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speechelo pro price

Is the Speechelo PRO Price Worth it?

Speechelo pro price

If you’re looking to purchase Speechelo, you’ll have to decide if the Speechelo Pro Price Upgrade is a good option for your purposes.

You should considering upgrading to Speechelo PRO if you are a creator who is looking to get the most out of all the features that Speechelo has to offer. With access to all 59 voices and unlimited word translations, there will no restrictions when it comes to creating your voice overs.

Speechelo Pro Price

Speechelo Pro price is an additional $47 with your initial purchase with quarterly re-billing after that. Which means you will be charged $47 every 3 months, for a total of $188.00 per year.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Speechelo PRO

What do you get with the Speechelo PRO Price of $47 every 3 months?

  1. 59 Voices -Unlimited Translations
  2. Unlimited Words per Translation
  3. Full Commercial Rights to sell translations and keep all profits
  4. 40 Background Music Tracks
  5. BONUS Voice-Over-Cash-Machine-shows you how to post voice over gigs

Speechelo PRO – 59 Voices / Unlimited Translations

With Speechelo Standard (Front End), you’ll get the following:

  • 30 Voices
  • Unlimited Translations
  • 700 word limit per translation

When you upgrade to Speechelo PRO, you’ll get access to all 59 Voices.

You get 28 new voices with new accents; Australian accents, Indian accents, and new British accents! Plus a ton of others.

31 Speechelo Standard Voices

  1. US English
  2. US English: Billy, Male
  3. US English: Rosie, Female
  4. US English: Owen – Kid, Male
  5. US English: Henry, Male
  6. British English: Arthur, Male
  7. Spanish, Castilian: Priscilla, Female
  8. Spanish, Castilian: Albano, Male
  9. Spanish, Mexican: Lalita, Female
  10. Spanish, US: Fiore, Female
  11. Spanish, US: Olimpia, Female
  12. French: Thiery, Male
  13. German: Anke, Female
  14. German: Martin, Male
  15. Italian: Roberto, Male
  16. Italian: Delinda, Female
  17. Japanese: Takewaki, Female
  18. Korean: Yebin, Female
  19. Norwegian: Erle, Female
  20. Polish: Marzena, Female
  21. Portuguese: Júlia, Female
  22. Portuguese Brazilian: Leila, Female
  23. Romanian: Dana, Female
  24. Arabic: Mirah, Female
  25. Mandarin: Genji, Female
  26. Turkish: Miray, Female
  27. Russian: Pimen, Male
  28. Icelandic: Esjar, Male
  29. Danish: Simonsen, Male
  30. Swedish: Rakel, Female
  31. Dutch: Nursel, Female

59 Speechelo PRO Voices

Here are a few examples of Speechelo Voices.

All the voices that come with the standard version of Speechelo are included in the Speechelo PRO price with an additional 28 added to PRO.

  1. US English
  2. US English: Billy, Male
  3. US English: Rosie, Female
  4. US English: Owen – Kid, Male
  5. US English: Henry, Male
  6. US English: Rachel – Kid, Female – PRO
  7. US English: Ellie, Female – PRO
  8. US English: Chloe, Female – PRO
  9. US English: Summer, Female – PRO
  10. British English: Arthur, Male
  11. British English: Brooke, Female – PRO
  12. British English: Poppy, Female – PRO
  13. Australian English: Hayden, Male – PRO
  14. Australian English: Sophie, Female – PRO
  15. Indian English: Kashvi, Female – PRO
  16. Indian English: Dulari, Female – PRO
  17. Spanish, Castilian: Priscilla, Female
  18. Spanish, Castilian: Albano, Male
  19. Spanish, Castilian: Rosenda, Female – PRO
  20. Spanish, Mexican: Lalita, Female
  21. Spanish, US: Fiore, Female
  22. Spanish, US: Olimpia, Female
  23. Spanish, US: Herminio, Male – PRO
  24. French: Thiery, Male
  25. French: Raina, Female – PRO
  26. French: Suzette, Female – PRO
  27. French Canadian: Laurette, Female – PRO
  28. German: Anke, Female
  29. German: Martin, Male
  30. German: Christin, Female – PRO
  31. Italian: Roberto, Male
  32. Italian: Delinda, Female
  33. Italian: Lucia, Female – PRO
  34. Japanese: Takewaki, Female
  35. Japanese: Katsuki, Male – PRO
  36. Korean: Yebin, Female
  37. Norwegian: Erle, Female
  38. Polish: Marzena, Female
  39. Polish: Malwina, Female – PRO
  40. Polish: Apolinary, Male – PRO
  41. Polish: Drugi, Male – PRO
  42. Portuguese: Júlia, Female
  43. Portuguese: Luis, Male – PRO
  44. Portuguese Brazilian: Leila, Female
  45. Portuguese Brazilian: Bruna, Female – PRO
  46. Portuguese Brazilian: Caio, Male – PRO
  47. Romanian: Dana, Female
  48. Arabic: Mirah, Female
  49. Mandarin: Genji, Female
  50. Turkish: Miray, Female
  51. Russian: Pimen, Male
  52. Russian: Olesya, Female – PRO
  53. Icelandic: Esjar, Male
  54. Icelandic: Dýrleif, Female – PRO
  55. Danish: Simonsen, Male
  56. Danish: Bente, Female – PRO
  57. Swedish: Rakel, Female
  58. Dutch: Nursel, Female
  59. Dutch: Danilio, Male – PRO

Speechelo PRO Allows For Longer Voiceovers

With the standard version of Speechelo you can generate as many voiceovers as you want, however each voiceover is limited to 700 words or less.

With the Speechelo PRO Upgrade, you’ll be able to create voiceovers up to 2800 words long.

Create longer content for: 

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Audio-books
  • or Whatever…

With 4 times the capabilities, Speechelo PRO allows you to stretch the limits of the software.

Speechelo PRO Comes with FULL Commerical Rights

With Speechelo PRO, you will have full license to sell any voiceover you create for 100% of the profit.

Sell your voiceovers locally or online with sites like Fiverr or Upwork. There are no limits on how many voiceovers you sell, where you sell them or what you charge for your voiceovers.

And with Speechelo PRO’s Voiceover Cash Machine BONUS, you’ll learn exactly how to make money with Speechelo.

With Speechelo PRO Commerical License you can cash in anywhere from $50-$100 for minutes of your work.

If you want to resell your voiceovers, then Speechelo PRO is a must and definitely worth the price!

Speechelo PRO Background Music Tracks

As a Speechelo PRO member, you get 40 royalty-free background music tracks that you can use in your voiceovers.

Choose from a variety of cinematicjoyful or motivational music to enhance your voiceover creations at no additional cost.

Speechelo PRO BONUS – Voiceover Cash Machine

With your Speechelo PRO Upgrade, you’ll get a free copy of Voiceover Cash Machine which will teach you exactly how to find and sign on clients who will pay you for creating voiceovers for them.

This free How-To book will show you exactly where on how to post your voiceover gigs so clients come to you for your services.


Speechelo is amazing, next generation text-to-speech software that is so easy to use that you’ll be creating human-sounding voiceovers in a matter of minutes.

Speechelo PRO allows you to take the standard version of Speechelo to the next level, making it so much more powerful.

Use Speechelo PRO for yourself or sell your content for a profit. Either way, the value you will get with this incredible software will be worth every cent.

You can read our full review of Speechelo here.

speechelo pro price

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