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Product reviews for different video creation software, and I’ve, looked at enough of them now that I think I can kind of give you my best Of you’re, always asking me what’s, your favorite? What’s, your favorite? What’s, your favorite and it’s kind of hard because they all do different things.

But today I’m, going to tell you what I recommend, depending on the type of video you’re, trying to create.

So let’s. Focus on what the best video creation software platforms are. Now I’m, not going to rank these in, like top three or top five, because everyone is looking for something different. So what I’m gonna try to do is help you identify which platform is the best depending on your individual needs.

Cartoon Syle

Let’s, focus now on cartoon style of videos. I have to say I’ve, looked at a lot of cartoon style platforms, we’ve, looked at:

  • Vyond
  • Amimaker
  • Powtoon
  • Toonly

My recommendation for you guys, I have to say is:

There are a lot of things about Toonly that I really liked number one being the price the price of tooling is actually really affordable. Compared to a lot of other platforms, I really loved that you could upload your own fonts on Toonly.

That is something that was a gripe I had about like Vyond, where you couldn’t upload, your own fonts, and what I really loved about Toonly is that characters can do different actions in one scene, so they could go from thinking to smiling to talking all in one scene and that’s, something that I didn’t see in any other platform.

So I have to say, if I had to pick Toonly would be my choice for you.

Now let’s talk about the best choice for versatility.

A couple of these platforms actually did multiple style videos

Vyond did two types of cartoon.

Video plus white board and powtoon did infographic two types of cartoon, live-action and white board. So you know I have to tell you that powtoon for me, if you’re, looking for something really versatile one platform that does a ton of different things, I said you got to go with powtoon now, if your look for something really special, that Sizzles this one’s, gonna be a little bit controversial.

You’ll. Be surprised to hear that if you’re looking for something that has a lot of razzle-dazzle, I got ta recommend animaker. If you saw my animaker review, you saw what a hot mess of a time I had trying to use that platform.

But in the comments a lot of people pointed out that they didn’t have the same challenges working with animaker that I did and that maybe it was because of the browser I was on. Other people actually agreed with me and said it.

Didn’t matter which browser you were on. They kind of had a lot of the same challenges that I did where the software kept crashing, or it’s just so glitchy. But aside from that, if you can get animaker to work for you, it has the best assets, it has the best backgrounds, it has the best characters and then it had all these other cool special effects.

Where you could do these really neat overlays to your cartoon videos? So if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit unique and that you don’t see anywhere if you can get animaker to work. For you, I would recommend it because whoever designed all of the elements and animaker did such an awesome job now, what about? If you want to make live-action videos there’s, a few options, you’ve got promo, you’ve got review and then you’ve got in video.

If you saw my in video review, you know that I loved in video right off the bat. There were so many things about it that I thought were just so great like you could set your brand settings so that everything that you didn’t in video matched your brand colors and fonts, and it would automatically add your logo to the corner Of the screen I loved that about in video I felt like it was such a great time saver.

It also had the voice generator. Well, if you remember, I thought it was sounded a little robotic. It was kind of nice that you could generate voiceovers in in video by typing in your script, I also loved the stock library.

The stock library on in video was awesome and it had so many different shots that I recognized from a lot of the stock libraries that I buy shots from. So I loved that those were already pre licensed for you in in video.

It also had great transitions. Great overlays, I mean, if you’re looking for something to do live action video. I definitely check out my in video review because it really goes in-depth of all the things in video could do so for me, if you look at review or promo and video is hands-down, the best live action, video creator, and finally this is probably the number one Question I get what is the best whiteboard platform there’s, a lot of options because you know powtoon, does it Veon, does it doodly? Does it and videoscribe does it now? A lot of these are a lot of different price points.

I have to say my favorite is do because it’s, a great price point and then also once I started working with it. I saw some things about Dooley that I really loved like. I could upload custom images and then get the hand to trace around a custom path.

If you saw the video I made where I showed you how to go from a whiteboard video to a live-action video, I think that’s when I really kind of fell more in love with Dooley than the first time I sat down with it.

It is missing some cool things like camera feature, but I have to say if you are looking for something that’s really straightforward. That does a few tricks and is a great price point. My recommendation is doodly, so you guys, what do you think of my opinions? Do you agree or disagree with me? Is there some other platform out there that I need to be looking at and reviewing on my channel? Let me know in the comments – and I hope you enjoyed this video – I’ll – see you next Monday.

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