you have yourhands on uh that you can use but sometimes people just don’t think that they are able to do it untilthey are challenged to do it they are they are they are shown the way they’re taken hand inhand and then uh and then pulled along so that they basically i want to show you that you can puttogether an interesting funnel uh to start selling products online so a lot of you may have been andthis is what happens to me as well um we get stuck in in procrastination like you start you reallylike sit down today i’m going to do something and then you got into get into GrooveFunnelsand then you find a nice template and you want to start working and either you don’t haveyour creatives like images and things like this or you don’t have your copy that you don’t knowwhat to type out on the actual page or you don’t have a video so you don’t know what to put on theon the and the actual page what kind of content or actually you don’t have an idea how it will belooking like in the future what what it will be consisting of your your whole funnel your wholeuh idea you you actually have an idea which is the like a little bit of peace that you need butthen when you actually come to create something you just get stuck and like oh my god wheredid i start i need to do also social media and i need to do my funnel but i need to also domy product but oh my god it’s just too much it’s it’s complete overwhelm and i’ve been there andi’m there um and this is why today i was thinking what can i do a training on and yes i’mi’m not perfect i don’t know in advance all the time what kind of trainings i willbe teaching you but this is where the the the most fun ideas happen so for this challengei haven’t done anything yet so i haven’t built out the page i haven’t done literally nothing sowe’ll go step by step uh i have all the knowledge and i’ll show you resources where you will youwill get all the tools that you need um and we’ll go hand in hand and we’ll do this challengetogether so let me just see who is with us today um these will be available as replays because youwill need it because i’m i believe you want to action this one um what what you’ll get at the endof this challenge is you’ll get a full-on funnel with copy videos products everything that youcan start promoting immediately and even make money with and this is available for everybody umi will give you everything you need and literally everything and and you don’t have to pay me ijust want you to participate this is the only thing i want even if it is imperfect and this isthe whole reason to this madness imperfect action challenge i want you to get started even if it isoverwhelming even if you don’t know where to start i’ll guide you through step by step and i wantto show you how to do it so uh let’s see who is with us eric strickland financial education danielfante karen nick karen nichol martin gouda rodney harris um jason maknae gary butcher bob g arosemary rafael i have a Facebook user here so in case this is you please just jump into the to this for Facebook you can also click and click the link in the description of this videoonce you do this i’ll be able to see who you are i can uh see your name so when you’re commentingin the future then we can communicate together i can answer your questions uh directed towardsyou so Facebook okay i have jeffrey hunter here javier garcia uh awesome idea helloDavid and everybody uh punk nugget from houston is here watching us on youtube so yeah uh ladies andgentlemen now it’s time for action in case you are building something on your own and you’re feelingstuck um do this but do this as well part-time like just just take a couple of hours a day aweek like do this i and i can guarantee this in case you do what i’m doing here what we’re goingto do uh during the next couple of weeks you have you will have a successful funnel up and runningonline and this is what is the most important okay um so yes let’s just go in and dive into the wholepresentation i don’t want to delay any longer let’s just go in and see what’s the next slideso today is the module one today we’ll be talking about what actually we are doing here and weare going to make the structure of the whole whole funnel whole build of just so thatwe visualize ourselves for ourselves um how it will be looking like so that we knowwhat flow is going to be when we are editing a page we’ll know exactly that page in the actualflow so we don’t have to think about oh my god is this the step before is this the step afteris where is this actually so today we’ll just say uh what we are doing how we are going to be doingit and then we’ll put up a full-on structure uh once we explored all that we will be doing so umyeah i want to mention ladies and gentlemen in case you have any questions uh please leave themat the end of this session i will be answering uh some of your questions on there but just makesure you use a queue in front of the questions okay uh in case you do have a question and youdo want me to answer it i will do that at the end of the session i don’t want to just break theflow of the training and then for the people that will be watching the replay i don’t want them toto have to go through all the the questions even though they may not need those so let’s keep thetraining on until we reach the end of the slides once we reach the end of the slides then we can goon and answer your questions okay yeah make sure you put a q before your question so q and then howto do or when does it or or why is it or and so on basically you know what the question is in caseyou have a question for me just put a queue in front of it so i can find it very easily insidethe comment section at a later point awesome so um also in case you have a question that you wantto po put in the Facebook group in case you have questions or you want to post something in regardsto this challenge okay please make sure you use hashtag perfect sorry imperfect action challengeokay so hashtag imperfect action challenge once you put this in the Facebook group you you writeyour comments on there and just hashtag it this is how we can connect and collect all the postsregarding this challenge exactly so if somebody wants to look for for already answered questionsregarding this challenge they can just type in in the search hashtag imperfect action challengeand find all the posts related to this challenge itself so let’s try to to keep the hashtag forall the posts related to this challenge alone okay so it’s time to take action ladies and gentlemennow it’s time for you to to do something if you were thinking about oh my god i have all thesetools now Groove and and all kinds of different platforms that you may have purchased during youryears online uh it’s the time to put those in in good use and today and the next couple of weeks iwant to to get you up and running so in case you are ready to make your first or your second oryour third uh dollars online put a number five in the comment section i want to see something iwant to see you commit let’s just say put the five if you’re committed and you will take action onthis one i will literally give you everything you need i will show you how to do it for free andi’m teaching you for free so there is no barrier of entry you will learn step by step how to doit you will get the steps how to do it you will have the replays available you will literallythere is nothing stopping you except you yourself okay this is something that people charge for itpeople charge for this type of handholding and this type of courses like this will literally bea course from beginning from nothing till the end that you actually have something up and runningand potentially making you money so let’s see who is committed and i will be clicking on yournames because i want i want to see you on here so uh bobby a team webster gary butcher bobby a againone more time very good emmanuel martin gouda chris karen nichol bobby a again mark bayer orpager uh patrick jeffrey keisha fox marcus griggs laura geidemann jennifer five and already takingaction luis this is how how to do it awesome uh javier garcia carolyn uh bobby a again uh ireally realize i have over 50 tools and barely use five of them really appreciate what you’redoing absolutely so if you’re uh uh if if you like connect collecting all these apps and software uhtools online and i see a couple of familiar names that i know they do this um i know that you cannotuse all of these tools that you purchase this is just not possible so you have a lot of tools thatwill make your life easier faster better but we just need to put them in use today i’ll showyou how to do it with groov and yeah it’s going to change your life in case you start doing thisaction so this what we’re doing today is going to be not that we’re starting today is going to be atraining i want you to train yourself how to take action and and this action cannot be perfect andthis is the whole reason of the of the training imperfect action challenge if you think oh my godbut i need to do this first and then that first and then this no stop no just do one thing evenif it is bad even if if you don’t like it just do it okay just just get over the fear of not beingperfect not being right not being done correctly you can come back at a later point andchange it but first finish okay just first do um like a complete process and thenif you want to change it go back but don’t don’t just stop because it isnot perfect so you cannot move forward and that’s what i want to show you it doesn’thave to be perfect it just needs to get going so i will be clicking on your names so i wantto make sure you are here alicia watts bobby a again um jason mcnair i have ilya putting infives bobby a again Facebook user saying five thanks bobby a is really committed uh offeringuh alphys here let’s see bobby a victoria blonde karen lynn i said a couple of times we will havereplays available yes uh you’ll just need to look into uh youtube Facebook or the groovdigital academy alicia watts Facebook user sneaks around damien um i have another Facebookuser David Lemon you’re teaching uh are spookishly on time every time uh jason mcnair okay i have aFacebook user subra singapore5 jdk alicia watts jobs upgraded to lifetime five and butcher ispronounced booker okay booker good thank you um okay perfect karen jones awesome very good thankyou very much ladies and gentlemen everybody wants to take action now and this is what makes me happyso let’s just see what we are taking action on um so for this challenge you will not need theplatinum account in case you have it it’s going to make your life much easier betterand and faster so you can develop multiple of these systems that we are going to be showingyou uh but you don’t necessarily need it in case you are really really at the beginning of youryour journey online you don’t need this okay you can do um things differently as well inorder to to to achieve the same outcome um people at the journeys peopleat the beginning of journeys have either a lack of time or a lack ofmoney so decide which one you have more time or money and then use those resources upto your advantage okay um when i was starting i didn’t have money and i didn’t have a lot oftime i was doing a full-time job and so on and so on but i still found more time that i have foundmoney in my pocket so i used that time in order to learn in order to build something in order toto go ahead for the people that don’t have that much time for people that i know some of you maywork full-time jobs have uh four kids at home um bringing them to practice bringing them to uh toall kinds of trainings karate soccer and so on you may not have as much time so in case you havea little bit more money than time then use those resources instead you can hire help you can hireva’s you can hire designers but i will show you how to do it with only the resource time okayyou will not need a product i will give you a product or you will actually go in and then selectthe product yourself these are these are really really nice products that you can sell but againimperfect action guys imperfect action that’s the name of the challenge imperfect action it doesn’thave to be the perfect product that you want to make millions with that’s not the goal of this thegoal of this training is to get up and running you will learn how to set up your systems you’llknow how to learn the tools that you already have access to you learn how to use free tools andresources out there and yeah you really don’t have a barrier at this moment it’s only barrier isthis one over here the little guy who is saying oh my god that’s so hard i’m going to go go andwatch netflix um that is the guy you need to like kill or or just hush like don’t talk i’m doingsomething so you’ll not need any previous knowledge uh you’ll not need to have any previousknowledge you already have previous knowledge in regards to this one in case you’re already in theFacebook group a little bit in case you watched a couple of my trainings previously i was mentioningthis and that and how to do this how to do that but i haven’t put in put together a whole completesystem like this one yet so today uh and going on uh we’ll be using um all those resources that wecreated so far and that we used and that we have already and we’ll just go on and then learn howto use what we have you will not need creatives uh one of the biggest things that i procrastinateon most of the times when i’m doing builds is i don’t have mock-ups i don’t have images that ineed i don’t have um like videos that i want to use this will all be sorted uh if you follow thistutorial you’ll not need to do a pre-written uh copy you’ll not need to go in and write a copyyourself there is already copy that you can use and i will show you how to get that so you’lljust use that copy put it on your sites that we will be creating and then this way you’ll get upand running in no time literally no excuse okay you don’t have to put the creatives you don’t haveto put in the copy you just need to construct the website and i will go and show you this stepby step you’ll not need any money investment at this moment in case you follow what i’m doingyou can do everything for free um in case you do some of the steps with money you can have moreoptions you can do things faster but i’ll focus on on not necessarily needing money as a resourcein this tutorial um yeah i agree ilya f netflix let’s do something awesome i completely agreewith you um perfect so fidenzio is saying i want to learn the basic affiliate marketing today andin this uh challenge will not be doing affiliate marketing you’ll be able to set up systemssimilar but in this process we’ll be going to have a product we’ll be going to creating ourfunnels uh we’ll we’ll go and create our funnels and after that we’re going to set up the actualproduct to be purchased and then what goes after it so this is what we are working on and this willnot be affiliate marketing affiliate marketing although it is uh one of the easiest steps todo it requires a bit of more tweaking testing and things like that today i want to show youhow you can get up and running selling products um all right so we’re going to go through thistogether for free uh not counting your time investment so if you already give me a big biglike on this video i want to see the hearts and and likes on this video i am excited as you canhear from my voice i’m speaking faster than before we have a very very nice crowd watching us atthis moment so i want to see all those likes and all those hearts i want to see um youputting that as a commitment that you are joining in and that you’re loving this because i’msome people may say that i’m crazy that i should be charging for this training but those people whocharge for this and expect people to do the action are crazy because um okay i i get it sometimesmoney is a very good motivator like in case you purchase a five thousand dollar course youreally want to see those five thousand dollars turn into more money um to get the return onyour investment at this moment your your time is an investment and your time is more valuableif you believe it or not uh but i want you to get not five thousand dollars i want youto get first dollar okay i want you to get one dollar done within the next couple ofweeks if you do this step by step what i’m going to be showing you you’ll get yourfirst dollar very simply or not simply but quickly and it’s a kind of a sure way in case youset these things up correctly there is a kind of flow step one step two step three step four youcan get that one dollar and i want to celebrate with you and we’re going to be opening a muchmuch costlier champagne than one dollar but i want you to have that success as well in case youearned already one dollar i want to i want you to earn your first ten dollars in case you earn tendollars i want you to earn hundred dollars okay and so so this is something that you will have tolearn this kind of process and thinking in order to go and use the GrooveFunnels suite of tools inin up to your advantage when Mike was saying when Donna Fox when john uh cornetta when matt seraltawhen they were starting they didn’t have these tools and at this moment they have a couple ofmillion dollar company up and running imagine what they would have done if they would have hadthis tool in their hands like there is literally money tons of money flowing around you just needto create a bucket and then hold it up so you can collect all this money uh flying around the worldand i want to show you how to create that bucket so here’s what we’re going to do okay i can seethat there are a couple of likes on there i can see that there is much more people watching thisvideo than the likes and hearts on these videos so i would please uh appreciate in caseyou click that hard click that like button because this what you’re going to be learningis a bigger investment than just pressing that like button so hopefully this uh makes sense toyou let’s just see what we are doing actually okay so we’ll go over this page thisis a plr website and some of you may know already plr means that somebody created a productsomebody created the resources that you may need we will get uh into that website andwe’ll have a look at what this product is about or we find a product that matches your needsthat will go over and see what we can use so we’ll find and explore the products that ismatching your interest so when you are working on something working on your business youhave some interest so for example i myself am crazy about digital marketing you may not beyou may be crazy about uh fitness routines or you may be crazy about creating music or you mightbe crazy crazy about i don’t know painting and art and and dogs and cats and things like thatand there are content already on this website and on other website i will just i justfind this one to be the most resourceful um you’ll need to go out there and find a productyou’ll find an interest that you care about for example if i would care about the home workoutroutine and and i i’m a fitness guru i’m not but if i would be a fitness guru i would probablywant to create something around that topic because i feel like like learning more feel like i couldprovide also value if somebody asked me a question i can answer it so this is what i mean by matchingyour interest over here you need to find something that you can talk about that you can give answersfor and that you will not get bored okay this is the biggest thing you need to find something andyou need to work with something that will not make it hard okay it’s like like going to yourwork on a day job if you are working you probably feel like oh my god i have to wake up again and dothis some of you may like your job some of you may most of you may not like your job and i don’twant this one to be your job i want this to be some sort of a feeling that you get you like happywhen you actually need to do it or not need to you have you want to do it so if you find yourinterest you find products around your interest you create more products and you create a businessaround that interest it will feel much better and easier to do it than when you are actually a givenokay this is what you need to do this is what you need to sell now go out and sell it that’s notwhat i want you to do this is why i said we’ll go and find and explore the products the productsi may found find may not be the products that you may like so this is why i’m giving you theoption to pick and choose your own products we’ll go and download the assets and the basicallythe products that they are giving us and we’re going to review it so we’re going to reviewthose assets and see what we have our hands on this is going to be the step number three make astructure of how it will look like so what i mean assets some of these packages some of theseproducts that we can get our hands on uh they will allow us to they will get us also how the websitelooks like uh they will also give us the copy they will also give us the creatives theimages and the videos and things like that so we’ll just need to see how it looks like andwe will make a structure of it we’ll go into a software that you can also get for free and i willalso show how to do it on paper so in case you don’t want to use software if you don’t want toplan out your you’re more a pen and paper person you can do that yourself as wellwith pen and paper i’ll just do it digitally again because i have this drawingtablet um so you’ll be able to um to see on your screens better than if i just write it onpaper so i’ll show you both ways how to make the structure how to plan out this sequence and theactual funnel what we are going to be building then we are going to prepare for the build sothis is going to be done today we’re going to prepare for the build that means we’ll go into uhwith our structure we’ll already have what pages we need to create we’ll go into groov pages nameour site and we’ll put up the pages that we need so that we can start working on it we’ll notbe designing anything today we’re just prepare the things we’ll we’ll set up the firststep so that we can continue and um and make like go on to the next step from there umtake the module one and do these steps so this is going to be your tasks this is not goingto be my task this is going to be step number six you need to take the module one the replay afterwe’re finished and then you’re going to go out there during a week and you’re going to do thistask and this is what i want you to commit to these are not hard tasks these are super simplelike this is like playing around but at the end somebody pays you like imagine going out therecreating a lego house because you you you feel like playing with legos is great imagine thefeeling if somebody comes and then pays you for a house that you build because it’s it’s justgreat it’s just fun it’s playful this is what we are building we’re building up our lego house thatwill actually generate money for us potentially either not if if not now immediately by doingthis process but then later on because you will learn in this uh challenge in the imperfectaction challenge you will learn how to set the processes up and after that you’ll be ableto create the same thing for your own products so if not immediately using this training if youdon’t make money and i’m not promising you any money i just really want you to get out there andcreate at least a system that gets you one dollar if not immediately then maybe down the linein the future when you’re doing it for your products or doing it for somebody else’s productyou will get those uh dollar dollar dollar bills flowing into your into your pockets so againif you take the module this is the first step of creating that bucket i was talking about youneed to create a bucket that you can hold up high in the air and then collect some money flyingaround in the world there is trillions of dollars of money being exchanged all the time and youare not making any of it you’re not getting any of it at this moment because you didn’t put upa bucket didn’t put up collection uh buckets so that you can collect some of that money creatingan offer creating a system to get that money is the first step of you um having catchingsome of that money flying around in the world um this is what i want to i want to see let’s gothis is this is that’s it okay um so let’s just go on and then take the steps after that i wantyou to post your progress in the group okay with the hashtag imperfect action challenge this is thethis is the step that is necessary uh some of some of the biggest gurus in the world are saying youneed to find an accountant accountability partner okay what accountability partner is is imagine itlike a friend that is that is patting your back and telling you no no you need to actually workon it don’t procrastinate do it that this type of thing we have a super super engaged Facebook groupand this is the official uh groov digital Facebook group where we have such an awesome audience andmost of you are there and i want to thank you for being awesome and you guys can help others growothers can help you grow and this is what we need we need to post about it we need to encourage eachother um please post your progress in the group because you need the push believe me i need thepush as well and this is i have an accountability partner which is my wife in my everyday life ihave accountability partners like damien like the barshee like Donna Fox and Mike Filsaime andothers from the from the from the company even um i know keisha fox angie norris people like thesethey push me to be a better person and to provide more and you can do the same you need to havesomebody like when you’re stuck to just to just get you out of that that feeling of being stuck sopost your progress in the group and this is what will get you the the actual focus to continue thethe desire to continue because if somebody says great job buddy next time do it this wayor if you do this you can find it better or like just helping each other and this iswhat we want to see in the group okay after that we’ll have a q a time but now let’s revertback let’s just go on to the first step over here and this is where we will be starting today we’llgo over the this process that i just went through and after that you are going to be taking actionand then hopefully by the next week monday we’ll have these imperfect action challenges everymonday every time every day or not every day every monday the same time okay we’ll bestarting at 12 p.m eastern standard time or six um 6 p.m central european time um this is mytime zone so this is what we are going to be doing we’ll go through this process after that it’s thethe spotlight is on you it’s you you are taking over the show and hopefully at by the end when wefinish would it be six weeks seven weeks you’ll have something up and running i’m not saying itneeds to take that much but i really want to show you step by step uh how to do it okay so let’s goover to this page okay so i i will click on here and you’ll get these presentationsas well uh you’ll get the the power pulse or this google what’s the name of it uh that’snot google slides you’ll get the google slide presentation so you’ll be able to click onthe links if there are any links to click on but the first step is go on to this website idplrokay and i will make this one a little bit bigger awesome perfect i see a very veryengaged pe crowd of people over here and i the owners of audi id plr createa new website a new website is in let’s just visitthat one as well in digit works okay okay great so this one is uh is good as wellin case you want to come over here you can most of the products that i see over here arealso on the other one um because i explored that other ones i will just continue withwith showing that one okay so idplr is the is the website i want to go on and then show youwhat i mean by giving you all the assets here is where we will go in and explore products when youregister for free you can get two gold products um okay you can have a free membership andthen you can have um you can have a paid membership as well as you can see over herethree months is 39 so it’s very inexpensive but i want i i told you you will get ityou’ll get through the process even if you choose to do it for free so if you join you canget two gold products for free and this is what we need we need to download those products mostof the times the products that are free are not giving you all those tools even though you cango in and then and then explore those as well but i didn’t really go through the through thefree free products so there’s not much that i can tell you about however if you come in here tothe products and then just let’s just click videos okay we can get we can get products that we um wecan use that have videos so i already registered and i’m going to just log in because i want to seethose products so we can click the login button here in the upper right hand corner and then loginagain i’m not promoting this website i’m just using it because it helps us to get startedfast um okay why i cannot see all these okay i’ll just let’s just click on some of theseproducts in the in the sidebar for example the ultimate home workout plan okay let’s just clickon this ultimate home workout plan and when you are logged in you can see a preview and you candownload this product in case you have any more credits at this moment i have zero gold downloadsleft because i already downloaded some things so at this moment we clicked on this this is somesort of a book and you can read everything about it okay so you can see also the terms these arelike what you can do with it um yes we can sell it yes can be used for personal use can be packagedwith other products can modify and so on and so on you cannot modify the main product you cannotmodify the graphics and e-cover you cannot give it away for free you cannot like there are thingsthat you cannot do so sometimes the actual world words like you can cannot er can not be givenaway for free is very similar uh like can be used to build a list so in case you’re buildingunless you’re giving away something as a freebie so uh read through all of these and find the thefind somewhere some some line between where you where it actually says that you can use it canbe offered as a bonus which bonuses are most of the times free as well um can be packaged withother products even again for for free sometimes uh okay can modify the sales letter and so on putyour names on the sales letter you can do this okay so there is a fine line between given awayfor free and then used to build a list and offer as a bonus um and things like that so just gothrough it and then see what the limitations are let’s just say that i’m interested inthis product now i encourage you to go in and then see the products there is tons and tonsof products out there that you can you can have but let’s just see how this looks likeokay the ultimate home workout plan preview when you click the preview once you’relogged in you can go in and then see what you actually get but we also have here see landingpage of this product so if you if we click on this lp this will open a landing page so at the momentwhat you are seeing here they’re giving you the actual page of how it looks likewith already pre-written copy you can use in order to get started with this product okayso it says free so we can give this away for free discover the seven best exercises to burn bellyfat fast okay limited time so we have everything that we need this book the value is 47 but we’regiving it for free all you need to do is enter your name and email below for instant access andthis is where we can put in our form and then if we create something like this some page like thisin groov it is super simple because we know okay there is one section on the top there is onesection in the middle and there is one section in the bottom which says you’ll discover dum dumdum okay i’m pretty sure we can find a template to to model this one okay you don’t necessarilyneed to use the same exact layout and everything we can just model it um so we need a couple ofsections we already have the copy that we can use over here and then we can just createa funnel from this okay so this is what um this is what we can do for ourselves and notfor only this product we can go and then search other products and i’m not quite sure okay sowith resale rights with giveaway rights with private label rights let’s just go on and see somevideos with private label rights okay so this is where it gives you the different products that yousocial media automation wordpress automation uh course engagement hacks Facebook pennylikes e-commerce with woocommerce um newbie learning smart cpa um social mediacontent um image search secrets youtube seo um youtube channel seo mobile e-commerce uhvideo launch method like there is loads of products that you can use um you’ll need topick and choose which one you like let’s just let’s just have a look at the videolaunch method what are they giving us okay so there is a video with the sales letterof this product we can click on it and see how it looks like okay um not quite sure whatwe are viewing here maybe this is one of the things that miles is saying that thatit has been transferred over to the new uh website let’s just see the html of this productagain not much on here additional pages thank you okay nothing here as well let’s just click onthe preview button let’s see the sales letter in pdf okay so we have the copy that we canuse even though we don’t necessarily need the the page i believe we can click on hereand see the actual page as well we would need to export these first in order to see itthere is also document with the same thing so we can copy it easily and so on and so forthso we have a sales video with a presentation and a video that when we click on it wecan open it and see how it looks like so we already have the sales letter we havealready the videos we already have the creatives i’m pretty sure we have there we go so the theseare the these are the creatives for the website we have the graphics for the actual let’s justclick on this one we have graphics like the uh like the mock-ups that we need and we have idon’t know i cannot click on everything on here it’s just giving us a view of some of the thingsbut what i’m doing now what i’m doing right now is i want to get rid of your procrastinationon creating a product creating your creatives creating your copy creating your uh your basicallyeverything that you need to put on the page okay you know how you know where to put it you alreadyhave GroovePages you can create on a free account you can create three websites or three uhthree different systems using this technique but the what it was the problem until now nowyou can see that you have everything you need in order to go to the next step so if you don’twant to do the video um there’s this product go in and find something that you want um thereare as you can see uh on some of these products when you see a a better looking mock-up like forexample this ultimate home workout plan video upgrade this connects to the first product theultimate workout plan um it has a lot of different products in here so when you go and previewit there is modules of videos then there is like transcripts slides audios upsell page theygive you all that you need so let’s just have a look at this at this thank you page okay sothis is the thank you page we can model this in groov as well it’s super easy at this momentover here what you see is a block with logo with thank you download your download is ready there’san image that you also get there is a button over here and then just a link they put in a ina container with some dashed borders it’s like we can already do this with our owntemplates available in groov uh let’s just have a look at the other page here which is theone-time offer so this is the actual sales page uh this one this is how the sales page looks likeso they already have a video as well on here they already have all the copies so this is the upsellthe one-time offer which says congratulations you’re taking the first step basically afterthe first product this will be the next product so this is the the whole copy that they’re usingthey’re giving also the the creatives on here they’re giving the text and giving the descriptionof what is going on on the on the actual pages and and it’s literally you get everythingthat you need in order to get started do you think you can create a page like this in in GroovePages yes good no we’ll go through ittogether anyway and i’ll show you how to do it we already have templates that you can use forthis one uh so in case you’re on a paid account you most probably have uh templates that youcan just click on and just fill in your details uh or fill in the content from here but if you’renot on a plate um play platinum or a paid account you can um you can still do it just by puttingtogether the blocks uh and we’ll go through that process step by step by creating thispage from blocks okay from pre-made blocks so and now i want to ask you guys and i will justturn this off for now do you think you can follow uh follow with me during the next couple of weeksand create a sales system with the products that you get with the sales message that you get withthat with a copy and or basically a template that you can just copy and paste in a Groove accountso that you get started if you can do this just please yes if you can if you if you cannot do itthen please say no and and then we’ll just see who is uh capable who is willing who wants to actuallytake the action to take that imperfect action that is needed to just go to the next step so let’sjust see if you would like to get started okay so um i have a Facebook user saying here yes yessir from rodney i have ilya probably putting a gif on there i’m not able to see it uh financialeducation saying interesting team webster saying yes yes definitely online business uh patrickmuldoon saying yes uh Facebook user Facebook user laura um let’s see so many yeses okay uh yesDavid i would like to do this as uh and follow along up for the challenge awesome yes absolutelyhell yes yes yes yes yes okay i have Facebook user here for saying no not quite sure why youwouldn’t be but please let let me know explain it what is the actual step that would would keepyou back from doing this uh with us step by step i’m giving you the time the education you needwe’ll be going through GroovePages we’ll be going through setting up these products inGrooveSell we’ll also put in case this is a video and i will probably take this product thehome the ultimate home workout plan because it comes with videos we can put on a membership pageso we’ll use uh groov member as well we’ll put the videos onto GrooveVideo so we’ll upload them toGrooveVideo and use that on our sales page we’ll be also sending out uh we’ll be also sending outthe sales sequence or the actual email sequence that they’re giving away over here so they haveuh somewhere over here um maybe not this product some of the products have email sequences let mejust see if this product has it uh transcripts no so this product doesn’t have an email sequencemaybe i will go down with a different product that i found that has an email sequence that they giveyou the actual pre-written emails you can send to your target audience and like backyard chickensthere are people that love these types of things and this is what i’m looking at here backhere backyard chickens uh people are fanatics of gardening of pets of fitness of um mindsetcoaching of what is this one uh disconnect to reconnect it’s probably something to to disconnectyourself from from the from the like Facebook and instagram and tools that just blur your visionand things like you can teach this one as well you can create funnels using these productsand you can sell this that is already made up um let me show you one of the products that ifound over here that is that is on the topic of eating healthy i’ll try to zoom in once i open itbut here they’re giving out the promotional email swipes there is email one email two email threeemail four email five that they are giving already away email one subject it’s about time for you tolearn how to eat right this is how you eat right they are giving you everything that you needin order to to put together a super powerful uh funnel on here i also saw uh legal pages sothey are giving out the legal pages that you need privacy policies support terms and conditionseverything will be done as well let’s just see um readymare sales page sales videos they alsogive out articles so they are giving out articles from one till tense like 10 articles that you canput to to have online for when um when you want to rank in seo they are also giving out socialmedia images for this product okay as you see here some of the products give more some ofthe products give a little bit less but this is all a part of the whole thing and you know whati’ll also show you um how to set up an affiliate platform to promote the product that we set upand create the whole sequence for which is even more powerful because not only you can promoteit at a point when everything is up and running but you can also get affiliates to promote foryou and i really want to guide you to to the whole ecosystem of groov funnels and i want to teach youhow to learn on a practical basis so let’s just find a product now that we can use and i reallylike that that product that i downloaded and i and since i already downloaded it and i don’t haveany gold downloads left you will probably have uh have some for your for your own product butfor this tutorial i’ll just go type in healthy and i will i’ll show you which product i’m using okay it’s called something healthy food thereis also similar ones supercharge your body okay peak productivity is great wired forgreatness top nutrition insider secrets okay there is vegan diet the miraculouspower of fruit and vegetables leaving paleo gluten-free lifestyle i’m just looking for theproduct there is absolute yoga in case you’re and i know i made my first money online withyoga people that love yoga they are fanatics and even if they don’t need anything likeyoga is about some sort of minimalism and then being one with your body and so on peoplethat love yoga and fitness they are purchasing like crazy um they want to do it right they wantto do it yourselves this is a great niche or a great product juicing for vitality healthy eatingokay so this is the product that i used healthy eating video and healthy eating guide so thisis uh one of the one of the products is a book or an ebook and and this is the upsell thatyou’re seeing here this is the the healthy eating video upgrade with courses where you get uhalso additional pages for affiliates so we can go through this one and set up an affiliate systemsomething like this one ours will be much better but we’ll give swipe files banners promotools and things like this to promote the product that we set up so how awesome is thatin case this is awesome i would like to see some of the some of the number fives like give menumber five in case this is awesome we’ll set up a product we’ll set up an email sequencewe’ll set up a membership we’ll set up the affiliate platform we’ll set up the legal pageswe’ll set up the thank you pages we’ll set up the main product the upsells and everything okaythat you need so give me a five in case this is cool and you think that that thisis exactly what you need okay um awesome awesome i am seeing fives from leftand right online biz jeffrey shadow precious okay i i just lost it uh GrooveFunnels solutionfiden fidenzio martin goodall uh laura guideman uh veya Facebook user dwight antonio perry jenniferalicia okay some people are really committed okay great uh muhammad karen nichol Groove princetim webster ilya Mike smith christine case and i’m losing the people because there’s so many fivescoming in a legal page absolutely so all the legal pages we are giving away disclaimers privacypolicies terms and conditions and things like this that is what we are going to be doing andguys i need to mention this one more time and i will just open this image over herebecause this ladies and gentlemen is the this is the imperfect action challenge okay soone more time what imperfect action means and that means doing something but not messingaround focusing not killing yourself in the head like this is not going to work this isugly this is this product is is just bad that’s not what we are doing here what we’re doinghere is getting from step one to step two okay we’re getting from step two to step three we’redoing the action it doesn’t matter how it looks like it doesn’t matter if it is seo friendly orsuper mobile optimized or loading in fast like uh this is not important we can modify all ofthese things later on what is important is to take the imperfect action okay and this is what iwant this most of the things that we were talking about in in the Groove at on they were aboutimperfect action if you heard from people just do it just do it just do this and then you make moneyif you do this then you have success if you do and the most important thing is that peopledon’t do the action and i want i always i was thinking like what can i do so that i getup my ass and i had to actually start doing what i can teach you to actually get up and thenthen just just try to do something i see people a lot like oh i haven’t made money yet oh howdid you do it i i i’m not there yet i’m a newbie this is all in here and this is whatis blocking us from doing anything and hopefully with this system that i have nowhere and this will get rid of that fear okay so we went over to that page idplr i showed you whatthe product uh is that i’m going to be using you can use that uh that fitness fitness product asi already downloaded this one and i have zero downloads left um i don’t want to create anotheraccount or i don’t want to necessarily upgrade um in order to download a different product i believethis product is actually quite good so we can use this and also the book that they are giving umso i downloaded this product the healthy eating video upgrade which is somewhere at the bottom ofthis page here we go so i downloaded the healthy eating guide this is the product number onethat we’ll have and then this is the product number two that we have so um this is the stepnumber one i want you to go over to this page or to the page that um that i believemiles shared out that you can find in the Facebook comments and i clicked on ita little bit earlier i cannot find the link anymore um i probably have it somewhere herein my history oops not here but history i have in okay i’m not quite surehow this works if there are products that you can download when you when you register for freeif you get two downloads or three downloads i don’t know how this works but i will alsocopy this in i do know that with the id plr you get uh two apps or two gold downloadswhich these products are these are gold products or premium products productsso i’ll just add this on here as well or come on and it’s over paste it inhere it’s not pasting it here there we go or this one so these are the two sides that is the firststep once you did the first step go on to the next one find and explore the products findsomething that is up to your interested interest look into what the product actually offers sofor example let’s go into this one that we will be using for this demonstration you can see whenyou’re logged in you can see what they are giving away so this is the module 5 ready-made templatethis is how it looks like so that we can see visually what we will be creating and this wealready have templates that look exactly like um on the platinum membership we have um we haveblocks that we can use for building out this exactly on a on a free membership and if we don’thave all the necessary tools or the necessary details we can just um create it ourselves buthave a look at what the actual product consists of this is the sales page and the thank you pagethere are disclaimer pages privacy policy pages terms and conditions thank you pages let’s have alook at the thank you page okay thank you for your purchase download the download your core trainingand resource below healthy thing perfect limited time exclusive offer so this is where we areasking people to go on to the next stage to click on the upgrade okay if they actually want moreso let’s see what is before uh what is also in here so we have cheat sheets mind maps resourcessales videos legal pages graphics articles even promotional email swipes we have five uh emailswipes that we can use we have banners that we can use for for promoting um and we can alsoput this in the promo tools at the later point for promoting our own affiliate program okayso we have everything that we can use on here high quality e-covers let’s just have a look atthis one which is awesome like you can use this and then maybe create a mock-up in case you youare not satisfied with the one uh given to you um healthy eating beautiful mock-ups that arecreated for you so you can use it healthy eating okay so anyway the step number two find explorethe products find something that you like find something that matches your interest and findsomething that would not bore you if you’re not familiar with healthy eating if i’m not i’mjust i just found this product i just was interested how this works and i downloadedit but anyway we’ll go with this flow if you if you have a choice to work on somethingthat is interest to you it will be much better job at the end then if somebody forces a productand you have to do this you have to do like think about when your parents were saying to you whenyou were a kid or or if if a teacher or your boss is telling you you have to do this and then givesyou a deadline it’s just in my feeling in my point of view i sometimes have a like i was interestedbut now that you told me now i don’t want to do it because it’s a job because i feel it’s ajob i feel that it’s a it’s a task that is like forced upon me and if if you find something thatis up to your interest is something like a hobby or something that you actually love doing readingabout and listening about watching videos about this is what’s going to get you successfaster because you’ll do something that you like and this is why you need to find yourown product even if you’re not healthy eating guru or some something relevant to this niche findsomething from loads of niches that are available on there that you can work with then download theproduct so if you log in with or register with with a free account as you can seethen you get two gold downloads you can download those products to your yourcomputer which will be coming up in these files like that so there is a healthy eating i believethis is the guide and then i downloaded the other product as well which is the video course slashmembership something that we’ll be creating then the next step is to make a structure of howit will look like on paper or software and this is what we are diving in right now so we’llgo on and i will show you a version how to do it with software everything understands howpaper and pen works but i want to give you um i want to give you an idea how it lookslike when we are planning out the structure on software okay we will be using a an appcalled phonelytics and i will also link it in the link it in the in the presentation we’ll usefunnelytics because this is a tool that you can also create a free account for and you can createyour own funnel structures or how it looks like basically what this means that when you sendtraffic they come to a page and then in this page you’re asking them for a name and email andthen you’re sending them something and then you’re sending them to a upsell page or a product page orthank you page or something like that so we just need to see the product that we downloaded it willbe different for for each of the products that you have we’ll need to go through the product thatwe downloaded and we’ll need to see what exact exactly it consists of does it have maybea free a freebie we can give away before the actual product is going to be solddoes it immediately goes for the sell does it have um i don’t know legal pages and thesetypes of pages and those types of pages we’ll just need to see what our product consists of and thenwe can go in and then plan out the structure so what my step is now is to actually make astructure but in order to make the structure i need to review the assets okay so let’sjust go on and then i will open this document i’m not quite sure how to make it bigger for youguys um navigation options let’s try to zoom in like this no um i want to make it bigger for youbut i’m not quite sure how to do it group add columns size all columns if it anyway so i’ll justgo in and then open it one by one so there is a there’s an e-book over here that wecan have a look it looks like this this is the actual product this is a product thatwe will be giving away insert your upsell or offer url okay not quite sure if we need to addthese on or not but we’ll just need to see how it how it looks like so this is areally nicely made uh made product with the with images and it consists of different chapterswith beautifully designed um creatives on here so i’m pretty happy with this one let’s just go onheadings ah so these are the headings from the from the actual book we can we can getthese as images as well and use it in our um in our site in our in our promotions sohealthy benefits of eating foods the best meat okay so these are quite good um banners forfor enticing people on some sort of a blog or some sort of an article where we say umdownload this or get your hands on the books and in the chapter for example nine we’re talkingabout the dangers of processed foods you will you don’t want to miss this because we talk about x yand zed uh click here to to preview or something like that click click here to get um we also havea cheat sheet okay so this is a healthy eating cheat sheet uh why why is healthy why why eathealthy understanding your relationship with food so on and so on so this is a cheatsheet that we can give away as a bonus okay mind map there is a mind map and my mind mapsare big people love mind maps let me just make it bigger here sugar fat fruits and vegetables yourrelationship with food so on and so on this is a great bonus that we can give away somebodymade a png version of it and pdf version of it which is just the same thing image on a pageresource report sheet not quite sure what this is but okay so there uh so these are resources incase somebody wants to learn more somebody wants to find out more about this then they can go inand then and then get those step-by-step guide for busy moms by crystal van tassel so maybe getbooks on amazon and so on and so forth some of these are already linked in to amazon links likethis so people can go simply click on it and then play joy welcome free trial um people can signup or sign up for these types of things from the resources good this is also something wehave ready mail sales ready-made sales page so we can click on the index.html we can see thesales page that we can model at a later point okay perfect so this is the sales page wecan model let’s just go on to see the next next page we have support thank you page thisis the thank you page we already previewed we have legal pages i will probably not clickon those because we don’t necessarily need to see those sales video so we have a powerpointslides over here we also have a mp3 voiceover so in case we want to do our own videoswe can do it so this is a powerpoint of the actual video sales letter so incase you feel that that the sound the mp3 is just not the best you can do your own i willnot touch it i will just do whatever we have um as i said imperfect action if i wantto modify it a little a bit later i can do it there is two versions one of the salessales videos is this hand-drawn dudley um type of thing and then there is another one which is atextual based which is the same thing same text um so that’s this is great we can use it on our onour video legal pages again a section with legal pages uh graphics we have different graphicsfor um for promoting the actual product find the map look at this this is really nicely doneresources there is a video on here audio beautiful articles banners promotional evilsemail swipes social media packages okay so this is now our product i don’t think thaton this product they are giving away anything uh in front because this is the healthy eating guidei believe on here they are immediately going up for the sale and this is what we are going to dothis is uh something that um we downloaded we have hands on this one you can also go withthe route of getting maybe a free product regards to healthy eating and give thatone as free so let’s just see um healthy let’s see if we can find something so that wouldbe actually a sign up page they download the freebie then we offer them the the main productthen if they purchase this one then we offer them the upsell um so big productivity i actuallywant the free products i don’t know if these are the free products ebooks could be miraculous powerfruits and vegetables that’s not quite what i want foolproof diet okay i don’t think that we aresearching for the free products on here um let’s just go through these quicklyinternet business chatbot insomniac niche clickbank diet plan um fitto be pregnant heal yourself we want to have something with giveaway rightsbecause we want to give that away okay um so navigating paleo some of you may already befluent with these plr sites um i never did anything with plr size before but um we can browseby categories i believe these are the paid ones so sugar is this the new enemy maybe we can wecan use this and then we can target people that that want to actually get this so let’sjust see if we click the download button we get it because it’s a free product wecan get we can get the actual download to to happen so let’s just click on keep we canclick the preview as well so that we see so we have the e-book we have the e-coverswhich we get and we have the source files so is this okay so we get the documents so that wecan uh we can change it on our own perfect so this will be now something that we can give away forfree because hopefully this has a giveaway rights let’s see can we use to build a lift list um canbe sold can be used for personal use packaged with products uh can modify the change the main productcan be added to paint membership put on a sales letter uh master resell rights i believe can beused to build a list covers what we need um can be given away for free i don’t i really understandthe correlation here because can be used to build a list can be offered as a bonus we’re justgoing to be using it for for as for signups okay great so we have everything that we that we needwe can also use this text over here in order to um to get people to sign up so now that wehave what we are doing let’s just create an account or log in with funnelitics so this isif you’re doing it the software kind of way in case you want to build out your visual umvisual funnel so let’s just go over here this is how it looks like i will not be teachinghow to use funalytics i just want to show you how to just get started so when you create afunnel you click new funnel um healthy eating so this is what is going to be happening and oncewe did that we are now in the editor this is the editor let me try to zoom in somehow okay so youcan see a bit better on here we want to zoom out so what we will do is we can just explore how itlooks like when you click on the on the plus icon you can see that there are different things thatyou can use so i want to use an uh opt-in order page sales page sales video calendar survey upsella webinar okay thank you page bubble so we what we want is we want an opt-in okay when somebody comesto our page we want an opt-in to happen over here so this is funnel lyticsum i’ll type it over here um structure analytics dot io here we go funnel lyticsdot io okay so this is where we are now this is where we are visually buildingout the actual funnel so when somebody comes to the page we want them to opt-in whenthey opt-in we will deliver the actual sugar is it uh is it the new enemy okay thiswill be the product that we will be uh that will be giving away for free foranalytics dot io miles shared out the link thank you very much miles um does it say youcan change the artwork let’s just have a look can modify change the graphics and e-cover okayso we can do it good so this is the opt-in page after the opt-in page let’s see what wehave we can give them we can give them immediately we can go into the to the sales page or we can do it as an upsell okay no we wantto do we want to do a sales page first okay the sales page will be for the for theebook which is the healthy eating diet okay so once we did that let’s see how i can okay here we go so once we did that opt-in salespage after the sales page they will be going on to another page which will be a thank youpage that will say here are your details however here is something elsethat you that you didn’t yet buy on the sales page they are giving us this thankyou page okay thank you for your purchase i found that and this i learned from others as well incase we don’t close this loop in case we don’t say thank you for the purchase here you go downloadit uh but if we say uh you’re one step away from you’re almost finished or something like thatyou’re almost finished with your order um and if you offer immediately the one-time offer then thatwould work better so i’m just thinking that maybe shift the thank you page and give them an upsellpage immediately after that if they choose it so if we if they choose to to get thisthen we give them an upsell page in case they don’t want to get anuh get upsell we offer them we offer them a thank you page after this wecan give them another thank you page over here which is going to be a thank youpage for the people that purchased the sales page the the domain product the upsellproduct and then they go to thank you page if somebody opts in and then gets the gets themain product then they go to the thank you page good we also want to actually put in the orderpage on here because this is going to be in GrooveSellwe want to we want to send them to a GrooveSell page where they can put in theirdetails for like a credit card details and so on so on the opt-in page we get their email detailsso let’s just see if we have some action okay so on the actions we can see that they became a leadwe can see traffic okay we can see miscellaneous um good so we now the we now have the okayi don’t want this we now have the pages so if somebody comes and opts in downloadsthis sugar ebook we send them to thank you we send them to a sales page after thesales page we send them to an order page but we also need in case they say no on here to send them to a thank you page so let’sjust add on something like like that okay there we go so if they opt-in they go to a sales page in themeantime we’ll catch their uh we’ll catch their email and then we can send them emails afterthey went to the sales page uh they come to and they say yes we send them to an order page afterthe order page is done we send them to an upsell and actually this thank you page we don’tneed we send them to an upsell and if they say yes i want it we send them to a thank you pageif we send that if they they say we i don’t want that we still send them to a different thank youpage so i actually need that thank you page on here um because this will have the details of ofall the products this one will have details of the main product and the opt-in opt-in product orthe or the freebie so now we can draw in this one hopefully you’re following um so from herethey’re going to a sales page okay but once they did this we also want tosend them emails and we will send them so this is traffic where do we have emails something direct email contact purchase this is why i like to work withwith pen and paper i’ll show that one as well let’s just build it out first here um okay perfect so um action let’s just make them alead over here so this is going to be a lead and we are sending them emails i don’t knowhow to put probably just this one email like that after that we can put in another email duplicate and this is where we we can send out the email sequence that we get that we cancreate to to purchase this product um good so then they come on to the sales page afterthe sales page they can decide to say yes which how to actually say that this is yes i’m still learning guys as you can seethere has to be a way to say that they purchased let’s just put a different line on hereso if they purchased and they get this if they didn’t purchase then they getthis and on here we will put a red okay hopefully this will be visualenough for you guys to understand um this is super annoying okay um so now they go tothe order page from the order page we bring them on to the upsell page let’s just leave this asblue if they actually purchase from here we want to send them on here this will be a purchaseif they don’t purchase we want to send them to a different page which will be markedwith red that they didn’t actually get it so this is how our funnel looks like ladiesand gentlemen i’m not quite sure if you understand it correctly what i’m trying to donow but this you can do for yourself you need to have a look how you want to create your ownfunnel but with the products that i’m i’m getting with the with the resources that i’m gettingi will probably do it this way so the first opt-in uh product that people can can come overhere and then give their name and email in order to get a free download this will be the productso this will be the sugar download more sugar sugar and over here once they got the sugar optionwe have their name and email and then we can send them emails we will mark them as leador not to lead this is actually not correct we will mark them as a don’t even know howthey sell it or say it um traffic action they will actually i’ll just leave it um emailuh they’ll get starting email they’ll be on there will be a lead in our email platform we can startuh sending them a sequence that we already have pre-written for us after they got thesugar optin we will immediately sell send them to a sales page which will have a yes or no option uh so that people can purchaseit or they can also decide not to purchase if they don’t want to purchase it we send themto a thank you page for the actual sugar opt-in which means that on this thank you page they willbe getting this product over here so there will be a download button where they can get thefree product in case they do want to actually page they will get download theorder page which is in groov cell okay order page in GrooveSell after that one theypurchased we can immediately sell them to upsell to download the oops here upsell which will bethe healthy healthy eating healthy eating video videos over here this is the healthy eating guide perfect if they actually take so thegreen line means if they take the actual uh upsell then they are going overto this thank you page which is um which is a thank you page for the open plus um main product plus upsell so this is where all theproducts will be delivered if they don’t take it then this thank youpage will be where we deliver the opt-in plus and plus the product the main product plus the main product so this is our funnel we can alsosend them emails in case they purchase over here we can send them emails similarly tothis one let’s try to copy everything on here copy paste it over here i don’tnecessarily want this page i just want these two actually over here so in case they say they say no over here then we can send them emails to try to getthem to upgrade that is not what i wanted quite sure how i can connect but anyway um what iwant is if they say no to this offer to the upsell i want to send them emails uh so that i cantry to actually upsell this one again and again over here if they say yes we can we can sendthem emails we don’t need to send them emails because they already purchased but we’lljust keep it as simple as this one over here basically this is our funnel soladies and gentlemen in case they understand in case you understand whatwe are doing pla press the number five i would like to see if you understand theprocess we are going to be going through uh and for those people that don’t want to playwith these um with these types of tools we’ll i’ll just go in quickly and very quickly drawit out on a whiteboard app for want to plan out their sequence with their products on a pieceof paper okay um so okay so people i i see people understand patrick understands team milesDavid mariella javier karen george perfect so in case you don’t understand preston number onein case you understand okay perfect so karen lynn this is confusing do you have a simple way ofpresenting it a graphic representation perhaps well karen this is why we are doing it this isa graphic representation if somebody purchases the sugar opt-in then they get on to the to themain product which is the healthy eating guide if they get the product they get over toGrooveSell to purchase that product if they don’t get it they go onto the thank you page toget this product if uh they actually paid over here for the first product they come on to thenext product which is the upsell okay so this is the second product they purchase one productwe’re trying to get them another product which is the upsell if they get this they are goingover to this website or this web page if they are not taking it then we are sending them to athank you page and delivering these products on here so this is the visual representation thisis the exact process because this needs to be understood previously if we wouldn’t have drawnit out like this visually for some it may be quite hard to understand when we actually go andbuild it out so now by this we know that we need one two three four five six seven pages okaywe need seven pages with this one we don’t actually need to build it out so six pages plusthe legal pages we can also get them over here so this will be the privacy policy which will be the terms and conditions we can duplicate it when we’ll have um some other legal pages so we’ll need a couple of legal pages we’lljust copy paste it in for the whole funnel we’ll have that we’ll have the copy for for thatalready we’ll have the text for that already so this is how it looks like this this this i’lljust bring it up this is not connected to the funnel this will be just extra pages uh let’ssee it’s like flowchart of a sequence of action absolutely um can you please do it on a whiteboardplease understanding it but little unsure thank you absolutely love this so easy to understandi love it better than uh i love this better than the whiteboard drawing that’s because i’m myhand or my drawing is not the best christine but i can click this um okay i don’t wantto actually share it out i want to strike to export this png perfect that’s the one so ifyou click on this one you can export it as png and we will download it andupload it here in our presentation just so that when you get your hands on the actualpresentation you can you can get this over here there we go so this will be ofthe funnel we are working on um from here we can open or i will open the i open a new whiteboard and over here we canjust draw the same thing out so i’ll just pull over this this one here for myselfand on here so the first thing that we do is we draw out a page so i usually like todraw these squares which will be the opt-in okay this will be for sugar if somebody goes on to to take thisin or to to take the the sugar optin i don’t know how to actually sugaruh where are we asking for email email plus name then they are going on to the firstproduct this is the main product main product okay on the main productwe are asking them for for money this is the first time we’re asking themfor money if they actually say no then they’re going down over here to athank you page which is thank you page for opt-in this is where they get the thank you pageand a button to download the actual opt-in product this one over here okay so once they didthis um we can actually send them emails email one email to and so on email three if they if they takethe main product we don’t want to stop over here we want to send them to a differentpage as well which will be the upsell page or actually this is the orderpage sorry this is the GrooveSell order page this is where they type in their cc details orcredit card details or or paypal or paypal okay so that they can purchase the actual product um afterthat they are going on to the to the order page this i’m not not order pagesorry this is the order page they are going over to the upsell page upsell this is where we are going to begiving out the healthy eating videos let me just see if you can see everything on here perfect so this is the upsellpage um they are pressing yes or no if they press the no button theyget down to a thank you page oh not y y t y thank you page wherethey will be getting the opt-in plus the main product okay this is the thankyou page for the opt-in and the main product if they actually take the upsell they are going tothe other thank you page thank you page for opt-in plus main plus upsell okay good so here is the email they opt in to downloadthat sugar book then they go on to down to to buy the main product if they decide to buy they needto go to an order page where they put in their credit card details and so on if they decide notto buy they get to a thank you page after they actually do buy from a GrooveSell page we offerthem immediately an upsell page over here if they say yes we can send them to a thank you page ifthey say no we give them another thank you page with the two products before on here we also havewe also have legal pages so this is the privacy policy uh we have anotherlegal page which is the terms and conditions and a couplemore we just need to see what uh what did we get with the actual productokay um let’s just leave this as legal pages on here if they don’t buy we can alsosend them emails to encourage them to buy email one email two email three and so onum two encourage them to come back over here to the upsell page and to purchaseso that’s what we are working on and as you can see this is our funnel drawn out with a handwith a pen and paper it’s very important that you actually do this step because you want to seethe process on on paper so that you can visualize it okay so today i’m going to be working on theactual main product page so that you can follow how to how to do that um otherwise it will behard for you to understand in case you’re not uh not into this world in case you don’t visualizeit already uh in planning process in your head put it on paper it will be just super simple to do ii recommend everybody to do this step uh because it’s just it’s just needed um so in case you dothis i encourage you to share it out so this let this be the first step where you share out in theFacebook group don’t forget to hashtag imperfect action challenge um let this be let make ascreenshot of it or do a a picture or share that png from uh from phonolytics and justshare it out what you’re actually creating let this be the first thingthat you are asking people to uh to comment on um and basically tofind an accountability partner for um thank you for doing the whiteboardabsolutely uh this is the sales okay now you’re confusing me what was the page just before theGrooveSell order page then okay uh yeah perfect perfect lovely so let’s go on uh we have a coupleof more steps on here i’ll just bring this over here now we prepare for the build this is thenext step that we want to do so in case you uh you have a platinum account then i do suggest youto head over into GroovePages this is what we are going to be using go to groov pages and then finda find a template that you can use this for so if you remember the first step is to create an opt-inpage so we need to find a nice opt-in page that we can use so come on to new site and find thepage that you can you can use for an opt-in page maybe something like this maybe something likethis it needs to have a couple of things it needs to have a form a place to actually put ina form it needs to have some sort of a mock-up it needs to have a little bit of a descriptionand a big headline now most of our opt-in forms they do have this okay you can find something likethis you can find something like this um let’s see you can even find something like this um yoga freeopt-in funnel instead of this image we can use some of the or an actual image of a mock-up andthen use that and then use the the form container over here or what we will do is we are goingto be embedding groov mail form onto the page uh you don’t necessarily need to have the actualum form on the page you can have a page that looks like this one for example it doesn’t have a formimmediately on the page but it has a button okay so the button can be connected to a pop-up whichwill lead which will open up a form some say that this increases the the conversion some say that itdoesn’t matter um it’s just something that you can test out yourself um but yeah you need an opt-inform let’s just see groov affiliate uh lead magnet i’m pretty sure this one is free for everybody i’mi’m also sure that this can be used by everybody um so let’s just click on this and thensee this looks great it has a big and bold big and bold header sub header we can put in amock-up of the actual product we are giving away we can also put in a little bit more descriptionson here and then in this guide you will learn if you are using mailchimp or activecampaign orgetresponse or something like that you can use this form in case you’re using GrooveMail youcan embed a GrooveMail form instead of this one or you can use just a differenttemplate with a button and i believe i will go that routeto be honest just with the button let’s see something like this would workreally nicely but i don’t have a video for the for the opt-in so let’s justsee lead magnet let’s preview this one this could work this could work thistype of thing so we are actually giving away a book we we put in a descriptioninstead of this one we’ll just use a big uh big bold button over here instead of this form we’lljust use a button and then on the button we’ll say um like grab yours now or get your copy now orsomething like that if they click that there will be a pop-up that opens up and then fromthe pop-up we will send them over to the to the next page which is the actual sales page so i’mpretty sure i will be using this one you can also use something like this just just decidefor yourself you can create yourself as well a page like this in case you want to gothe route where you create it yourself then you can just click opena blank template just type in healthy then you can do it here okay so now we’re creatingthe page in case you decide to go the manual route in case you’re in a free account and you maybedon’t have the actual uh template that you want to choose you can just open all the blocks andthen construct something here for for yourself uh sometimes we have the exact blocksthat were used in the templates over here so you can go that route forexample if you want you can you can do something like this which gives a nice big uh big header subheadera mock-up there is even a countdown time and there is a button maybe we can use this oneso that everybody can follow this is available in the actual blocks for everybody for freeokay so you can start working on this one so now our first page is done the second page wecan uh we can just create a blank page because we will recreate the page that we got in the actualproduct if you remember when we downloaded the product the healthy eating guide we got aready-made sales page and we will probably want to do something similar as this one so thisis not going to be done in this video today but we’ll go it will do it in the next videos so forthis reason i’m just going to create a new page which is going to be starting in the funnelsorganization okay or why i’m doing this is maybe if i want to build out a websiteat a later point i’ll do that over here but for now i want to i want to just create a funnel which will be empty okay with theblank funnel page and this page name will be um healthy eating all right okay i’m here i do recommend you use uh alllowercase letters in the page url name see guide okay dog so once you’ve done this this isthe first page which is the sales page from the funnel uh the next page will be a thank you pageso we will we also have a thank you page for that one but we can also use templates so you can godown here and find the temp template that you want we can change templates at a laterpoint but let’s just see what we have for now this is for the people that want toonly get opt-in and not go any further so otos cell thank you page there is one thankyou page over here we have upsell oto ebook okay there is a thank you pageover here which looks kind of good thank you page over here for a massage parlorlead magnet upsell lead magnet thank you page we can use this one for the lead magnet thank youpage i’ll do a mix of doing doing it myself and doing it with the templates so in case you don’tnecessarily have this template if you’re on a free account um you can still go out there and thencreate something similar like this is an image headline sub headline in the middle of the screenuh over here this is just a navigation with an or a block with an image in the middle and at thebottom there is text in the middle so that’s basically it um so this is the the thankyou page in the in the funnel flow where this is the main product this is the uh thisis in case somebody says no so this will be i think you for um thank you h for the sugar ebook and do sugar thank you sugar um so we createdthe first page over here the second page is what happens after they say no okay um then thenext page will not be created by us this is going to be in GrooveSell so we’ll go andcreate this page this page and this page so now we have an upsell page healthy eatingvideos on here i will just also create an empty page because we have a template for that that wecan model in a later video but we just want to rename it so in the funnel organization we wantto just say upsell or actually healthy eating video on um let’s just call it video bundle yes we arefinished with that now we need two pages which will be thank you pages one will be a thankyou page for the person that purchased or they got the opt-in the main product and uhthat’s it and then the third thank you page will be for opt-in main product and the upsellproduct so i will just create two blank pages which is going to be the and you i’ll name them so that we canunderstand it opt-in plus main plus upsell and then we can just type in thank you all thank you all and then we can duplicatethis or clone it and then rename it thank you opt-in main but withoutthe actual upsell thank you thank you maine there we go so now we have the actual first product the thank you page for thepeople that don’t take the first product okay we have an upsell page we have a thank you pageand a thank you page for the people that don’t think take the upsell so what we did is createdthis page this page this page this page this page and this page at this moment so that we set up thestructure we visualize the structure and then we set it up immediately in in GroovePages so thenwe are ready to go and jump in just easily and then start creating the the funnel we also needprivacy policy terms and conditions and legal pages these pages i’ll just do here in the normalpages section okay we will just start from scratch and i’ll go in and rename it editsettings so one will be terms and conditions i’ll just usethe shortened version terms for the page url um i will duplicate this oopsnot this way but i will click the clone and i will rename it to privacy policy privacy policy that way privacy policy this isdone um what do we have here else thank yous terms and conditions support privacypolicy we can also create a support page this is not extremely necessarybut in case you want to provide any feedback and in case somebody has anyquestions you can create a support page and the actual support didn’t change here this way and now we have basically done what weneed to make sure is that we hide these pages we don’t want them appearing anywhere on the you canhide them also by clicking on these three dots and then hiding them from navigation or just draggingthem down um there we go ladies and gentlemen this is our home page we can make sure that it issaved and once it is saved then we are all done for today so prepare for the build we prepared itand now it’s time for you to take the action so i would like you to to create a visualrepresentation of of your funnel when you go in to this plr uh website when you found theproduct that you want to to create and make money with then you need to visualize it how it wouldlook like you can use the same uh same example as i’m doing over here uh just an opt-in page thena main product and a thank you page for those that don’t want to take the main product okay therewill be people that don’t want to buy from you um the people that do want to buy from you we needto send them to a GrooveSell page after that they we offer them immediately an upsell if they takethe upsell then that would be coming over here if they don’t take the upsell they will be comingover here i could have complicated it more with bumps and things like that that i don’t wantto do now because i want you to have clarity in your mind maybe the next challenge we cancreate a funnel with bumps and this and that at this moment we just want a pure funnel withoutany anything in between um i want to show you how to set this up in GroovePages how to set this upin GrooveSell how to set up the email sequences in groov mail how to potentially put these videosin GrooveVideo and put it on a membership site so that we when we are actually delivering theseproducts we can deliver it using groov member so that is my uh my idea for this build out buti want you to take action now so i want you to to take this module and we are finishingin very shortly you will take this replay re-watch it in case you need it and ireally want you to take action on this one imperfect action okay not perfect action if youif you get stuck somewhere just just see what’s the next step that you can do just so that yougo on okay don’t don’t go into oh my god now i need to spend two hours on on finding a product nojust if if you’re undecisive just take a product take the same product i’m doing and just gostep by step with what my goal is for you is to teach you to to do something okay to doanything so that you you get this mindset of doing doing doing doing and not only ah i seen thisvideo but now i will sit down and then just watch how others do it no that’s not something thatyou should do you need to get up and do it um perfect so also as i mentioned post about yourprogress in the Groove with a hashtag imperfect action challenge and in case you created your flowand it’s different or it’s dissimilar uh try to do something like that or even if it would be ona whiteboard like this just doesn’t matter just put it up there in order to find somebody to helpyou with find somebody to work with find somebody to connect with and ask questions from um this isreally needed when you are doing something not you are not alone there’s at this moment 126 peoplewatching us 28 128 people watching us live uh i’m pretty sure you can find your accountabilitypartner but now it’s q a time and i’m i’m pretty sure that you have a lot of questions if you havequestions please make sure you put a queue in front of your questions so that i can find them ican see them um we can we can do a 15 minutes q a i have a couple of meetings after this oneit’s regarding the updates on upgrades so timer put google to 15 minutes and let’s do a q a this pushes me toactually answer quick questions quicker um learning by doing best teacher thank youvery much that’s awesome thank you David um so do we get the product page in GroovePagesyou need to set up you need to create the product page we’ll do it together in the next sessionwe’ll go and design our pages together um in GroovePages do we have to use a product from idplrfor this challenge or can we make our own product you can do it with your own product in case youhave i’m just doing this with uh with this website because they give you the copy they giveyou the images they give you everything it doesn’t have to be that necessarily i justwant people to get up and running most of the times people don’t have the creatives don’thave the text don’t don’t have an idea how the website will look like and this is all going todisappear if you do it this way that i’m showing the imperfect action challenge is going to beevery monday every monday i want to give you a time during the whole week so we do this videoi give you uh until the next monday to do this to do this action okay some can do it in an houri would probably be able to do this in a couple of minutes some people need a couple of days tore-watch the video to to do it slowly step by step and that way that we finished the challenge slowlyhowever at this moment um it is every monday um so do we set up the opt-in page in groovfunnels uh yes will you be also showing us how to drive traffic to our funnel as welli will point out how to do that i will um try not to go out from the from the scope ofGrooveFunnels uh i will give you some tips and tricks and we’ll see when we get there at thismoment i didn’t plan it could be that it changes most of the times traffic it takes longer timeif it is organic if it is not organic then it goes out from the scope which i said there isno money investment it needs to be either paid ads or you need to buy uh buy solo ads or youneed to actually um do something like that what i will show you is i will do i will show you howto work with affiliates i will set up an affiliate portal together and i will show you how to getonto the affiliate marketplace in within groov and that will be one of the sources for trafficfor yourself i will give you tips and tricks on how to do videos and things like that togo on to youtube tomorrow to promote your product and try to sell so that you uh that youpull in affiliates so that they promote for you uh this will be one of the things that i will beshowing you during this training can you go over GroovePages and GrooveFunnels again please andwhat’s the difference between that’s not the video today today we are doing step by step what iwrote out on the presentation uh luis there are other videos that you can go and learn aboutGroovePages and GrooveFunnels there is a specific video for GroovePages for beginners if you typethat in into group into the Facebook group in in youtube or in the GrooveDigital academythen you’ll be able to to see that and if you if you um sorry i’m just gettinga little bit confused on here um yeah if you if you type that in anywhereGrooveDigital academy in youtube in Facebook you’ll find those videos i have one toenter the GrooveFunnels i have one to intro to groov pages as well uh can we connectpioneer with GrooveSell no that’s not possible at this moment what is the idea getting opt-insfrom Facebook ads or something else um at this moment i as i mentioned affiliates affiliatesare the way that we can promote this thing and this is in scope of Groove if i would goout and then promote and show you how to do Facebook ads and some things like that i’mnot a Facebook ad expert and i don’t know the best do’s and don’ts i can learn itmyself but i think that there are better teachers for that i will teach you how to dothe Groove part how to set up an affiliate portal how to go out and promote it but iwill probably not go into showing how to do ads i will although uh it’s a paid version andit requires some sort of payment there are also free versions of how to create giveawaysso in case you want to create a giveaway there are tools out there that you can use tocreate very very uh high functioning giveaways um question when will we haveaccess to the replay just two minutes after i click or after probablyjust a two seconds after i end this broadcast um how do we connect our GrooveSell page to funnelalso can we use the plr products as bonuses to promote GrooveFunnels affiliate um you canand we’ll go over that step of how to connect groov cell to the funnel this is going to beprobably in the step number three of this um of this challenge i call it the imac challengebecause if you have a look at this um this is the groov imperfect action imac okay and this iswhat i also have here groov imac challenge so um imperfect action challenge i will call itimac this is a bit shorter for me to pronounce so during the number three the module three ofthe imac challenge will have that will have that how to connect GrooveSell and the pages and plrproducts you can use as bonuses if it says that you can use it as bonuses so depending on theproduct not always you cannot always give it away as a as a as a freebie but just look into thescope of the of the legalities and the actual do what is allowed and what is not allowed onthe actual product page in the pr plr page can you please help me with a ticket i that is notsomething that we’re doing in here tammy please reach out to uh to to me outside the training okayum i believe the funnel is really just the order of pages absolutely um question the price is thatalready on the product uh no you decide to price yourself Facebook ads uh doesn’t deal profit theypull overseas both uh well there’s there are do’s and dons for for that one uh sorry i meant to askwithin GroovePages the difference between pages and funnels okay i understand now so the pages arejust the normal pages on your on your on your side over here but for organization for organizationpurposes you can put your funnels over here separately so that funnel number one let’sjust edit this and then just say healthy eating guide this is going to be much more functionalityrich we will have different options for uh for a b testing and so on within thefunnel features at this moment this is only organization so that in case youdecide to build a website and also have uh products sold in this type of way um of likemain product thank you page upsell down sell order bumps things like that so you separate itaway from your main pages which would be like a home page contact page about this page and so onso the funnel the actual sales system the thing that brings you brings in the money that wouldneed to be separated and at the later point we’ll be able to test it out and a b testing and then doall sorts of stuff with that analytics as well so that’s the difference at this moment just to haveit separated from the main website thanks David i’ll be ready for monday is this a daily weeklyschedule this is a weekly schedule every monday the same time we’ll have this groov imac challengeor the imperfect action challenge do you know the pages but spanish products you can do the you cando translations and then you can do the same thing with just spanish products i don’t know spanishso i cannot teach that unfortunately but if you’re if you find a product that is a spanish productin case you you have time to actually translate everything and so on that you can do it absolutelyi just want to teach you how to do it with a pre-made product so that you don’t have to thinkabout procrastination and things like that for um for creating creatives and so on uh when isthe second module scheduled for the next monday uh for the price then i have to create a buttonon GrooveFunnels for them to purchase uh don’t go next next week don’t go the week after that thinkabout alicia and everybody this is not only for alicia this is what creates this overwhelm you gofurther steps and steps and steps in front where you are right now at this moment you don’t evenknow the product most probably you don’t even have the pages you don’t know the structure how it willbe looking like so don’t think that much ahead this is what overwhelms us this is like oh my godi need to do this and i need to do that and i i it’s like you don’t do the action because there’sso much things that you need to do that you think you need to do let’s go step by step don’task me questions so when is this when is that we will go step by step and we’ll make sure thatour funnel is the best uh that we can create during the the time that we have okay so don’t gothat much ahead imperfect action but do it step by step this is what people were asking for forme to do step by step training now there you go this is step by step training this is the moduleone of the training it’s again a two hour video but still a step by step after this step after theplanning process it will be maybe uh most probably it will be it will be shorter because we justcopy paste the copy we just create the pages with either pre-design blocks or templates already andthat’s it so could be the next module will be only one hour or maybe 30 minutes and so on so don’tgo that much that for that that far in the future go step by step go through these steps okay goover this page find the products download the products explore the assets create the structuresomething like this one and prepare for the build what i mean prepare for the build create yourpages and i will write this down create your pages in groov pages not necessarily build it outi’m not saying build it out in case you want to follow us we will be going and building it outyou can do it you’re on your own pace as well uh but just do this i’m not asking a lot just dothis six steps over here this can be done within 30 minutes if you ask me if you sit down reallyand then do it it can be done within 30 minutes where can we get this schedule you cannotthis is imperfect action this is something i came up with two hours before uh beforeme going live i just had an idea on how to actually present something so that we go throughstep by step and there is no schedule i just created this presentation i just quicklyorganize it in my head there is no schedule at this moment but next week we are going tobe building out those pages that we created but i don’t know how it is going to look likefurther so we’re just be doing what we need to do in order to have a finished product thatwe can put online and drive traffic to uh thank you about the package list doesnot show if analytics is unlimited but it i think it is don’t you don’t need unlimited youneed one if you are starting out you need one if you if you already created that then deletethat funnel in the analytics and then start a new one you only need one you don’t need immediatelyunlimited and this is what what um gets us like there is packages that you can purchase whichsay unlimited and then so many per things or that you can get but you don’t need that youneed one you don’t need million dollar today you need one dollar okay that’s not quite true but youprobably need a million dollar but how to start you need one dollar and then another dollar anda million times one dollar this is what you need and slowly don’t go immediately to unlimited youdon’t need unlimited you cannot create unlimited uh that many immediately um can you please sharethe presentation following steps absolutely you will find it in a in Facebook group and onyoutube as well brilliant as always thank you David for doing this by step training on exactlywhat i need to avoid my overwhelm and always overthinking things absolutely this is what i’mdoing as well uh let’s see how much time we have on the timer one minute 48.Um please get we getthe slides absolutely thanks for doing this i was wondering how to use the page funnels absolutelycan we get access to the powerpoint sure um good so i believe there are can we add Facebookpixels to these funnels absolutely um good this is now the q a session and ended uh we have 1 minute25 enough time for me to actually publish the the the link change to everybody copy link let’sjust do cuddly this is my go to platform i’ll just log in quickly so that i don’t i don’t losethe link if i need to change something on it paste the long link shorten it and i will changethe url so that it says groov imac one okay groov imac one this means Groove um imperfect action oneperfect so cutley forward slash Groove imac one that’s the version where you can comeon and then you can find the actual uh what’s the name presentation 27 seconds i’m doingit quickly pasting it in and then we are finishing up with this module number one module numbertwo is next week and this is uh this is 23rd of november join us then we will be goingon and uh hopefully you’ll do the actions just do hashtag imperfect action challenge postit in the group and you’ll be able to to follow the steps for the next week so that you don’tfall behind it’s all very important so that you don’t fall behind ladies and gentlemen this wasthe module one of the imperfect action challenge hopefully you learned something hopefully you willgo out there and do this action it’s not hard i’m literally giving you everything you need it is onyou to decide if you actually want to make those those actions to start generating some money i i really want to celebrate with you yourfirst dollar that you get not the millionth the first dollar is the most important solet’s get that one dollar together thank you very much ladies and gentlemen hopefullysee you on the next trainings during the week

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