SnatchIt Software Review

snatchit review

SnatchIT Software Review

What is SnatchIt?

Snatchit is a cloud-based software program that allows you to capture any website blog and append a Call-To-Action (CTA) button with your affiliate link on every page.

Snatchit marries the blog and your Call-To-Action button and creates a unique link that you can share on all social media platforms.

Here’s an example:

I did a search on Google for “How to Train Your Puppy”. This article was on the front page and I grabbed the link, dropped it into SnatchIt, added my Call-To-Action button with my affiliate link and pasted it all over social media.

Post your affiliate links on any website with Snatchit.

In the demo below, I will show you how to use Snatchit and how easy it is to create a shareable link that promotes your affiliate products in just a few clicks.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Copy any article, page or link from a reliable source (it must be a secure website – https://) and paste it into SnatchIt.

Step 2.

Customize you your affiliate link, product or offer. This takes less than a minute.

Step 3.

Share your newly created custom link across any social media platform and get sales.

SnatchIt will automatically display your AD on top of the site to anyone accessing the link.

Customizing your Call-to-Action in SnatchIt is a Snap!

Snatchit allows you to customize your CTA with a simple click. You can choose from a:

  • Button
  • Text
  • Form
  • Image
  • Video

You then add your affiliate link and your CTA is ready to be added to a high-ranking website post associated with the product you are trying to sell.

Now you start a new project (don’t worry-just a click).

Next, you do a search on google relating to your affiliate product (a best practice is to make sure it is a search phrase that someone looking to buy might use-example: what is the best drone for under $100?).

You then copy the blog post link and paste it into your new project, select which CTA you wish to append to the blog post and TADA!

Snatchit will create your customized link, ready to be shared across all social media platforms, blogs, email lists, etc….


Front-End SnatchIT FE Price is $16.93

OTO1 SnatchIT PRO 36.93 (DS $26.93)

OTO2 SnatchIT DFY $46.93 (DS $36.93)

OTO3 SnatchIT Reseller $39.00 (DS $29.00)

SnatchIT Pros:

  • Great price!
  • Nothing to install-Cloud based
  • No Website needed
  • One-time cost – no recurring fees
  • SnatchIT is SO easy to use

SnatchIT Cons:

Snatchit has a social media sharing platform but it really is not great. The end product can be sloppy.

I would suggest logging into your social media accounts individually and adding your new link to be sure you can clean it up if you must.

Even with the poorly executed social sharing aspect, I still love this software and anyone should be able to see the amazing potential of the software.


  • #1 You get to leverage other people’s websites to do the hard work of convincing the readers to buy the product for you
  • #2 You get instant sales from visitors who buy the affiliate product (SNATCHIT inserts YOUR LINK)
  • #3 You get long-term commissions by simply sharing the content on social media or with friends (who wouldn’t trust an article from CNN?)


Even with the poorly executed social sharing aspect, I still love SnatchIT and anyone should be able to see the amazing potential of the software.

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