Is Viddyoze Worth It?

is viddyoze worth it

Is Viddyoze Worth It?

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Hi everyone Justin Milligan here and in this video we’re gonna go over a platform called videos. So for those of you brand new to this videos is basically a platform that allows you to upload your logo.

So if you have a logo for your business, maybe you’re a freelancer and you have other people hiring you. They give you their logo, you upload a logo to the platform and it’s automatically going to animate it into a really cool, intro video.

Is Viddoze Worth it?

So let’s say you have a YouTube channel like myself, and maybe you want to have an intro animation before each video starts or let’s say you have a company and you have a website and you let’S say you sell training content, you sell training videos, but in the beginning of each training, video, let’s say you want to have an animation that introduces them to your company by showing them your logo.

Then this is the platform for you. So I’m gonna leave. I’m gonna leave a link down below for this platform, and I’m, also going to leave a link down below to a website where you can have a freelancer, create a logo for you pretty sure you’ve heard of it it’s called Fiverr.

It’s, one of the best places, in my opinion, just to get a quick and simple logo. You can profile. You can find really good professionals charging you like $ 1,000 for a logo, and then you’re gonna find people just you know, creating quick and simple logos for like a hundred bucks for 50 bucks, so it’s totally up To you, it’s, a great freelancing website there’s Fiverr and Upwork, but anyways.

Even if you have your own logo right now, let’s. Say you! Don’t need to make one. I’m gonna show you how you can upload your logo to the platform and have these and have an animation, create you these animations, okay.

So without further ado, let’s get started here. We are on the videos website breathtaking animations in three clicks with the world’s, easiest full, auto video animation software and they’re, not joking.

When they say that three clicks it’s literally. The easiest thing you’ll ever do and I’ve, made probably over a hundred different animations within this platform, and I don’t use them anymore, because some of them, I freelanced, are the people but yeah you’re gonna see a lot of clear, my glasses, so here’s, the website check it out again, link is down below, but let’s, go ahead and sign in, and let me show you what it looks like.

Okay, so once you are in your videos back-office, this is what it’s. Gon na look like I purchased videos a little over a year ago. I think it was maybe two years ago I bought this software. So a lot has changed when it comes to the visual design of the platform, but I’m, pretty sure none of it changed when it comes to how easy it is to upload your own logo and get an animation mate, but yeah here’s, what it looks like, so you have different types of animations.

You have alpha animations! I’ll. Go over all these alphas introductions, animations specifically for a logo. You have outros overlays social titles. So with these different animations it’s, not always about uploading your logo.

Some of these animations you can do for mock-ups. So let’s, say you’re, doing a mock-up showcasing a website that you just built. You can take a screenshot of your computer screen and then you can upload that screenshot to videos and it’s, going to animate that onto a computer like a desktop like a macbook pro, let’s say you want to show off An app you just built or let’s, say you want to show off a website.

You just made. You can take a screenshot from your phone and you can upload that screenshot to the videos platform and it’ll automatically animate. That animation onto a an iPhone or an Android phone – and you get to pick here in the backend – which I’m – going to show you so there’s different types of animations.

Not every animation requires you to upload a logo that’s, the cool thing about it so and they also have the ability here, if you were to pay extra and part of their upsells. But right here says premium video animations for as low as $ 3 in animation, and you can view the pricing here.

But if you just get their standard one, you just pay the one-time fee. I believe it’s still one-time fee. If you pay the one-time fee, then you can access all the basic animations here like I have well, let’s just go ahead and look at these animations just so you can see what we’re dealing with here.

So let’s say you have an Android app mock-up, let’s! Click on customize! For me, this is free because I bought this a long time ago. So I’m, pretty sure they changed it, so some of them are premium and some of them are not.

But here’s, one of them right here, so you can see the animation. It turns your screen shot from your phone into an animated video showcasing it on this Nexus. Android phone you can include audio. You can include text, you can include images, you can change the colors, so it’s, pretty cool when it comes to doing this.

Now, if you also have a commercial license for videos, you have the ability to resell these animations to people. So let’s say you work on fiber, you work on up work and you want to make money. You can easily sell these animations for ten to twenty dollars, a piece and you paid a one-time fee to access videos.

So let’s go back here and I want to show you some of the other Meishan. I want to show you some of my favorite animations. Let’s, go here and click on social. I use these a whole lot when it came to promoting my Instagram and my snapchat back in the day.

Where is it let’s find it? I’m. Looking specifically, yes, this is the Instagram one right here, but that’s, not the specific Instagram. When I was using, I was using the one where Instagram faded in kind of like a sparkle effect.

Here we go see particles, so here’s, a snapchat one here’s, a YouTube one yeah here’s, the YouTube animation, so you can put here follow me on youtube or subscribe. You know follow me and then you include your channel youtube.

com, slash and then and then the name of your channel. So these are some of my favorite ones that you get when you purchase videos. So let’s say I want to customize this. I’m gonna click on customize. This video, then, what I’m going to do is I’m gonna choose the text, so I’m going to make it say subscribe and my URL youtube.

com slash Justin equals time X step. Let’s say I want to leave all these colors the same. I’m gonna click. Next step include audio. Do you want it to include the audio that it comes with, but you also have the ability, I believe you can choose.

You know if you want to remove these sparkles and whatnot, but yeah. I’m just going to include the audio, because if you’re editing this animation into a video that you have, you can always just get rid of the audio from the animation.

So I always recommend that when you download your videos, you download it with audio, because when you’re, actually editing the video in Final Cut or iMovie, whatever editing from you using you can just detach the audio.

If you no longer want to use it, so it’s, always good to have that audio in the video just in case you want to use it or delete it later. So let’s. Click on create your video and let’s, see how long it takes to actually process in this rendering.

So I remember back in the day one time it took me an hour to render the video, but that’s only because it was brand new was a brand new software to the market and everyone was using it and everybody was rendering their videos At the same time, but now they’ve, I’m, pretty sure they fixed all that, as I can see here, it’s going way faster than an hour.

Now it’s, probably doing it in 30 seconds or less so within just 10 seconds of talking and went from 1 percent to 60 percent rendered. So this should be done within 20 more seconds. So, as you can see, if you’re a freelancer or if you just want to get a quick animation for yourself, maybe you’re, doing a new business whatever.

Maybe you can buy the software upload, your logo or change text? For these different animations – and you can have animations done for you in a few seconds, so there we go. Basically it’s done now. It’s, a hundred percent rendered, and it should take us to the next page.

There we go so download video with the moment. You click on download video, see here it instantly pops right here. Actually it automatically downloads the video. So if you click download video, it’s, gonna download it again, but as you can see, he already downloaded the video.

So let’s check it out, but basically that is the audio. That is the video file that you’re, going to put into a video editor. So if you’re editing a YouTube video, you’re gonna put that video in the beginning of your video or wherever you want to show your hey subscribe to my youtube channel and it’s automatically going to Animate that over the video that you’re editing, which is pretty cool anyway, so let’s, go ahead and create another animation.

Let’s, create a logo animation this time. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna upload, my simpler logo? So I run my own company. We are a web design company with a drag and drop web design platform. You can build a website, blog ecommerce store, marketing funnels.

You can also have a members dashboard so when people purchase a product or if they purchase a training program whatever, maybe they can login to your back office and they can view their training content in their own back office.

So all that, for those all of that for just 37 dollars a month, so let’s say I wants to animate this logo into intro for my youtube channel. Okay. So what we’re gonna do first thing you have to remember: the logo has to be in the format of a PNG.

A PNG means the background is transparent. Okay biggest let’s say the background is white. Then the animation is gonna look weird because it’s. Just gonna be a white box that’s being animated out of nowhere, so make sure that the background is transparent and if you don & # 39, t know how to turn an image into a PNG file.

If you don & # 39, t know how to make your image make it. If you don & # 39, t know how to make it. So the background is transparent. Then they have a bunch of free tutorials on YouTube and they have programs that turn it into a PNG.

Automatically then make the background transparent so make sure you check that out. If you want to learn how to do that, but once you have a file once you have your logo, that has a transparent background and once the file is a PNG format, what you’re gonna do is we’re, going To go back so let’s.

Just go back here to the home page of our back office. Let’s just go here and let’s. Go to alpha! Ok! Let’s. Do this? Let’s. Choose this logo. The diagonal logo transition. So let’s customize this logo animation.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click on customize customize? This video, we’re gonna upload our logo simpler on my desktop it’s, a PNG file click. Next. What colors do I want those lines to be? I’m just gonna leave them the same.

Do I want to include audio yes, like I said before, I always recommend that you include audio. So when you’re editing, the video in iMovie Final Cut, whatever editing software. If you no longer want the audio, you can just delete it from there.

Okay, but it’s, always good to download it with audio. I click on create your video and within 30 seconds. This should be done so now we just got ta wait a second see how it looks by the way. This is a really cool editing software I’ve, been using or about a recording software.

This recording software – I just found it the other day. It’s called loom LOM. It’s, a browser extension where at the moment you click it and you click record. You record your desktop and/or, your microphone and your webcam, and you can switch between back fourth and see how I’m, manipulating the size.

I can drag it everywhere. This is really cool thing, so I do recommend that if you’re like me, you do a lot of business online. You’re working with other people. You know if you want to record a video really quick, you can click record and it uploads it to the cloud to your loom back-office and you can send that link to the person.

So they can watch your recorded video. So it’s. Really cool way for troubleshooting helping people customer support. I really do like it anyways that animation just finished okay, so now that animation is done, it just downloaded.

So let’s, open it up yeah. That is what the animation looks like. As you can see here, it was animating the animation you saw. It just basically included my logo on the animation, and I can use that as an introduction for my YouTube videos, or if I’m afraid I’m a freelancer.

I can sell these animations to people who hire me. I can charge them 20 bucks for an animation, so it’s great way, for you make some extra money or you know, start your own animation business. Whatever may be very simple.

So within just a few minutes, we purchased videos where I bought this over a year ago. But if you were to purchase videos, you can purchase videos and in less than a minute of purchasing videos, you can find an animation that you like in here, upload your logo and now you have a brand new YouTube introduction.

Now you have a brand new introduction for your company videos. It’s really amazing and I think it’s, a very simple way for you to make quick videos, quick animations for you or your clients, for you and/or your clients.

So my review about videos, even though they change the design of the platform over the past year, it’s, pretty much the same as before, and I really do recommend it for people who want to start an animation business or for those who want To just make a few animations for themselves and not have to pay a freelancer fifty bucks per animation.

You can get them here for free because you paid in one-time fees, so I really do recommend it. That’s. My review of videos, if you have any questions you can always reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook.

My links are down below for that and again, the link for videos and the link for Fiverr is down below. So if you want to buy your own logo, just make sure that they send you the file in the form of a PNG as well.

Most freelancers know how to do that, and they know to do that because they know that you’re, going to be putting this on animations and no, you’re, going to be putting it on your website. So it’s, pretty much self-explanatory for them to send you the PNG file or the background is transparent, so that’s it for this video, if you guys have any questions again, like I mentioned reach out to me on social media, Leave a comment down below.

Let me know what product you want me to review next, but that was me testing out videos for you, you to show you how simple this platform is and anyone can use it works on any computer and yeah. They’ve, really improved the process of the rendering time back.

Then it took forever, but now it’s like lightning quick. So if you haven & # 39, t purchased videos already. I really do recommend you purchase it because at anytime they could be increased in the price and I remember back then they increased the price and people were bought.

ddyHer I was like they gave you a warning that they were going to increase the price. So I really do recommend it that’s. It for this video, take care, [, Music, ],

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