GrooveMail strings and automationis really doing my head in today … What’s up, people? Aimee now. So I received a questionthe other day on how do you trigger an email from GrooveMail when someone buys a commodity fromGrooveSell and that product is a course you caused on a GrooveMember. At this point in time which isaround the end of November 2020. There is no direct integration from GrooveSell to GrooveMember toGrooveMail. At first I reckoned , no worries you can add Groovemail automation by creating a rule like, if a used acquisitions a make from a GrooveSell then agree them to a buyer’s emailsequence, but I tested this like three times and no email cycle or automation was triggered ona GrooveMail which symbolizes the temporary answer is using a third-party email marketing provider likeactivecampaign inside of GrooveSell. This is the main reason why I still have my activecampaignaccount because GrooveMail is still in beta. So I truly hope they get this fixed by the timeyou watch this, however, if you have your product funnel previously up caused a course in GrooveMemberand really really want to add your customers to an email list and initiation an email automation or asequence.Then this video is for you. All privilege chaps, I’ve already initiated a test coaching call productfunnel with three pricing degrees. For aims of this tutorial, I want to set up activecampaignso that when a person obtains the 30 hour coaching bawl which is the reason why it’s at onedollar so that we can test it. They get added onto my email roster and send an email automaticallyconfirming their obtain. I’m going to recommend exerting activecampaign as a backup email marketingprovider as GrooveFunnels will be modeling Groove Mail on the backup activecampaign. So once you’velog into activecampaign, the first step is creating a list.So you would go over here and then you willclick “add a list”. Now I’ve already organized the directory here called Aimee’s coaching 30 instants list. Andguys if you have three pricing options like what I have here, you will need to create a separatelist for each pricing stage. This makes I would have to create another list announced Aimee coaching6 0 minutes directory as well as Aimee coaching 90 times directory. Once you created those rosters, you would headover here and click on “automation” to provoke the email automatically when someone purchases.You will need to click on create an automation. We’re going to click on start from scratch. Clickcontinue. In add a start trigger, you’ll click on subscribe to our list.Click continue and then wewant to select the 30 instant coaching see roll. So let’s click on this drop down and click thisone. And then it runs formerly click on “add to start”. And then we want to click on a send an email.Click on this check box. Give it a list. Press save. You’re going to click on this plus icon and thenclick on send an email. Click on “you can create an email to get started”. Give this email a epithet soI will call this “thank you for purchase” and click on create. Then it will load into the designingof the email so I’m just going to click on “past campaigns”. And then I’ll usage one of the existingtemplates I’ve got so I’ll click on this one. I’ll compute thank you for your 30 -minute coachingcall as the subject line and click on continue. The cool thing about this is that you canpersonalize the email because what happens is once we gather the email contact onto the list it alsopulls in the first name and last name they entered on the order form.So you can say “hey, given name! thank you for coming in for purchasing your 30 instant call…”, add any connects that you want and then click onnext. Check your subject headline. The from email is all correct. You can turn on reply trackingas well as Google Analytics and then press done. Then click on finish. Click on “save”. Now whatI like to do is add a call to anyone that buys the 30 instant coaching entitle. So we’ll justclick on this plus button and click on contacts, “add a tag”. And we’ll call this 30 minutescoaching summon. Press save and save again. So let’s summary. When person obtains the 30 instant coaching order, they get added onto Aimee’s coaching 30 instant email index. They too gettagged 30 minute coaching call and comes cast an email automatically.Okay, formerly that’sdone, you click on active click on automation. And “youre seeing” the 30 time coaching bawl emailautomation we are only originated is appearing now. Now we’re going to log into GrooveFunnels. Clickon GrooveSell. Click on moves and commodity pour. Closeout of this and this is the coachingcall test product funnel that I’ve just formed. So we’ll go over here and click on manageproducts then click on this pencil icon. Click on “8. Fulfillment”. Under desegregations, click onthat and we want to add the active campaign consolidations. So hopefully, you already computed youractive campaign integrating. To do that you would go to this hamburger icon, click on my integrationsand compute in active safarus. Assuming that you’ve already done that, under the Aimee coaching 30 minutes, I’m going to click on “add brand-new integration”. Click on this drop down arrow. I’m going toselect active campaign since I’ve already contributed activecampaign.It automatically recognizesit. And then under this, I’ll click on it and I’m looking forward to coaching 30 time list.Click on that and then click “add integration”. Now guys, you will repeat the same steps for Aimeecoaching 60 hours and 90 minutes. If “youve had” three pricing items which means you go backinto active campaign and create an email list for each one of these pricing places. So I knowthat is a bit of a grief but this is a way to workaround it without having to use a zapier. Soinstead of creating two more schedules, let’s just go with testing this integration and triggering theemail. I’m going to click on “save”.Then I’m going to exit out of this by clicking here. Let’s go backto the order form. I’ve just refreshed it. And now we’re going to enter in a test email as well aspayment items so I’ll instantly fill this out then I’ll click on a ended buy. And it’sredirected me to the thank you page of 30 minutes. And if you don’t know how to create a productfunnel, please visit my tutorial on how to create a product funnel. Let’s president back to activecampaignand you can see here that for the purposes of the Aimee coaching 30 time roster, I’ve got one contact. I’m going toclick on that. It’s recognized my word, Aimee Test, and my evaluation email. I’ve logged into my email, you can see here that I’ve received an email from stripe which is my payment gatewayintegration and one dollar has been received. If I go back, I are also welcome to discover my own email.”Thankyou for your 30 minute coaching call.” I’ll click on that. And this is how I’ve provoked the emailautomatically by making sure I have an email automation so this part was the active campaignemail automation. Let’s chief back to activecampaign and click on automation. This was the emailautomation. I’ll click on edit and to cross check. Click on this. Click edit so you can see herethat the email follow that I have on the first email is exactly as the same email that was sent to meimmediately. I’m going to click on “save and exit”. And guys you can click on this plus email, sendanother email. Have a follow-up email sequence inside of activecampaign and related to the follow-up with yourcustomers. That’s it, chaps! If you encountered this video supportive I’d actually appreciate it if you could hitthat like button below, leave me a comment because it helps with the youtube algorithm.Help me getto 1,000 customers and until next time are ya !.

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